Authors note: Well what can I say about this fic? oh I know it originally started in 1999 (in case you can't tell by the dates) as a fic to bash Valentines day but I just couldn't bring myself to doing that…sometimes it's bad being a hopeless romantic. I was thinking of changing the dates to 2001 and one but well I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Anyhoo this is supposed to be a series of e-mails that Nabiki is writing to a pen-pal. That's about it. Enjoy the fic, Oh and please don't think that the e-mail addresses are real they aren't honest they aren't. Disclaimer: Ranma ½ is property of Rumiko Takahashi. In other words Ranma doesn't belong to me, and I'm using the characters without permission.

Letters from Nabiki
A Ranma ½ Fanfic by Crikit

Date: February 14, 1999
Subject: Valentines Day

I hate this day. This cursed day of love and romance. Don't people wonder what Valentines Day is like for all of us single people? Of course not, they're to caught up in each other to think about the poor pitiful singles. But still, sometimes I think about what it would be like to have someone to share this day with, to share everyday with. But those are just passing thoughts. What would everybody say if they knew that I thought about things like this? It would ruin the image that they all have of me. The image of a cold, uncaring, selfish bitch.

I know what they think, and I'm glad that they think that about me. If they thought that I actually cared about things they might start coming to me for advice. Something, that they would have to pay dearly for. Still, there are times when I wish that I could say what I was feeling. A lot of those times focus around my sister and her fiancée. They have to be the blindest, stupidest, most stubborn people in the world.

You're probably wondering why right? I'll put it to you this way. They love each other, they know it, I know it, and everyone else knows it. True everyone else chooses to ignore that, but that's not Ranma and Akanes fault is it? Okay well part of it is. I'm sure if they just admitted their love for each other, everyone would just leave them alone, and move on to bigger and better things. Wait I take that back, there is one person who would not move on, that person being Tatewaki Kuno.

He can't seem to get the picture that neither Ranma or Akane like him. Did I forget to mention that Kuno is in love with Ranma's girl half? He is, it's rather pathetic actually. He's repeatedly seen Ranma change forms, and he still thinks that they are separate people. Actually what he thinks is that Ranma's girl-half is being held prisoner by Ranma's boy-half. He's an idiot, a big loveable idiot…Loveable?

What am I saying? I've never thought like that about Kuno before, in fact I hardly ever think of Kuno at all. The only time I think about Kuno is when I want to sell him some pictures of Ranma or my sister. Still part of me likes saying…er…typing that. Kuno the big loveable idiot of my life, no. I should change that to Kuno the big loveable idiot of my life who only wants the two girls that can't stand him. Am I really so unkind and selfish that he can't notice me?

I mean I have the body, I have the mind, I have the skill, but still all he sees is my little sister, and her sex changing fiancée. They're all anybody ever sees, not like they're hard to miss. How can you not miss seeing a guy who is a girl half the time, and the violent girl that he loves? I know I couldn't miss them.

Another thing that bugs me, this isn't about Kuno or my sister and Ranma by the way. Is my sister Kasumi, ever since my mother died Kasumi has been looking after Akane and myself. She's never really had a life of her own, and she doesn't show signs of wanting one. But I can't stand her like that, there has to be something that she wants. Everybody wants something, whether it is love, money, or power; it's part of human nature. Maybe I'll make that a mission of mine. To find something that Kasumi wants and give it to her, of course she won't know about it though. After all I don't want her to know that I actually do have heart. I have my precious image to uphold after all.

Speaking of Kasumi, she's calling me down to dinner. I better get going.


P.S. Are you ever going to tell me who you are?

Letters to Nabiki
A Ranma ½ fanfic by Crikit…

Date: February 15, 1999
Subject: Re: Valentines Day

Nabiki, I find it hard to believe that one, who writes like you, has no one in their life. True, I don't know you in the flesh. But if you are anything like you are in your e-mails, you are a kind and caring person who has a deep bond with her family. Am I right by saying this? Please tell me if I am. I would like to know.

On the topic of Valentines Day. The day that you curse with a vengeance. You are right to say that, it is a day that does not celebrate being single, I to feel that. But it also is a day that gives you a chance to express your feelings to the people with in your life. Take me for instance, I gave the Pig-of a sister of mine a rose, which she promptly disposed of. However I realize now that was foolish thing to do, for no matter how much I love her…er…in a brotherly sort of way, she will never return that feeling. She has a secret that she has hidden from me, a secret that I now know. The knowing of the secret came from you, for when you talked of your sister and her fiancée, I realized that my sister had a secret she was hiding, much like Ranma…that is his name right? Has a secret he is hiding from this Kuno person that you talk of.

While I am talking of Kuno, you expressed feelings of love towards him in your last e-mail. Does he know that you feel the way you do about him? If not perhaps you should tell him and let him know what is in your heart, maybe then he will give up his pursuit of your sister and her fiancée. Thus devoting all his romantic intentions to you. It is only a suggestion, one that I hope you will consider.

How goes your search into your sister Kaumi's deepest wishes? Have you found anything yet? I would gladly help you, if I were near.

Your sister sounds like the kind of person that would give her most cherished possession to another if it would bring a smile to their face. Or has she done that? Wait. Forget I said that last part, it is a thought that you should not concern yourself with. Maybe you should consider, bringing Akane and her fiancée in to the fold. They might be able to give you aid in your search. For surely they want to repay Kasumi for her kindness like you do.

Looking at the clock I see that is time for me to take leave. I await your next e-mail.

Yours faithfully…