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The Slumbering Princess of Hyrule

The Beginning: Cursed

Once upon a time…

In the distant land of Hyrule there lived a king and his beloved queen, who were loved and honored by their subjects. Despite their happy marriage and reign they felt a great void within their souls, for they possessed no children for many years. When they were near to surrendering to despair, the queen finally begot a child, whom was named Zelda.

A fortnight after the birth of their daughter a great feast for the infant's christening was prepared. To this feast seven of the stateliest Great Fairies were invited, in which they would be formally announced as the child's godmothers and would bestow their gifts.

The Great Hall was scrubbed until it shone, and the table was set with plates of gold studded with diamonds and rubies. The goblets were made of the finest silver in the realm, which reflected the moonlight shining through the towering windows. The king and queen sat upon a dais at the front of the table, where their precious daughter lay in her bassinet, sleeping soundly.

The Great Fairies sat in their places of honor near the monarchs, chattering gaily and sometimes peeking over their shoulders toward the infant, their curiosity getting the better of them. Other guests included lords and ladies from across Hyrule, some of which were in rather sour moods at the appearance of an heir to the throne. Some had hoped they would be named the heir if the monarchs remained barren; unfortunately their dreams were dashed by the appearance of the infant.

It was soon time for the gifts of the seven fairies to the little princess. Each stood before her bassinet and bestowed what they thought was the greatest gift a princess could posses, then returned to their seats to allow another to present her gift.

"I give her great beauty that will be unmatched throughout this land."

"I give her intelligence and wit that she may rule in the years to come with wisdom."

"Charm and elegance that she may be well loved by her people."

"That she may dance like an angel and be presentable in the court."

"That her voice is that of a nightingale, to sing beautifully in front of her people."

"That she be gifted in the art of music."

When the last fairy was about to bestow her gift, the doors to the Great Hall were opened unexpectedly. The guests looked to see an elderly woman admitted within the chamber, her head and back bowed as if they pained her greatly.

"Old woman, what is your purpose disrupting this great celebration?" the king cried, his eyes a flash with irritation. When the woman did not answer, he added, "Speak, woman!"

His wife laid a gentle, yet restraining hand, on his arm in attempts to calm him. "Be at peace, love," she whispered. "'Tis not but a granny who appears before us. Let us treat her with kindness and respect for her years of wisdom." The queen rose gracefully from her throne and went directly to the woman; when she was before the woman, the granny did not move, but simply stood in her place, as if frozen.

"What brings you to our presence, old one?" the queen asked softly. The guests stirred at this change in events, and began to talk amongst themselves, already formulating tales as to why this woman was there.

The elderly woman lifted her head slowly and peered at the queen with filmy, green eyes. Reaching out a gnarled hand, she took the queen's own hand and replied, "I am Farthnelda, the greatest fairy of Hyrule." Her voice was scratchy and quiet, yet it was able to reach every ear within the room. Her words caused the widening of eyes and a few gasps, for the legendary Farthnelda had been thought to be dead for many years, before the queen or king were even born.

The queen, however, took both of the fairy's hands into her own despite the mutterings that the supposed "fairy" was truly a witch. "You are welcome in this place, Great One," she answered reverently. "We are overjoyed to hear that you are alive and well and that you have graced as with your presence." The queen turned around a moment and said to the servants standing near the table, "Set a place for this woman and fill a goblet full of wine for her. She is to be honored."

She turned once again to Farthnelda as the servants did her bidding with haste. "Please, sit, Great One." Leading the elderly woman to her place, the queen made certain that she was near the dais, in a location of respect. The queen then sat down on her throne once again and smiled at her husband.

"We are indeed honored on this night of blessings!" the king cried, his baritone voice flowing over the guests. "For the fairy Farthnelda has come into our presence and to the princess's christening. This is most certainly a night for celebration!" He held his wine goblet aloft, and the guests did likewise before swallowing a swig of the fine vintage.

Farthnelda, however, did not respond but seemed to be muttering under her breath. She had not even begun eating the delicious foods or even drinking a bit of wine. The queen, concerned, said quietly to the elderly woman, "Are you ill, Great One? Does the food not agree with you?"

Filmy green eyes looked up, the pupils dilated and wide within the irises. Farthnelda pointed a gnarled finger at the monarchs and cried, "You have slighted me, the Great Farthnelda!" she screeched. "You cry of honor yet you give unto me degradation! Hypocrites!"

"What has displeased you so, Great One?" the king inquired hesitantly, fearing the woman's wrath.

"This!" she cried in kind, sweeping an arm across her platter and goblet. "You give these silly twits plates of gold with diamonds and rubies and goblets of silver yet you give me a plate of wood and a goblet of tin! I will not stand for such debasement!" Her eyes were no longer filmy but bright with anger and a touch of madness.

The fairies around her did nothing but stare in horror, for the tales of Farthnelda had been told since they were but little sprites. She was known to possess the magic that could communicate with wild beasts and that could interpret the heavens. Yet some whispered that she practiced the black witchcraft that consisted of curses and evil sorceries. They knew that their own power, even combined, could not touch this witch who called herself a fairy. So they simply stared and did nothing.

A little fairy, who could have been almost considered a sprite, fluttered near her mistress, who had not yet given her gift, in distress, her silver wings winking in the moonlight. She whispered to her mistress, the Great Fairy of Kokiri Forest, "Do something, mistress! Farthnelda will place a curse upon one of us!"

The Great Fairy, otherwise known as Triana, swatted at her charge irritably. "Shush, Navi, your dithering will not aid us. There is nothing any of us can do, anyhow. Be silent and keep your place."

Navi complied but continued to flutter about Triana's head in sheer nervousness.

The queen was stricken with horror at Farthnelda's outburst and cried to the servants, "Why have you given the Great One a plate of wood and a goblet of tin!" One came up to her throne and whispered that there had been but seven, and none were left for Farthnelda.

When nothing was being done, Farthnelda stood creakily from her seat and went before the king and his queen. "You shall be punished for this insult!" She looked down upon the infant Zelda within her bassinet, who had begun to cry softly at the commotion. "I will bestow a gift upon your daughter, Your Majesties," Farthnelda said eagerly, "a gift that will occur eighteen years from now, on which the princess will prick her finger upon a spindle and die!"

The king, queen, and guests cried out as there was a clap of thunder and a gust of wind throughout the room. When it was over, Farthnelda was gone, leaving a crying babe in her wake. The queen picked up her child and wept as her husband attempted to console her.

Triana eventually stood and went to the grieving monarchs, Navi in her wake. "Let me have the child," she said quietly.

"What will you do? Can you destroy the curse?" the queen wept, clutching the infant to her bosom. "Will you help my child?" Her tears began afresh.

The king slowly took the babe from her mother's arms, to the queen's dismay, and gave her to Triana. "Do what you can for our daughter, Triana," he said gravely, his eyes awash with grief. "She is our life."

Triana nodded solemnly and held the baby close. Closing her eyes she said quietly, "I cannot destroy this curse, little one, but I can change its outcome. Although you will be fated to prick your finger upon a spindle you will not die, but fall into a great sleep, in which only your true love can wake you." Triana opened her ruby eyes and gently gave Zelda back to her mother. "There is naught more I can accomplish, Your Majesties."

The couple nodded and set their precious daughter in her bassinet once more. Zelda slept peacefully now, completely unaware of her circumstances.

The feast ended quickly thereafter, and in the morning the king declared the destruction of every spindle and wheel in the land, that they should be burned to ash. And against the pleadings of his wife, he decided to give his infant daughter to Triana, that she would bear her to the Kokiri Forest and keep her safe.

The queen wept silently against her husband as both watched Triana leave with Zelda in her arms. Navi fluttered nearby, as always, quiet at the somber mood. When the fairies reached the forest Triana gave the infant into the care of Saria, the Forest Sage, who happened to caring for another baby, also, a little boy with golden locks and sea blue eyes.

It was then that Zelda's tale began until that fateful day eighteen years later.

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