(4/27/06) Might as well start again…

From the castle, the bright light only lasted for a moment before flickering out.

"Where's Django?" Saki gasped. "Was that him?"

"Probably." Sabata replied, reaching the top. "He must be returning now." He seemed secure, but the tone of his voice betrayed him.

"Come on." Kyo gestured. "The castle's falling apart." He disappeared into the crevice and his footsteps became faint. Saki jumped in after him and a loud "OW!" heard from Sketch followed right after. Sabata glanced at Arison, who was gazing up at the sky.

"You coming?" He asked. She quickly turned towards him and shook her head.

"Nah, I want to watch the sun rise from up here." She said.

"The sun's not coming up for a while, and this castle's going to fall before it will."


"…Hn. Whatever."

In a flash, he teleported away, leaving Arison to do whatever she pleased. The Saigon Knight stared at him for a moment and returned her look towards the heavens.

"Only one of those statements was true." She mused. "That was Django. But he's falling and… he'll rise soon enough."

She unclipped a few braces in front of her cloak, revealing the outfit underneath.

"The man who gave me this cloak once told me I inherited wings from my mother, but to use them, I needed to be willing to sacrifice myself for a nobler cause. After all… I did promise I'd keep him safe and alive."

She removed her hat, tying it to her belt as she took a few steps back. Suddenly, she shot forward and leapt off the end just as the roof caved in. Her hair fluttered as she quickly descended in the air. Panic overtook her. Was she wrong? Was that man just kidding her? She tried her best to hold the tears in, but the salty water flooded out from clenched eyelids.

'I'm sorry Django…'

A pain stabbed Arison in the back. Something beneath her shirt felt as if it were going to tear her skin apart. Was she dying? Was this how death teased its victims?


Arison's eyes flew open as she somersaulted in midair. A part of her mind was controlling an extra appendage, she noted mentally. She observed wings on her back, fanning her face with each flap. Immediately, her attention focused back on the sky, where the glimmer was…

Django was falling. His eyes fluttered open, his scarf flapping noisily in the air. His back faced the earth. At least they'll see him smiling if they found him.

If they found him…

It was common for the brave to face death and spit in his face, though when very close, he begins to regret. Django was no exception and thoughts began to flood his mind. Would life go on as if nothing happened? Would the human race survive? Or would the immortals succeed in their plans? What would Arison say? What would Sabata do?

Otenko-sama… Lita… Sketch… Saki… Kyo… Arison… Sabata…

What would they all think? He was surrounded by darkness, but this time he knew where he was.

Django was falling, falling to his death.

Cesei wrapped bloody arms around Django's waist, her bony wings flapping gently to slow his descent. He looked at her in question as her blood stained his clothes.

"Why are you helping me?" He asked quietly.

"I… I was a little girl when I was taken away from my parents." She began. "Found by the Queen… I used my abilities to do her bidding. I remember when Sabata arrived and how jealous I was that he was taken care of by Carmilla. Of course, Sabata was just another tragic figure. But I knew he could get us out because he was part Solar as you are… But…

"He was foolish enough to challenge her at a young age, arrogant because of his blood mixture. The Queen soon proved that it didn't matter and proceeded with her experiments… And I… I got caught in the middle. I quickly took Sabata and tried to run away, but we were caught and as punishment, we were both infused with Dark Matter…

"I did not ask to become a necromancer, but because of Sabata, I became one. I am an immortal; I feel both physical and emotional pain everyday without any stops! But… But you and Sabata have come and now it is my time to go. I thank you for repelling Darius from the depths of my mind. Now I can leave by my own free will, but I am still unpurified. So I shall give my strength to ensure that you live and you liberate the others who suffer!

"And… And tell Sabata I never hated him."

Cesei spread out her wings to catch air and act as a parachute of some sort, but the holes in the leathery skin allowed the air to rush through. They were speeding up regardless of her actions. Her arms slipped, to weak to hold onto the Solar Boy any longer, letting him plummet faster and faster.

Django was finding it hard to keep his eyes open. He was going to die… He remembered his prophetic dreams. Would that angelic figure come to catch him? His eyes began to close….


His eyes snapped open.

"Django! Squirt!"

Something fast grabbed him, securing its grip by wrapping strong arms beneath his armpits. He opened his eyes just as the thing kicked Cesei off.

"A… Ally!" Django gasped.

"I got ya, Squirt! That damn immortal can't hurt you now!" Arison proclaimed, slowing down her ascension.

"Ally!" He cried. "She's harmless! You've got to help her!"

"You're heavy as is!"


She grunted, bouncing Django back into her grip and swooped down. The Solar Boy grabbed onto his former foe's arms, hoping they wouldn't tear out. He could tell Arison was struggling to keep steady in the air.

"Django…" She strained to say.


"I'm sorry… I…"


"I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise…"

At that moment, Arison's wings ruffled and exploded, all the feathers fluttering in the air, leaving no trace of extra appendages other than the tears in her shirt. She held Django close to her before her arms slipped from under him. She fell faster than the boy even though she was not burdened by the extra weight of another. Her cloak acted as fins rather than a parachute as she gained speed. Cesei's eyes seemed to hiss, "Go fool! Go to her!" Django nodded and let go of the Necromancer, kicking his legs as if he were in water. He managed to grab Arison's hand even as his scarf was choking him.


With the rest of his strength, he pushed himself into his old companion's arms.

"We'll… We'll go together…"

A deafening roar re-ignited a spark of hope as a blue blur raced towards them. Grasping Cesei in her claw first, Kidenkou bent beneath the pair and cushioned their fall in a mat of dragon hair. Surprised, neither was able to grab a handful before they slid from the surface. They continued to plummet and would soon hit the earth, if a streak of red hadn't caught them. Enbara gave a caw, swerving up to dodge a tree. Django and Arison clung to her feathers as best as they could but the plumage gave away, dropping them into the ocean. The pinnacle of Kourihi's shell arose from the water, lifting the two above surface and carried them to shore. From there, Kazemusu offered them a ride in his tiger form, swiftly transporting them to the Solar Tree in a matter of seconds. As the gods returned to their human forms, Lita rushed to Django, nearly tackling him to the floor as she gave him a bone-crushing hug.

"Oh Django-sama!" She exclaimed. "You're okay!"

"Ack! Of course I am!" Django managed to say. "Please let go though… Can't… Breath…"

The Earthly Maiden soon realized what she was doing and immediately let go, retreating behind Kidenkou with a red face.

"How was your sunrise, Saigon Knight?" The sarcastic voice of Sabata rang.

"Quiet well." Arison replied, smiling. "The sun is more compassionate than I would have thought."

Django blinked, oblivious to who his friend was referring to. Instead, he came up to Sabata and asked, "How did I do?"

"Hmph! You're not done yet!"


"He's right, Django." Otenko remarked. "You've still got to purify what's left of Cesei's body."

"But she—"

"She doesn't want to continue on." Sabata cut off. "She's been wanting to die for a while. Immortals can not die unless they are purified and until their time comes, they will continue to feel the pain."

Django lowered his head, remembering the words the Necromancer gave him before she attempted to delay his fall.

"I… I will do it."

"I set her in the pile driver outside of Bloodlust Mansion." Kidenkou informed. "Please hurry."

The Solar Boy nodded and ran to the location of the beginning of many painful purification processes.

He had never known her long, but he felt a pang in his heart as he set up the Pile Driver; he had never known that immortals felt the same pains humans did. How could he do any more purifications knowing this?

'Her mind will not resist, so she will not attack you.' Sabata's voice rang in his head. All he needed to watch out for was the incapacitation of each generator. With each generator ready and the loud beeping thundering in his ears, he raced to the activation point and initiated the purification.

Arison and Sabata sat at the side, observing Django at work.

"I've never seen the purification process before." Arison confessed. "Auntie Teikou wouldn't let us, though we've never had a major immortal attack the temporary settlement before I left."

"Auntie Teikou?" Sabata inquired.

"She's the woman who raised us." She answered. "I believe she was related to your father in some way, but I'm not too sure. She was not our mother, so 'Auntie' was the best we could come up with. She was the head of the orphanage, so we had competition with many other orphans in our area."

"You're an orphan?"

"Technically. My mother was supposed to be Django's godmother, but she… Well… Anyway, I heard my father passed away or abandoned me to join the immortals for some reason… I never knew. By the way, where are the ninjas?"

Sabata laughed.

"They said their mission was complete so they went home. Had to drag Sketch with them."

"Pity. I had a lot of questions for him too."

The loud scream and rumbling signaled that the process was over. Wavering, they heard Cesei's voice clearly.

"Thank you… Thank you Solar Boy Django! I am free! But before I go, I will share with you what I have seen coming up for you… Sabata… Django… Both of you will be tempted by the ploys of Dark and the Will of the Galaxy… But don't give into them! Please… Please… Good bye… Good bye, Solar Boy Django! Good bye… Dark Boy Sabata!"

Her voice echoed, fading away forever.


Django ran to Sabata, pausing to catch his breath.

"Niichan, I forgot to tell you! When she was talking to me… She told me to tell you she never hated you."

Sabata sighed, almost in relief.

"That doesn't matter to me now." He said. "Now, if you'll excuse me…"

"Wait! You can't go!"

Django grabbed his arm and clung to it.

"And why not?"

"Your clothes are all torn up! You can't go like that! You'll catch something or get laughed at by boks!"

"Ha! Like you're in any better shape. You're more likely to get laughed at by mummies than I am!"

"That's why I was making these!" Lita proclaimed, holding out two freshly made shirts and shorts. The shirts seemed to be made of strips of cloth with several buttons running down. She thrust a set to the boys according to their liking. Then, she huffed and quickly left as Django promptly took off his shirt to change.

"…Not in front of everyone, Squirt." Arison commented, shaking her head. She tugged her hat free and placed it on her head, pulling the rim down to cover her eyes. She turned around so the boys could continue changing.

"Done." Django announced. "Though, I don't know why she made them out of strips like this…"

"So they can be mended easily." Sabata informed. "You can take out the portions that have been torn and replace them without having to replace the entire thing."

"Wow! That's really smart!"

"…Smarter than you at least…"

Django pouted at his brother, slipping his new shorts on.

"The gods are going soon." Arison announced, hearing Django fumble with his boots. The boys finished dressing and followed the girl to the Solar Tree, where the four spiritual beings waited in front of a vast portal.

"Thank you, Solar Boy Django!" Kidenkou said. "It was a pleasure to meet you and give you training."

"We cannot say how much we may miss you," Kourihi added "But we only hope to see you once again."

"It was great working with you guys!" Kazemusu exclaimed. "I wish we could do it again!"

"Be careful, Solar Boy Django… Dark Boy Sabata…" Enbara solemnly voiced. "I feel that the necromancer's last words have a bit of truth to them. Both of you are in danger of falling under the influence of Dark… Even if your mind is shrouded when these events come to happen… Banish the clouds with the power of the sun! It's always in your heart!"

With everything said, the four disappeared through the portal, which promptly closed behind them.

"Oh! How did they come to save us anyway?" Django pondered out loud.

"They came here on their own accord." Sabata informed. "Since Cesei's body was still unpurified, they came back to see if anything was wrong."


"Well, I'm off."

"What!" Django grasped Sabata's hand. "Why?"

"I still haven't redeemed Carmilla's soul…" Sabata sighed. "I only did this to help Cesei and now that she's happy, I still have my original journey to finish."

"…'kay…." The Solar Boy's grip on his brother's hand loosened, allowing it to slip out. The Dark Boy noticed the saddened look on his face and grinned.

"Hey, you'll see me again!"



In a sudden movement, Django's arms wrapped themselves around Sabata, pulling the two into their first hug. He pulled away, laughing at the older boy's shocked expression.

"Sorry! I never got to—"

He was cut off when Sabata returned the hug.

"You are so emotional sometimes, Django. Are you sure you're the one who beat all those immortals?"

Django scowled at him as he teleported off with a final wave.

"Well, I guess I should go too." Arison announced. Django spun around and looked at her in disbelief.

"What? You too?"

"Yeah… My original quest was to find my mother, though I needed to get this sword first." She explained. "But like your brother, I'll see you around, okay?"


As soon as Arison's brown cloak was no longer in view, Django sighed and turned to Lita.

"I think I'll go too…"


"I want to go back to San Miguel and see what's going on there."

"Oh… I was thinking the same thing!" Lita exclaimed shyly. "I need to get this Solar Tree back to full health before tending to the San Miguel one… But it's really close!"

"Alright… Should I stay to protect you when you go?"

"Oh!" Lita's face turned red, though Django did not notice. "I'll be okay! There's no need to stay behind just for me…"

"Okay! Good luck! Otenko-sama! Let's go!"

And as the Solar Boy retraced his steps back home, he ended another journey and began another.

I did bad ending this, didn't I? Oh well, better sucky than never. It ties up and explains a little more, though not too much. I enjoyed writing this. And my god, this I my first chaptered fic that I didn't end with some stupid crack excuse XO! My scripted fics don't count, and that giant Harry PotterxYuugiou one didn't count. Resistance was discontinued and Vampire Hunters will be… Wow XD

Anyhoo, I'm done with this one now. I hope you enjoyed reading this and stick around! I'll have a semi-sequel later. (7/14/06)