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Chapter 24 - A Legend Is Born

Senko was overjoyed to be reunited with her brother and nephew. She stumbled off the ship and hugged Taku sweeping the little boy off his feet. "Aunt Senko!" The boy cried happily as she twirled him around.

"Kenshin! Kaoru!" The shout came three times as Megumi, Yahiko, and Misao came running up to their friends. "Sir Ken! What happened to you!" Megumi said eyeing Kenshin's injuries.

Kenshin rubbed his head and began to laugh. "This one is fine Miss Megumi. No need to be worried; that…"

"I thought I told you to take it easy!" Megumi snapped at him.


Yahiko couldn't help but laugh. "He can't be too hurt." He mutter under his breath. It was so good so hear Kenshin oro-ing again.

"Lord Aoshi! Are you alright!" Misao said running up to him as soon as she saw him. "You aren't hurt are you?" She asked him, looking him over.

"No." He said simply.

Everyone was so happy to see each other again that they didn't even notice Chou as he first walked up. "Oh, hello Chou." Kenshin said being the first to notice him. "So they sent word all the way to Kyoto over this?" The way Kenshin talked it was if everything that had happened was no big deal.

Chou seemed a little surprised. "So the reports were right." He said out loud a bit astonished. "Won't Saito be surprised." He thought after that. He cleared his throat. "So what happened here?"

"If it wouldn't be too much trouble to ask, this one would like to speak with his friends for a little while. Then this one shall come to the station and will tell you all that happened; that I will."

Chou seemed to think it over a few minutes. First eyeing the group in front of him. Tsuki, Aoshi, and Sano all seemed to have a couple of cuts that he could see. Kaoru had some bruising beginning to form on her face. There was a young boy about Yahiko's age he didn't recognize but he had what looked like to be a nasty injury on his shoulder. Then there was Battòsai. Chou was a little surprised the man wasn't falling over where he stood. "Alright come down later." He said to Kenshin. He turned and began to yell to his men. "I want everyone of these men arrested!" Nakami nervously pressed closer to Kenshin as they walked away. He was very fearful of being arrested for being one of Suiso's men.

The group made it to Maki's and Unmei's house without trouble and were immediately looked over by Megumi. Kenshin was by far the worst. Suiso's last attack did much more then the rurouni let on not to mention his head was still a little sore. Nakami's arm was placed in a sling. Everyone else's cuts and bruises had ointment applied to them. As the good doctor was finishing up Kenshin stood and announced that he was heading over to talk to Chou.

"Oh Kenshin wait! We'll go with you." Senko said from where she sat bouncing Taku on her leg.

"No that's alright Miss Senko. This one wishes to speak to Chou alone, that I do."

"Why Kenshin? Shouldn't all of us tell our side of the story?" Tsuki added as he stood up.

"We'll just swamp the building. No, this one's story will be all that is needed; that it is."

"Well I certainly don't mind. I don't want to look at that broom head anyway." Sano said as Megumi placed a bandage over a cut he had on his face.

"Are you sure Kenshin?" Kaoru asked getting a nod for a response. "Alright then." Surly Kenshin would be fine going to the police station and back.

"About time you got here." Chou said to Kenshin when he walked in. "Where is everyone else?" He asked when he saw Kenshin was alone.

"They aren't here, besides this one's story will be the only one that you need." Kenshin said with a smile. Chou led him to an empty room and shut the door behind him. "Where is Suiso?" He asked upon entering.

"Locked up."

"Could he be here for this?" Kenshin asked with a smile on his face.

Chou eyed the ex-Hitokiri curiously but just shrugged it off. "Sure, why not?" So Suiso was brought in and by Kenshin's request his arms were unbound and everyone but Chou, Suiso, and himself were left in the room. Suiso stared straight in front of him not bothering to acknowledge Kenshin or Chou. There was a chair in the room and he sat in that. His hand never left the pocket that once held a chunk of wood. "So, what happened out on that boat?" Chou said crossing his arms in front of him.

Suiso obviously wasn't going to say anything so Kenshin spoke. "Well, what happened was Suiso was able to force this one to become one of his crew."

Chou's mouth dropped slightly. "You?"

Kenshin nodded and continued. "Yes, Suiso is a very powerful man; that he is. While Suiso had this one where he wanted a storm hit. That boy you saw with us fell overboard in the storm and Suiso jumped in after him." Suiso shot his head up and stared at Kenshin. Kenshin smirked and continued. "I knew Suiso couldn't be all bad after that. Even after some his crew members started to injure Miss Kaoru and Miss Senko Suiso stepped in and stopped them."

"What are you doing?" Suiso hissed quietly at Kenshin.

Kenshin either didn't hear him or chose to ignore him. "Then when Sanosuke, Aoshi, and Tsuki showed up Suiso offered to let us all go; that he did. He had proved his point that he could 'tame' the Battòsai."

"Oh really!" Chou said not hiding the sarcasm in his voice.

"Why would this one lie about something like this?" Kenshin asked looking really innocent.

"Yes why would you?" Suiso hissed again.

Kenshin continued with his lie. "Before we could leave a huge storm hit! A very angry storm. This one was thrown over the ship's rail! This one would not be here if it hadn't been for Suiso. We were all helpless but Suiso steered us safely throw it all. He's a hero! A hero worthy of his own legend!" Kenshin said finishing his ridiculous story.

Suiso sat with his mouth open. What was the Battòsai doing? He was lying, and lying rather badly, but why was he doing this. "Is he trying to make me a legend?" Suiso thought solemnly as he sat there unable to speak.

"Are you sure that's what happened?" Chou asked not believing what he heard. Kenshin nodded. "That's what I'll have to put in my report." Chou thought sadly. "Saito will never believe this." Chou sighed then turned to Suiso. "You're free to go then… I guess… I mean, uh…" Chou wasn't quite sure what to say. He still thought Suiso guilty. "But your men, the ones who beat Kaoru and Senko will have to stay. Which ones did it?"

Suiso sat without moving for a moment looking ahead of him. Slowly a smile came to his face. "Kodo. He was the only one." He said simply.

"I need you to point him out." Suiso rose with a nod and left the room with Chou behind him. Kenshin headed back to Unmei's house. On his walk back he tried to think about what he would tell the others. He had to tell them but how to tell them without them strangling him.

As he entered the house he found everyone to be quite marry. Everyone just glad to see each other safely again. Nakami and Yahiko were chatting very excitedly to each other. Megumi, Maki, Kaoru, Senko, and Misao were talking and giggling. It didn't miss Kenshin's eye when he walked in how Senko said something making Kaoru blush brightly and the others laugh. He saw Aoshi sitting by himself, eyes closed, lost deep in thought. Tsuki was playing with Taku and they were being watched by Sano and Unmei. Unmei had a big smile on his face as he watched. No, he wouldn't tell them right now.

Night came and went. When morning came Kenshin began to build up the resolve to tell them when a suggestion from Maki was made. "Why don't we all go to the beach?" She said happily. "To celebrate everyone's safe return?"

"A walk on the beach would be fun!" Kaoru said excited. "We should all go!"

"I wanna go swimming!" Taku said pulling on his mother's kimono and jumping up and down.

So they went to the beach. Kenshin still wasn't sure how they had talked Aoshi into going but he did and sat without a word on the beach staring out into the water. Unmei laid next to Aoshi enjoying the silence. Sano walked around the beach, fish-bone jutting out of his mouth as he kicked at the sand he was joined with Tsuki and the two were talking about this and that. It didn't take long before Tsuki found that Sano loved to play dice and they started to play together right there on the beach. Maki, Senko, Kaoru, and Misao took Taku swimming. The little boy laughed as the girls watched him kick and punch at the water. Nakami and Yahiko had taken to the water and were soon splashing each other. When they tried of getting each other wet they turned and began to splash Senko, Kaoru, Misao, and Maki. Megumi watched and laughed from her dry spot on the beach.

Kenshin sat back and took in the smell of the salt water. He sat a bit to himself on the beach feeling the warm sand beneath him. (A/N: Sorry to everyone who wanted to see Kenshin in a swimsuit but he's not in the water. I just thought salt water plus cuts equals a very painful swimming experience. But you can go ahead anyway if you want to. Also I know I have Nakami swimming with a nasty cut in his shoulder but he's a sailor and is a bit more use to it. Just go with me on this.) Kenshin let his mind drift away to a dream he had where he had been smiled upon. If he tried hard enough he could almost smell White Plum in the air.

"Kenshin." He opened his eyes as his name was whispered past his ear. Kenshin looked around but saw no one calling to him. "Kenshin." There it was again. Who was calling him? Everyone seemed to be engrossed in whatever they were doing. No one seemed to be calling him. "Kenshin." The wind that had been blowing straight at his face turned slightly and he could feel it now blowing against his left cheek. He looked towards his right as small grains of sand blew towards the trail the group had walked down to get to the beach.

Kenshin rose to his feet and walked the path, no one noticed him leaving. Walking the short distance to where the path split into three directions he paused. The wind changed again. Kenshin watched the grass as the wind blew through it. The way the grass bent is seemed to be pointing towards the path on his right. Kenshin took it growing tense as he walked waiting for something, although he wasn't sure what, to happen as he walked the narrow path. "Kenshin." The soft spoken voice called him on.

The path took a sudden incline but Kenshin pushed on. After a few more minutes passed the path began to widened and fade away. It lead to a little cliff that overlooked the beach everyone was still on. Overlooking the happy scene below was Suiso. "About time you got here Battòsai."

Kenshin walked up to Suiso but still held a safe distance away. Suiso didn't seem threatening at the moment but Kenshin knew well enough that Suiso could turn at any moment. "What do you want Suiso?"

Suiso had his back turned to Kenshin but he could see a smile curl on the seaman's lips. "That was quite a story you came up with." He waved his hand over the cliff. "You've endangered all of their lives and you've…" he laughed "…why you've given me a new legend to strive for." Now Suiso turned and walked the final few steps and stood right in front of Kenshin. The legend of Japan and the legend of the sea looked each other in the eye. "Why?"

Now Kenshin smiled back at Suiso. "What do you mean?" He asked playing dumb.

"What do I mean!?" Suiso shouted. He began to laugh and backed away from Kenshin a bit. "I could just come sometime after you leave and take back Senko or even kill the whole family. You had me Battòsai! You had me! You could have let me rot in prison! Why! Why didn't you?" Kenshin simply smiled at the confused captain. Gaining a little composure over himself Suiso cleared his throat a little embarrassed over his actions. "Battòsai, I just don't understand you. I dealt in selling people's lives for money! Then I got you stuck on my ship all those years ago and I would have never would have guessed it was you. After I found out I've spent the rest of my life trying to control and break you." He chuckled a bit. "I've gone after you, I've tried to embarrass you, I've tried to beat you, I've tried to manipulate you. I've gone after your friends, I've tried to kill them, took them from their homes, I've injured them and yet…" he sighed "…and yet you've shown me a new way to make a legend. A better legend. You've sent me down the path of a hero when I've done nothing but ill."

Now Kenshin spoke, he spoke softly and kindly. "Suiso I know all of this and you know very well all of what I have done in years pass." He looked up into Suiso's eyes. "Everyone deserves a second chance."

Suiso opened his mouth to speak but let is close again. An understanding smile on his face. "Do you really think I should have a second chance?" He asked slyly. Kenshin simply flashed him a rurouni smile. "Thank-you." He said extending his hand. At first Kenshin just simply looked at Suiso's hand. Not fully trusting it. He looked up at Suiso's smiling face and trusted it even less but he built up his resolve and grabbed it.

Suiso's smile widened and he grabbed Kenshin's hand with both of his own. He closed his eyes and began to mumble something under his breath. Kenshin tried to pull his hand free of Suiso's grip but Suiso held strong. It was over in moment and when he was done Suiso let go and Kenshin yanked his hand back.

Suiso began to laugh slightly as Kenshin looked over his hand wondering what Suiso had done to it. Actually it felt a lot better then it had recently. "What's wrong Battòsai? Remember you destroyed my power? It's gone. Oh! But what is this?" Suiso held up a small clunk of wood. Kenshin's face dropped. Why wouldn't that stupid piece of wood just stay out of Suiso's grasp? Seeing the look on Kenshin's face Suiso broke out into another fit of laughter. "Now really Battòsai! How lucky do you think I am?" Suiso chucked the wood behind him. "It's just a piece of drift wood I found lying on the beach. It doesn't have the aura of my power."

Kenshin let out a sigh of relief. "But still, what did he do to my hand?" He thought opening and closing it. It defiantly felt a lot better then it had been. He had to have done something to it.

"Give me your other hand." Suiso instructed. Kenshin didn't comply but this didn't surprise Suiso, he simply smiled at Kenshin's slight confusion. "Come now Battòsai! You think that piece of wood you chopped up was the source of my powers?" Kenshin's eyes widened slightly. "It was my focusing point and I needed it to do anything major. Who do you think told the wind to call your name and lead you up here?"

"So you mean…"

"Yes, I can still do some party tricks. Sending messages in the wind and controlling a slight breeze is about all I can do these days." His eyes narrowed slightly. "Because of you." He sighed. "But you've lied for me and I do have some honor. To repay you for your strange kindness I'm removing those inscriptions on your hands and feet. I trust your hands and feet have been paining you a bit lately."

"How did you…"

Suiso wasn't going to let Kenshin speak just yet. "As they wear off naturally they cause the bearer a bit of annoying pains and aches for a weeks."

"So you mean if we had met just a little later…"

"That's right, I wouldn't have been able to use the binding spell." Suiso smiled evilly. "But oh, how I enjoyed it." Kenshin shot Suiso an annoyed glare as he grabbed Kenshin's over hand and said the spell. "Did I upset the Battòsai?" Suiso said in a mocking tone. "You could use another hair cut." He reached down and repeated what he had done with Kenshin's hands on Kenshin's feet. When he rose he looked up at Kenshin glaring at him slightly. "This is it Battòsai, I know I'm no match for you so I'll leave you alone." Suiso began to walk down the path Kenshin had walked up. Without turning around he spoke once more. "Tell Nakami that I'm shoving off to sea to start my new legend in three days. If he wishes to join me then he may. Everything that has happened recently will be forgotten and Kodo is no longer part of my crew. If he doesn't want to join me then too bad. Oh, and thanks again, Kenshin." Suiso stuffed his hands into his pockets and walked off straight and proud like a heroic captain should.

Kenshin watched him go. He chuckled a bit as he thought back at all the times that Suiso had smiled at him. He hid himself well behind that smile. Suiso, the man who smiles. He looked over the cliff at the happy people below. Kaoru was out of the water now and probably looking for him. Kenshin sighed, he should probably go down and calm her down but instead he sat down and let his leg swing back and forth off the ledge.

He let his memories take him back. They had watched the waves crash onto the shore before. He remembered the way she had looked out into the water. Content and yet sorrow seemed to be on her face a little but she had been so beautiful. That day he had bought her a mirror so that her beauty could shine back out of it. She had smiled and had held close to her heart. She still smiles, even today she smiles down at him.

"Hey Kenshin! What are you doing up there!" Sano's yelled brought Kenshin from his thoughts.

"Just looking!" He yelled back down. "It's a beautiful view up here; that it is!" Sano wasn't interested in view so he just shrugged. Everyone else went back to what they were doing except Kaoru. She came running up the path and stood just behind Kenshin not saying anything. "I'm sorry Miss Kaoru did this one make you worry?" He said turning his head to see her.

"No, it's alright Kenshin."

Kenshin ignored the feeling in his stomach. "Miss Kaoru would you like to sit next to this one and watch the waves?"

Kaoru practically jumped up and down with excitement. Somehow she keep her lady like appearance. "Sure Kenshin." She quickly walked up and sat by his side. "Oh," she exclaimed when she looked out into the ocean. "it's beautiful." Kaoru turned and smiled at Kenshin and he was content. The two smiles that mattered the most to him where smiling at him. He sat there with Kaoru not wanting the moment to pass.

But… it did. "YOU DID WHAT!" Everyone shouted at Kenshin when later that night he revealed that he had the police release Suiso and his crew.

"Well, I just told the police that they weren't that bad." "WEREN'T THAT BAD!" Kaoru yelled at him as she grabbed his gi. "He." Shake. "Tried." Shake. "To." Shake. "Kill." Shake. "ME!"


Megumi ran up and pulled Kaoru off Kenshin and began to cuddle Kenshin, probably just to make Kaoru even more upset. "Are you alright Sir Ken?"

"Why Kenshin?" Senko's breaking voice broke through stopping Kaoru's ranting, Megumi's cuddling, and Kenshin's oro-ing. "Why? Why did you do that? After all he did to us? He tried to kill us. Don't you remember…" She put her head into her hands and tried to not to cry. "He's…he's evil."

Kenshin walked up and put a hand on her shoulder. "People can change Senko and I believe Suiso can change as well. Senko sighed and rested her head in her hands again.

"I trust your judgment Kenshin." Unmei said after being silent for a long while. After all Suiso had almost killed him twice. "Although I don't agree with letting Suiso off so easily. If you say he can change, then." He threw his hands in the air. "You're sure he won't come after us?"

"Yes." "What about you Nakami?" Yahiko asked. Nakami had also been very quiet. His head down thinking over what Kenshin had told him. "Are you really going to go back to him?"

Nakami looked at Kenshin. "You sure you think his intention are true?" Kenshin nodded. "Then I will go back." "What! The man ordered your death! And the crew were going to do it." Yahiko yelled at his new friend.

"True. But a crew must be loyal to their captain. So I don't blame them. That and Suiso is strong. He is known as a strong leader and if I sail under him I'm sure to see the whole world." Nakami tried to give Yahiko an apologetic smile. "I think I should leave tomorrow."

"That reminds me." Sano said breaking to the conversation. "We should be heading back home, well to Kyoto at lest soon. Everyone back there will be worried."

"Yes, we should go in a couple day." Kenshin agreed.

"You're leaving already." Senko said sadly. "Kenshin why is it always like this? You show up, save me, then leave again." Senko was very close to tears.

Kenshin did his best to comfort her. "I'm sorry Miss Senko, that I am, but we have to leave soon. It's been too long since we've been back home in Tokyo. But, this one promises to visit you more often." Kenshin laughed. "I promise to make it back here before another eight years pass."

Senko forced a smile. "You'd better! Or I'm going to hunt you down in Tokyo!" So in the morning Nakami left. Waving goodbye to his friends he returned to Suiso in the hopes of seeing the world. With the passing of a few more days Kenshin and all his friends also said good-bye. Everyone parted with smiling faces but it was a façade. Parting was the hardest thing they had gone through.

With the promise to visit more Kenshin once more turned his back on Senko's home town. This time it would be different. He would let her room his thoughts a bit more and he would make sure this old path would be used a lot more often.

A Legend Is Born And A Story Ends

A/N: WAAA!!! It's over! I had so much fun writing this! So much fun in fact I'm going to (someday) make Suiso his very own story. Yup! I loved Suiso SO much I just have to make a story for him. One day I hope to get it published but I have A LOT of other stories to work on before that so don't expect to see it until the year 3004. I've already got his origin mapped out and what he was like as a kid HOWEVER! I now have the daunting task of thinking up a supper kick-butt character to replace Kenshin. (Sniff) I'm doomed. I'm thinking about making my new Suiso in a bit of an earlier (meaning closer to our time) timeline then Kenshin's story. Hm? What kind of real life legends can I steal to make my story? AH! Now I'm excited over that!

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Suiso's Powers: Pulled everyone out of my butt. As long as it had to do with air/wind it worked with me. Besides the binding spell and the wind attack where indivisible wind hits you like baseballs, they came from the original dream that started this WHOLE story! I'm so glad I had Suiso's ship being his power source it made coming up with a sequel so much easier. Besides having the block of wood take your strength I decided that if you touched it you were haunted by warped memories. Did anyone catch that? Is anyone even reading this boring part?

Nakami: I had Nakami in the back of my head for a long time. Back in Kenshin Lost at Sea I almost put Nakami in instead of Kenmei but I liked the idea of a strong man bound by Suiso's spell as well better. Plus back then Suiso was kidnapping kids and selling them off so having a 'younger' sailor on his ship didn't seem right. So I was sad when Nakami wasn't used. I actually forgot about him for a little while. Then when I started to write this I was happy I could finally add him into something. (Aw… isn't he cute) It think having Nakami in this story worked to my advantage.

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