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Sick Day's aren't That Bad

Chapter 6: Tickle fights, Little Brothers and Annoying Peekers!

            Kagome awoke to the sun shining in her eyes though her open window, she shut her eyes tight to block it out before noticing something around her, she opened her eyes, and saw familiar fire rat robe clad arms around her, and something was on her head, she slowly looked up and saw Inuyasha, she then remembered what happened last night and smiled, she then noticed that Inuyasha heath had improved greatly, nearly all the red dots were gone and the ones still remaining where scabbed over, Inuyasha's face was no longer pale and flushed with fever but was its normal light tan color, she put her hand to his forehead and felt that he fever was gone as well.

Looks like he's back to normal! Kagome thought smiling, reaching up to run her finger over one of his ears, it twitched madly under the light contact, "Mmm…Shippo…touch my ramen and you die…" Inuyasha muttered, Kagome held back the urge to burst out laughing, even in his dreams he and the little fox demon drove each other nuts, or more Shippo drove Inuyasha nuts, Kagome stopped tutoring his ears and began petting them gaining a soft purr, she felt Inuyasha pull her closer in his sleep and nuzzle his cheek into her hair, she giggled, he could be such a softy when he wanted to be.

She felt his heart beat change, signaling that he was waking up, when he did he breathed in deeply and then held her tighter, "Good morning Inuyasha" Kagome said looking up at him, Inuyasha opened his eyes, "Morning" he said scratching his head, "Looks like you back to your old self again, see no spots!" Kagome said showing him his arm, although covered with dried calamine lotion; it was Chicken Pox free, "It's about damn time…" Inuyasha said looking closer at his arm then leaning back on the wall and closing his eyes.

"It only took a few days" Kagome said, "Yah, a few days full of headaches, fever, nausea and almost scratching all my skin of because of that damn itching!" Inuyasha said with his eyes still closed, "You are such a child" Kagome said playfully, Inuyasha smirked "And you are such a bitch" he said jokingly, Kagome got an evil idea in her head right then, she was a bitch was she? A female dog? Well if she was on then she would act like one! Kagome sat up quickly and licked Inuyasha's cheek, his eyes flew open and he back away so fast that he hit the wall in back of him, his face bright red.

"What…what was that about?" he asked putting his hand on the place she licked, Kagome smirked, "You called me a bitch, and since I am a bitch I will act like one!" she said licking him on his other cheek, "Ok, Ok jeez I won't call you a bitch anymore" he said smirking, "Good!" she said sitting back in his lap, "It's better then having you acting like a dog" he said, Kagome giggled, "Well you would no all about that wouldn't you dog boy" she said jokingly and poked him in the stomach just below his ribs.

Inuyasha jumped back, Kagome's eyes widened, Did he just snicker? Oh please don't tell me…he's ticklish!, she smirked wildly, Inuyasha saw the evil glint in her eyes, Damn, busted! he thought, before Kagome could go on her tickle attack, Inuyasha jumped off the bed and ran for his life with Kagome behind him, "THE MIGHTY INUYASHA IS TICKLISH!" She yelled laughing and chasing him into the living room, "I AM NOT!" He yelled back jumping over the sofa and ran into the kitchen, "YES YOU ARE!" Kagome giggled beating him there thought the other entrance from the hall, Inuyasha skidded to a stop and ran back the other way.

"WHERE ARE YOU TICKLISH?! YOUR EARS MAYBE?!" She asked chasing him back up the stairs, "HELL NO!" Inuyasha screamed clapping his hands to his ears, "I THOUGHT YOU LIKED HAVING YOUR EARS TOUCHED!" she said with a fake wine in her voice, "TOUCHED! T-O-U-C-H-E-D NOT TICKLED!" Inuyasha yelled, he saw the hallway closet and ran into it, and closed the door fast but not so it slammed shut, Kagome walked up the hall she saw Inuyasha run down, Now where did he go? Kagome wondered coming to the closet door, from inside Inuyasha smelled her right behind the door, he swallowed hard and closed his eyes tight.

Where is he? she looked around, the a idea came to mind, that along with a childhood memory, how she use to play hide and go seek with her grandpa, her favorite hiding place was the very closet she was next to, he never was able to find her when she hid in there, it was still a nagging thought if grandpa really couldn't find her, or he was just pulling her leg, she decided to use what she said the day they fought the Spider Heads, "INUYASHA!" she called, "I HOPE YOU'RE NOT HIDING IN THE HALL CLOSET! THERE ARE SPIDERS IN THERE, AND I KNOW YOU ARE SCARED OF SIPDERS!" Kagome yelled and giggling softly, "FOR THE LAST TIME I AM NOT SCARED OF SIPDERS!" Inuyasha yelled stomping out of the closet.

"Busted again!" Kagome yelled running toward him, "DAMN IT!" Inuyasha yelled realizing his mistake and ran back down the stairs, she chased him around the house, before she got an idea, If he won't stop I'll make him, besides I won't do it hard, and he's not sick anymoreKagome thought smirking, as soon as Inuyasha went to jump the sofa again but the long way this time she said it, but only lightly enough so he wouldn't crash right into the sofa, or hurt him, "Osuwari!" the prayer bead around Inuyasha's neck began to glow purple and he fell on the sofa softer then the past times she osuwari him.

Kagome ran over to him and sat on him, then began tickling him for all she was worth, Inuyasha exploded with laughter, "AGH KA-KAGOME ST-STOP!!!" Inuyasha choked out, his voice muffled from his face being smashed in the sofa, "HEE HEE! NEVER!" she yelled and began tickling his sensitive ears, which got Inuyasha laughing even louder, Kagome was laughing to, from now on she guess this would be the way to subdue Inuyasha when she couldn't use the "O" word, she could tickle him, this would come in handy on the nights of the New Moon, when she couldn't use the necklace for fear of braking every bone, in the Hanyou's body in his human form.

Unknown to Kagome the spell was wearing off, Inuyasha jumped up shocking Kagome, I'm dead! she thought and was about to say "it" before Inuyasha jumped on her, "OH NO YOU DON'T! PAY BACK TIME!" he said running his claws lightly on her belly, she squealed and tried to yank his hands away but it was know use, "INU INUYASHA!!!! STOPPP!!!" she screamed, "YOU DIDN'T STOP WHEN I ASKED YOU TO!" he snickered. After a little while he stopped and held her close, then kissed her deeply.

Kagome melted in the kiss, she wrapped her arms around his neck, with one hand she pushed his head forward bringing him closer to her, and locking his lips to her, with the other she scratched his ear, she herd him moan softly before he started purring, Kagome smiled though the kiss and began scratching harder, there time alone was broken, when they both saw a flash go off from the inside of there eyes, they turned around and saw Souta standing there with a camera in  hand held to his eyes, "Hey sis! Kiss Brother Inuyasha again, I didn't get a good shot! Haha!" Souta joked snapping another picture; both of them blushed redder then an apple.

"Hey kid!" Inuyasha called to the boy, Souta looked up and his hero, "YOU JUST WAIT UNTIL I CATCH YOU!" Inuyasha yelled laughing menacingly, leaping from the sofa and chasing the little boy up to his bedroom, Kagome laughed and shook her head, "Kagome, good morning is Inuyasha feeling any better?" came her mothers voice, she looked up and saw her mother standing in the living room doorway, "Yah, Inuyasha's back to normal again" she said as laughing could be herd from Souta's room, signaling that Inuyasha was tickling the life out of the poor boy, "VERY back to normal" she said shaking her head giggling.

"Glad to hear it, that was some storm we had last night, I was worried" her mother said, "I was Ok, Inuyasha was hear, Oh and mom all the fuses are totaled, there fried" Kagome said, "Oh well, I guess fuses goes on my list of thing to buy today" Ms. Higurashi said and walked into the kitchen, "Oh and dear?" came her voice, "Yah mom?" Kagome called, "Could you and Inuyasha kiss in your room from now on please?" she asked giggling, Kagome blushed bright red, that was when Inuyasha came walking down the stairs, a victory smile on his face, "We going back today?" he asked, Ms. Higurashi called from the kitchen.

"Do you two want any breakfast?" she asked, "Yah!" Inuyasha called and nearly ran into the kitchen, Kagome could hear him chanting "Please let it be Ramen" all the way to the kitchen, Yup, Inuyasha was back to his old Ramen obsessed self again.

An Hour Later

"Nice to see your appetite back" Kagome's voice echoed from the bottom of the well, Inuyasha jumped out of the well carrying Kagome bridle style, Inuyasha stopped and nuzzled his nose in her neck, Kagome giggled, "Come on! Stop Inuyasha! That tickles!" she said giggling more, "Can't help it, obsessed with your scent" he said putting her down and burying his nose in her hair, breathing her sweet aroma in deeply, "I thought you said you hated my smell?" she said smirking.

"I told you I was lying" Inuyasha said playfully, "Bad doggy, no Ramen for you!" she said smiling, "Then no sweets for you" Inuyasha said smirking taking in her scent again, "No fair" she said pouting, Inuyasha smirked widely to were a fang was poking out, Inuyasha looked at her, his eyes sparkling, "Lying" he said jokingly and kissed her. When they stopped they hugged, Inuyasha layed his head on Kagome's and Kagome layed her head on his chest, "Love you" Inuyasha whispered softly, "Love you too" she said snuggling closer.

"IT'S ABOUT TIME!" came a male voice not to far away.

"MIROKU! LEAVE THEM ALONE!" came Sango's voice

"What's going on?" came Shippo's voice which was soon muffled

"Shippo this is not something for a child to see" came Miroku's voice

The heat from Inuyasha and Kagome's blushing could be felt from yards away, "YOU HENTAI DIRTY MINED MONK!" Inuyasha yelled in rage, he brabbed the hilt of Tetsaiga and gave chase, "MIROKU YOU BETTER HOPE I DON'T CATCH YOU! BECAUSE IF I DO!" Inuyasha screamed, "SANGO ANS SHIPPO WHERE WATCHING! WHAT ABOUT THEM?" Miroku yelled trying to duck from Inuyasha's sword swips, "SANGO WAS TRYING TO GET RID OF YOU! AND AS FOR THE BRAT HE JUST GOT HERE!" Inuyasha yelled.

Kagome and Sango watched the scene before them, Inuyasha running around trying to slice and dice a certain dirty mined monk, and the said monk running for dear life, Shippo was busy digging thought Kagome's pack for the bag of candy she always brought him, "Kagome, aren't you going to "osuwari" him?" Sango asked turning to the girl of the future, "Nah, let him get what's finally coming to him, if Inuyasha hurts him then I'll "You know what" him" Kagome said, she said and turned to Sango, "Want to take a fast dip in the hot springs while Mirkou's distracted?" Kagome asked, Sango nodded.

"So, you and Inuyasha got a little closer over the last night?" Sango asked, Kagome blushed and turned her head to the dog demon, who was trying to cut the branch of  the tree that Miroku had jumped in to escape Inuyasha, "Yah, we did" she said smiling, placing her hand to her lips, which still tingled from her and Inuyasha's kiss, Hee hee! I'll never forget yesterday or last night ever! she thought walking to the hot springs with Sango, where this time it was a sure thing, they wouldn't have to worry about peeking monks this time.  

The End

            And that's the end to a fiction I am going to miss adding to, I had a great time writing this! I never thought I would get so many reviews for it!