Deep within a dark junkyard, five of the remaining Purple Dragon members circled around a baby carriage, as a tiny infant mink wailed from inside it.

"I think it's s'pose t'be a baby," spoke one of the member, "S'it a good idea to get a kid involved?"

"This ain't no ordinary kid, Joe," piped another member, "Does it look human? No, it's one of them freaks that got infested in New York! Let's jus' turn it in anyway. Jessie, y'got yer phone on ya?"

Another member, the only female of the five, pulled out a small cell phone, "Yea yea," she sneered, "I got the number on speed dial."

Just as she was about to press a button, a green foot came flying past her face and kicked the phone out of her hand, smashing into pieces as it hit the ground. "What in the--!"

One of the guys pointed and freaked, "It's those green freaks again!"

Standing behind them in battle stances where of course, the Ninja Turtles. "I believe you have our friend," Leonardo mused.

"Jessie, you take that brat and beat it!" Joe shouted.

"Why me?" shouted Jessie, "Jus' cuz I'm a girl I gotta play 'mommy'?"

"Just beat it, toots!" another guy shouted, "B'fore I beat YOU!"

Snarling, Jessie took the handle of the carriage and made a run for it. Before any of the turtles could give chase, the four remaining men stepped in their way. "You ain't goin' no where, freaks," the lead man sneered.

It only took a second for each turtle to knock each member in this way out cold with a single blow. As soon as the gang members were kayoed, Michelangelo quickly sprinted forward in order to catch the girl, and Donatello was soon running alongside, his bo in his hands. "Alley oop?" he offered, extending the bo staff out. Mikey smirked and nodded, then leapt into the air, landed on the bo, and was catapulted into the air towards Jessie, leg extended. The woman barely had time to turn around to see what was happening when she was knocked down and out by Mikey's kick. They both fell to the ground and the baby carriage rolled off towards the street ahead.

"That was almost too easy," Leo commented as Mikey jumped to his feet and went over to retrieve the baby carriage.

As if on cue, the skilled ninja turned and caught the fist of an oncoming attacker as Raph and Donny barely avoided nasty blows to the head. Hearing the attack from behind, Mikey turned his head to see what was up, only to get whacked in the head by a crowbar from a Purple Dragon member. The turtle collapsed to the ground, unconscious. The member rose the crowbar above his head, ready to deal a final blow, only to have his wrist sliced by a thrown sai, causing him to drop the crowbar and grab his bleeding wrist. Of course, his wrist was then the least of his worries as Raphael raced up and socked him in the face, thus taking the member out. The victory didn't last, however, as another member jumped him.

"I knew it!" Leo shouted, grabbing a Purple Dragon's chain with his katana as he wrestled with the gang member, "There's gotta be at least ten or so here now! Take out as many as you can, but try to get to Cassie!"

"Easier said than done!" Donny called over as he took on three gang members. Raph wasn't haven't much luck either, as he tossed his opponent over his shoulder, but got whacked in the head by a chain held by another gang member.

As Leo pulled in his opponent and kneed him in the gut, thus taking him out, he quickly glanced over at the situation... Michelangelo was out cold on the ground, Raphael was next to him trying to fend off two fierce fighters, Donatello was doing his best to hold his own, three against one, and Cassie was still wailing in her carriage as it stopped rolling, in the middle of the street...

And what better way to top the bleak situation off than a truck driving towards the carriage, not slowing down, the driver obviously not paying close enough attention.

Gasping, Leo shot forward in the direction of the carriage, but failed to notice the foot under him as another Purple Dragon member tripped him, then jumped on his back, holding him down. Leo struggled, but the heavy-set member kept him pinned to the ground, keeping him from getting back to his feet. Out of options, Leo did the only thing he could do...

"RAPH! Get the baby!" he shouted to the turtle closest to the carriage. At the sound of his voice, Michelangelo stirred and opened his eyes slightly.

Raph turned his head to see the oncoming truck. Wasting no time, he bolted up, ramming one of the members he was up against into the other, kayoing one. "I'll save ya, Cassie!" the turtle shouted as he began to take off towards the baby.

Mikey shook his head and glanced up. "Cassie...!"

Unfortunately, Raph didn't get very far as the attacker who wasn't knocked out picked up the crowbar and chucked it at the red-wearing mutant, striking him on the head. The turtle yelped in pain and fell forward on the ground. Mikey looked up and, to his shock, saw the situation.


Without a single hesitation, the turtle leapt to his feet, rammed his elbow into Raph's attacker knocking him out, and focused all his energy into running, speeding straight to the carriage as fast as he could as the truck came closer to striking Cassie in the carriage. He then used all his strength to leap, somersault in the air, and grab Cassie out of the carriage in mid-flight.

However, the truck slammed into the carriage and the back of the turtle, sending him and the baby mink tumbling over to the other side of the street.

Leo had just fought off his opponent and was assisting Donny with the other three while Raph climbed to his feet, rubbing his injured head, as all three turtles watched in horror their brother getting hit by the renegade truck. "MIKEY!"

Donny and Leo quickly knocked out the members in their way as they raced over to their fallen teammate, Raph soon joining them.

The truck came to a screeching halt as the shocked driver climbed out of his cab. "Oh jeez, I'm so sorry!" he cried, "I've been driving this big rig for 14 hours straight without a pit stop. I musta just blanked out for a moment! I hope nobody's hur---" He froze at the sight of three giant turtles running across the street. One of them, wearing a red bandanna, stopped for a moment and glanced at the driver, pissed.

"Watch where you're going next time, dumbass!" he shouted as he joined his brothers.

The driver blinked in surprised, then rubbed his eyes. He slowly made his way back into the cab. "I've... gotta find a motel! Then I'm gonna see if I can get a worker's compensation! I've definitely been drivin' too much!" He quickly drove off in fear of his sanity.

Meanwhile, the other three gathered around Mikey, curled in a tight fetal position. Donny and Leo examined the damage... Mikey looked battered up and his shell was slightly cracked on the bottom, but he otherwise looked all right. A good thing the truck hit him in one of his hardest spots on the body.

But the bigger shock, despite being twirled in the air and hit full force by a huge truck and being tucked tightly in a big turtle's arm, Cassie didn't have a single scratch on her! She seemed very unhurt as she just wailed and wailed.

"Wow... way to go, Mikey!" Donny couldn't help but complement, "You really took care of the kid!"

Mikey opened his eyes, which were closed tightly and glanced around, slightly unaware of the situation. He then glanced down at the crying, yet healthy baby. "Hehheh... nothing to it! Cassie here is a regular trooper!"

Donny took Cassie into his arms as Leo and Raph helped Mikey back onto his feet. "That was a close one," said Leo, "Let's go back home before anything else weird happens..."

Right after he said that, low and behold, something weird happened... Behind the turtles, a white glow emerged and a portal opened. The turtles braced themselves as a being entered through.

"Relax... I come in peace... or, something like that."

As the glow died down, the image of a small man formed. He was dressd in a red intergalactic suit and wore a giant helmet on his head with a dark purple visor, showing the only feature on his face his mouth.

"Oh great, here we go again," Raph murmured.

"Who are you, and... what the shell is going on here?"

"Sorry for the disruption," the small man bowed politely, "I'm Zonic, a Zone Cop for the Cosmic Interstate. I'm just here to set the zones back in their rightful places."

The turtles just stared for a moment, dumbfounded. "Okay... what?" said Donny.

The zone cop sighed, "This is the hardest part of my work," he groaned, "Okay, lemme see how I can explain this... I monitor all these different zones in a place called the 'No-Zone'. My job is to make sure that each different zone is in place and there are no disturbances in the zone patterns and they don't collaborate. Apparently, I overlooked an overload of restraining zone particles and there was an explosion, causing some of the zones to have a little 'dimensional shift'. So I had to go fix everything and put everything back in its proper zone."

The turtles stared down at Cassie, who was finally calmed down. "You mean... Cassie's... from another dimension?"

Zonic nodded. "Yep. The one I like to consider, 'The Zone That Shouldn't Have Been.' 'Course, that's just my biased opinion."

Donny nodded, "That would explain the 'earthquake' and why there was no damage! It was actually a dimensional shift, with threw Cassie into our world from hers!"

"Hey, I got a smart one for a change," Zonic retorted, "Less of an explanation on my part. Thank God..." He outstretched his hands towards the infant mink, "Now if you'll excuse me, I must set things right again..."

Mikey quickly grabbed Cassie from Donny and held her close. "Hey, I nearly lost her once!" he snapped, "I'll be damned if I goof up protecting her again!"

Zonic shook his head. "Cute," he responded, "But you do realize this isn't her home. She has a family on her end, and if I don't return her quick, the parents will worry their little heads off... that and I'll most likely get fired."

Mikey looked back down on the baby, and carefully pulled out her locket from her coverall. He remembered the pictures of the female adult mink and the male hedgehog, who they had assumed were her parents. As much as he adored her, he knew keeping her wasn't the right thing to do.

"Mikey..." said Leo, "I know you love her, and heck she was pretty cute to have around... But you know that she can't stay with us. She has her family..." He put a hand on his brother's shoulder, "Like we have ours."

Mikey nodded, "Yeah... I know. I want the best for her after all, even if it means giving her up..."

Zonic sighed, "Whew... and here I thought we were gonna have a tearjerker on our hands. Okay, I'll give ya five minutes before I confiscate the kid."

The other three surrounded Mikey and Cassie, softly either petting her head or tickling a part of her body. "Well, this is out of the ordinary," said Donny, "Just like you are. So this is definitely your ticket home. And here I thought baby minks were gonna start falling from the sky."

"See ya later, kiddo," said Raph, "Give yer parents hell for us, okay?"

"We'll tell Master Splinter you said 'bye bye'!" Leo smiled.

Mikey hesitated, staring down at Cassie's small, innocent face, not wanting to say goodbye. "C'mon, Mikey," said Raph, "Y'gotta give her up..."

Zonic twiddled his hands inpatiently, waiting for the baby to be placed in them. Finally, Mikey slowly handed Cassie into Zonic's arms. Zonic nodded, "Thanks. You've done a great favor for the No Zone... not to mention saved my career." Pressing a button on his armored wrist, another white glow appeared, and the zone cop headed towards it. Mikey watched forlorn as his baby friend was taken away.

Cassie peered over Zonic's shoulder, watching as she was carried away from her new favorite person. Shooting her hands up, she reached towards Mikey, babbling for his attention and to have him hold her again. "Buh...Bah! Buhh!"

Mikey frowned, "Sorry Cassie... I wish you could stay, but you have to go back home, where you belong... with your parents." He slowly waved his hand, "Bye bye..."

Cassie's face sank as she and Zonic disappeared into the white glow. "Buh buh..." The white glow disappeared. The intergalactic zoners were gone.

Leo turned his head at the sound of police sirens and could make out blue and red flashing lights heading their way. "Looks like that truck driver grew a backbone and called the police. We'd better scram before they call the contest and report us in!"

"I thought I saw a manhole over by that alley over there," said Donny, "C'mon!"

Donny led the way to an alley as Leo and Raph followed. Raph stopped, however, noticing Mikey was still standing there, his eyes glued sadly to the spot where the dimensional shift was. The turtle walked over, placing a hand on his brother's shoulder. "Hey Mikey... you gonna be okay?"

Mikey sighed, then turned to Raph and smiled. "Yeah... definitely! It was for the better. Cassie wouldn't have lasted here for long anyway, and I'm glad she could finally return home."

Raph returned the smile then grabbed the orange-wearing ninja and noogied his head. "Hehhe! Hey guys! Is Mikey gonna make a great dad one day, or what?" he smirked.

Mikey's eyes went wide. "DAD! Woah, there, now THAT'S jumping the gun a bit! I don't even have a girlfriend... yet!"


Sonic rubbed his head and looked around. They were still in their home, even after that strange earthquake that knocked him and his wife out. He reached over and shook Toni's shoulder. "Minkgirl... wake up!"

Toni's eyes fluttered opened and she sat up, looking around haphazardly. "Er... why are we on the floor...?"

"Something to do with that weird earthquake," her hedgehog husband responded as he leapted to his feet. "Dunno what that was about, but we'd better check on the baby, make sure she's okay!"

Toni was right behind him as they quickly entered the baby's room to check on her. Sure enough, there she was, in her crib, sound asleep as she hugged her turtle doll tightly. Sonic couldn't help but chuckle. "That Cassie," he smiled, "Leave it to her to sleep through an earthquake, like nothing even happened."

Toni smiled, and softly stroked her baby daughter's head, "Well, you can't blame her... she's happy and content, as long as she's got that Michelangelo doll tucked under her arm."

"Yeah," Sonic nodded, then shook his head, "Who would've thought a baby like her could adore something so weird like 'The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'?"

The End