And now…


Greetings readers (a.k.a. those of you that still read my stories), I would like to make a comment on the continuing reviews that I still receive in my daily flow of email, co-mingling with the ever present credit card offers, scholarship information, porno advertisements and naggings about my tuition payments.

It is nice to know that even now, two years after I submitted my last chapter to Sea of Sand, that there are still people that read and comment on it. I just want everyone to know that I still think at times about my membership on Fanfiction and all the projects that I've left dangling in the wind. Mostly I think about this story, which I really had meant to finish before moving on to bigger and better things. Things like work, money, and tuition payments that, like a massive and unapologetic sponge, suck up said money.

I suppose the point I'm trying to make is this: if I receive enough reviews on this message to convince me that investing my time on it is worth the effort, I will do my best to finish up this story before presumably leaving the site for good.

I'm in college now (in case you couldn't tell from the two above comments about tuition payments) and am 19 years old, and am actually an aspiring writer. That being the case, if I do end up continuing my work on this project I hope at least that I'll hear a few comments about improvements in style, pacing, characterization and whatnot. Not that my ego needs the boost. Heh…yeah.

Thank you for your time,