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A cute little Inuyasha and Kagome fluff in future chapters.

This story is rated PG-13 for future chapters and future language from our favorite dirty mouthed Hanyou and for the cute fluff that will soon appear.

Sick Day's aren't That Bad

Chapter 1: Poor Inuyasha

            Spring time, a warm cool time of there year that everyone looks forward to, a time where it was nice out nearly every day with some but little rain, when flowers where blooming filling the air with there sweet scents and newly grown grass and plants began growing in the bright sunshine, a time to play and a time to jump into the water and cool off, to stretch your muscles after a long cold winter full of snow and bare trees and ice covered ground, but for Inuyasha today was not one of his better days.

            Inuyasha sat under the shade of the god tree miserable, Kagome had been gone for a total of five days now going those test things at school in something called chemistry, four days after she left he had began to not feel like himself at all, he first thought that it was just an annoying cold and with his Demon healing ability be rid of it within a day or so, but to his surprise the cold like symptoms did not get better at all, they got a whole lot worst, after the first day of the symptoms he began to feel feverish and tired, after a day of this his nose got stuffy to were his Demon sense of smell was blocked off and he began coughing and sneezing.

The smell of the flowers annoying his stuffy nose to no end and making his head ach worst and the light of the sun made his eyes and head throb with pain to were he stayed in the cool shade of the trees most of the day, and moved around a night, if he could lift his body up that is. And the fact that the sun was making it so humid and sticky from last nights small rain shower made him feel hotter because of his growing fever, Inuyasha was not in a good mood nor was he having a good day.

            "Damn it…" he cursed, aside from everything else in the world he HATED getting sick, it made him feel weak and being weak was dangerous, he had been away from the village for two days now so nobody would see him like this, the great and powerful Inuyasha, the second son of the great dog Demon of the western lands brought down by a mere cold, Inuyasha moaned, his whole body ached every time he moved or did anything, not only that but he couldn't bring himself to eat anything because of his aching stomach making him feel even worst, "What…the hell…is wrong with me?" he wondered as he fell into a coughing fit, when uncovered his mouth from coughing he looked at his arms…

"WHAT THE HELL!??!?!?!?"  

At the Village

"I wonder were Inuyasha has run off too" Miroku wondered leaning against the wall of Kaede's hut his staff in hand, Sango was on the other side of the hut petting her purring Demon kitty Kirara, "You know how he gets when Kagome is gone" Sango said, Kirara jumped off Sango's lap as the girl was getting up off the floor, as she did the white hair ribbon came out of her hair and fell to the floor, Sango bent down to pick it up giving the perverted Miroku not only a good view but a chance too…


Kaede and Shippo came in from gathering healing herbs to see Sango with an angry look on her face and Miroku with a bright red hand print on his face slammed into a near by wall by the force of Sango's slap, Kaede just shook her head and carried her basket of herbs over to the table with Shippo close behind, "That guy never learns…"Shippo muttered as Sango began yelling, "MIROKU YOU NASTY HENTAI!" Sango screamed and was about the storm out of the hut when another yell coming from the forest came to there ears,

"WHAT THE HELL!??!?!?!?"

 All the villagers herd the scream and looked up to try and see who was the source of the of the scream but just saw a sliver and red blur run past them at  high speed, thinking it was just there eyes playing tricks on them they went back to there work picking rice and caring for the crops.

In Kaede's hut

Sango, Miroku, Shippo Kirara and Kaede looked at the door way were a out of breath Hanyou stood in the door way, Shippo was the first to speak, "Hey Inuyasha, what's with all the red dots?" he asked getting the Hanyou's fist implanted into his head, "HOW THE HELL SHOULD I KNOW YOU LITTLE BRAT?!" Inuyasha screamed, this along with running so fast earlier made him a bit dizzy and made his head spin, Inuyasha tried to shake away the dizziness in his head but this only made it worst, "Inuyasha, are ye aright?" Kaede asked, Inuyasha's head began to spin faster and faster until he collapsed onto the wooden floor of the hut.


In Kagome's Time

Kagome woke to the ringing of her alarm clock, she pulled herself from the warmth of her covers and groggily looked at her annoying alarm clock, I'm really starting to hate that thing… she thought getting out of bed yawning and stretching, she turned of the alarm and walked over to the new calendar on the wall, she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and looked at the date and her eyes opened wide, "SPRING BREAK!" Kagome screamed, "DEMON!" came a scream down the hall, Kagome rolled her eyes and walked down to her grandfathers room, when she got there she opened the door.

Demon repelling scrolls were all over the floor, ink bottles, charms and writing brushes of all sizes were scattered on tables and cabinets, in the corner of the room was her grandfather in bed snoring and talking in his sleep, He must be dreaming he's chasing a demon or something… she thought giggling a little, she closed the door and walked back to the bathroom to take a shower and get dressed, it had been a few days since she left the Feudal Era and she was sure that a very annoyed and impatient Hanyou was waiting for her return.

After having breakfast with her family, and after telling her grandfather off when he was just about to call her school with ANOTHER fake illness, she got all her things in her back pack and walked to the well house.

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