I woke up one morning and went out to feed the pigs as dad had the flu and couldn't get up that early. The sun was rising and I gazed slowly for 10 minutes to watch it. I walked slowly over to the pigs paddock and couldn't find them they had escaped. So I walked over to the sheep paddock and there they were lying there like their guts had been ripped out with a steak knife. I screamed for mum but she didn't hear I had my cell phone on me so I rung. She sprinted over and as soon as she saw what had happened she gasped with fright and fainted. As she came around she told me to call the police and the vets. I did the police came but the vets would not they just told me it was an arsonist that had done it and when the police finally came 3 hours later they told me that what had happened couldn't have been done bye single person or a group. So we dumped the pigs in the river and drove off. When dad found out he blamed it all on me he said I wasn't listening enough that night otherwise I would have heard. When I called the vets again they finally came around and told me after doing the blood tests on a pig that we had left behind they said that it was a disease and a lot of the locals had been getting it in the town next to us. We were basically told that we were going to die as we had touched the pigs. I screamed. Mum ran home crying and dad was really angry. I walked home slowly and had found my father hanging there on a rope he had hung himself. Mum was on her knees crying and I fell to the ground. I ring my best friend and she said the same thing had happened to her flock of sheep 2 nights beforehand. But what she didn't tell me was that it had killed her father and mother and that she was living with her grandparents. When I found out at school the next day she wasn't there. It turned out that she had died that night too. That was where I started to go crazy while I was walking home I started seeing things. People killing themselves everything was so real so were my dreams they were even worse people killing their children and animals. Then my dreams started to come true. My mother killed herself and everyone in the town next to us had killed their children in fear of them catching the disease. I started to have to go to at least 2 funerals a day and I stopped going to school altogether. My whole world was falling apart everyone was dying but me. It was like I was immune to this disease. Nothing I did to get it would kill me. What was happening I looked through the records we had at home and it just so happened that I had the same exact disease when I was born. They cured me and now I was immune. But the strange thing was if everyone knew about the disease then why weren't they curing it. I started going looking through the council computers. Then the FBIs. I found it this was no ordinary disease this had been brought here by aliens. What was going in this town had been planned. Well that must have meant that I was an alien. That night as I went to bed I heard a creak then footsteps someone ran into my room and grabbed me from behind. I was taken to a mental institution don't ask me why. But I was treated there for schizophrenia. When I was released everyone around town found out and I wasn't allowed near anyone. I didn't understand why me why did everything bad happen to me. I woke up panting. What this had been all a dream. I turned around and looked out my window. I screamed. The pigs were lying in the paddock dead like something had eaten them from the inside out.