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'Out of all my traveling, I've never really done this much walking before...'

The boy in black and purple strolled on miserably as the wind blew his moonlight scarf behind him.

'I wish I hadn't have left the Solar Tree... But I have to redeem Carmilla's soul... For her sake...'

He suddenly stopped at the cliff and sat down, watching the sun slowly sink into the horizon. It's been approximately a week since Hel was defeated; a week since he left Django again...

'It'll be worth it... It'll be worth it...'


Just west of Istrakan, a dark shadow was cast upon the land. Bones ripped out of the grounds, floating up and building a castle in the sky. A girl stood at the gateway, watching the dirt and rocks stick together with the bones, forming a large area for a warp. Her skin was as pale as clouds; her ruby red eyes glowed with some sort of vengeance. Mini skeletons hung from her elf-shaped ears. Dark purple hair swayed in the wind along with her corset-drawn dress. She stepped back into the castle and up to the top floor to her throne. The skeletons stepped aside and bowed to her, as if she was a gorgeous noble advancing to her proper seat. One by one, each of the skeletons danced in front of her gracefully, their bones clacking against each other. She soon became bored with them and waved her hand. In an instant, each of the dancing skeletons halted and fell back into a pile of bones.

"Mistress Cesei does not like the dancing?" A cloaked figure asked.

"I grow tired of their dancing... I'm getting bored with same old things, Millon!" Cesei growled, glaring fiercely at the cloaked one. The hood fell off, revealing a skeleton with fangs.

"Then, you may be happy with what we've scavenged from Hel's Dark Castle!" Millon snapped his fingers and a crystal orb appeared on Cesei's lap. She held it firmly in her hands and gasped. The image she had seen was of someone very familiar.


"Minions!" She called forth, clutching the orb. "Bring his boy to me!" Dozens of skeletons gathered around their master, staring blankly at the image in the crystal. All at once, they nodded and marched off. "Millon, you are dismissed."

"But Mistress..."

"I SAID, you are dismissed!"

"...Yes Mistress..."

Cesei sighed as Millon left the throne area as she returned to her pondering.

'Sabata... You and Django may be beaten Hel, but can you face me alone?'

Cesei smirked as she rested her cheek against her fist.


Oddly, Sabata felt a pair of eyes cast upon him, but saw no one around. Shrugging, he continued to watch the sun set as he rested his weary self. He lay down to rest as the full moon slowly faded into view.

"Is it the will of the galaxy for me to abandon everyone I love? To... have everyone I cared about leave my life forever?" he muttered.

As he closed his eyelids, two bony arms shot up from the ground and grabbed him.

"What the?!" he screamed, trying to wriggle away from the skeleton hands. Two skeletons emerged from the ground, holding the Dark Boy above the ground. "What's the meaning of this?!" Forcefully, he shattered the arms of the two skeletons before being grabbed by twelve more. Although he was strong, their barrier of bones was like concrete and they warped off with him.

Sabata found himself standing on the warp panel of a floating castle composed of brick, dirt, and shattered bones. He stepped into the ominous castle, never knowing who or what was inside. The torches held up by hands seemed to lead a way through the spiraling stairs. Hours passed by and Sabata was still ascending the many flights of steps, each set different from the rest. Finally, a light was shed at the end of what seemed to be the millionth flight and Sabata hurried up the final few steps. He heard a voice laugh menacingly, a rather familiar one too. He gasped at whom he had seen.

"Sabata, you do not seem so happy to see me again!" Cesei laughed as Sabata slowly walked closer.

"Cesei? But..." Sabata stuttered, too stunned to realize what he was saying.

"Hel only sent me away to build up my powers!" She exclaimed. "And this castle will take me to the moon!"

"You're insane now, Cesei!" Sabata fiercely growled. "And what was the point of bringing me here?!"

"Oh ho, ho... You haven't changed a bit temper wise, Sabata! Now, show me that you're strong enough to defeat me!!!"


Django gazed at the stars from the branches of the Solar Tree.

"Niichan... Come home soon..." He whispered.

He averted his attention to the landscape around the area and smiled at the peace at night. He blinked twice and squinted at the western territory. He gasped and nearly fell from his perch. Climbing up higher, he glanced west again. Millions of ghostly white skeletons rose from the ground and headed to a darkened area of the land. His view shot up to something that made his stomach lurch- a black castle in the sky.

"Lita!" He called out, sliding from the tree. "Lita!"

"What's wrong?" Lita asked, looking up at Django.

"There's a new immortal to the west! I saw... I saw a whole bunch of skeletons march up from the ground and head west!"

Lita paled as Otenko looked at Django with concern.

"Django, I fear that you are no match for a necromancer," The sunflower stated. "However, you need to train quickly if you ever want to defeat him."

"But how?"

"I think I may help..." The three turned around to see a tanned girl standing behind them. Her hair was a deep brown color, matching the lighter hue on her skin. Her eyes were emerald green with white tattoos on her cheeks. Her dress was blue with gold bands around her neck, arms, and waist.

"You are Seiryuu-sama's chosen! You are... Kidenkou!" Otenko gasped.

"Yes, I am!" Kidenkou smiled. "But I will not train you. Instead, there will be a task you need to take. And there are the tasks that Genbu, Suzaku, and Byakko assigns as well." Kidenkou looked at Django sharply. "These are going to be merciless, unlike what you've faced before. Do you accept this fate? Do you really want to start our tasks?"

Django remained silent for a minute, then slowly nodded.

"I'm always ready!" He exclaimed happily.

"Good... In the spirit world, the Lost Woods of the East has an immortal lurking there. Defeat him and I will take you to the Forgotten Mountain of the North."

Kidenkou raised her hands and glowed brightly. Django and Otenko were engulfed in the azure light and found themselves in a forest. The Solar Boy heard a deafening roar and gazed up into the darkened sky. Above his head, he saw a cobalt dragon glide through the "night" sky, disappearing into the horizon.

"Well... I guess we can't return until we finish the four tasks." Otenko sighed. "Good luck, Solar Boy Django!" Otenko assumed his spirit form and floated into Django's mind. With great determination, Django rushed through the trees and into the unknown.


Sabata rolled on the dirty floor and halted to a stop as Cesei slammed her foot on his skull.

"What's wrong, Sabata? Too weak to fight?" She laughed cruelly. Sabata growled in pain as he slipped from her foot and dashed behind her with great speed. Hastily, he pulled out the Dark Gun, the Gun Del Hell, and fired rapidly. With equal speed, Cesei easily dodged each shot and laughed again. "Or perhaps someone is softening you? Come, come, come on, Sabata! Give me all you've got!" Again, Cesei shot out of Sabata's view and reappeared behind him, giving him a sharp kick in the back. Once again, her foot was on his head.

"I refuse to fight you!" Sabata cried out in pain, clutching the handle of his trusted gun. Cesei only kicked him away

"Huh... Weak... It disgusts me!" She spat.

"Why should we fight?"

Cesei froze in place. He had brought up an interesting point and left her to think.

"I... I don't know..." She confessed. "I... I think I'm being controlled!" She looked at the Dark Boy with sorrow. "Sabata..." She flung her arms around him, sobbing slightly. "I can't control myself... It's... He's controlling..." Suddenly, she pushed him away and clutched her head.


Cesei screamed in pain, crumbling to her knees. Sabata's cries seemed to bounce out of her ears as the shrieks grew louder and louder.

Back at the Solar Tree, Lita heard a thunderous screech from the west, but she was bewildered. She only shook her head and collapsed to the floor.

"Please... Please... Don't let that be Django..."


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