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The Adventures Of Ashley And Sean!

The snow fell heavily on Azalea Town. Christmas had come and all around people were going about their merry little way. In the the pokemon center, children with no where to stay, or were to far from home celebrated the holiday there. Gifts from secret Santas were passed around, the smell of the holiday turkey and stuffing filled the air. Giggles of laughter and joy were all around as kids got on the phone to wish their loved ones a merry Christmas, all except one.

One little girl was to sad to take notice of what was actually going on around her.
Her Eevee sat at her side waiting for when it would see a smile, but its trainer was to deep in disappointment and thought to notice.

It had only been a few months since she had escaped from the labs and left her major source of protection behind. The young girl, Ashley, was wondering now if she had done the right thing. What if they come looking for me? Mewtwo isn't here to protect me anymore, and my powers are no good if I don't know how to control them. What am I going to do?' she thought.

Ashley was so deep in thought that she never noticed a young boy about her age stop in front of her. Noel, Ashley's Eevee, looked up at the boy with sad eyes as if to say Help me out here pal

The young boy walked up to Ashley and waved his hand in front of her face. Ashley snapped out of her trance, and looked up at the boy as he asked You okay?

Ashley didn't answer, instead she got up and walked over to the far side of the center and sat on the floor, and huddled up against the wall, then she drifted back into space. Noel looked up at the boy and gave him another look as if to say Sorry pal, but you tried, then Noel returned to his trainer.

The boy stood on the spot as Nurse Joy came up and stood next to him. The boy curiously asked What's wrong with her? Nurse Joy had seemed worried about the girl from the beginning I don't know. She just sits there and keeps to herself all day. Every ones tried to get through to her but she doesn't want to talk. I'm afraid that she has no one to celebrate Christmas with.

Has Officer Jenny try and ask her where she lives? asked the boy. Nurse Joy nodded and added She has, and she's even tried to identify the girl, but there's no record of her of any family what so ever.

Is she a trainer? was the last question the boy asked. I'm not sure but that Eevee follows her around every where so it must be hers

Nurse Joy turned around and was about to walk away when she turn to the boy and said Why don't you try to talk to her Sean?

The boy,Sean, thought he might give it a try but he remembered his last attempt. He didn't want her to get up and walk away again, but how was he going to make her stay put. Sean thought for a second then he got an idea. Sean let his Alakazam out of its pokeball, then he told it what to do.

I'll call the Eevee over and you talk to it. Find out what's up with its trainer then use your telepathy to tell me, okay? Alakazam nodded then it watched as its trainer whistled to Noel.

Noel laid curled up in a fuzzy ball next to its trainer's side. Suddenly Noel looked up and over to the side to see Sean whistling at it and motioning it to come over there. Noel looked up at Ashley reluctantly and figured she wasn't going any where soon, so Noel happily got up and pranced over to Sean. Sean's Alakazam started to speak to it and Noel gave the best answers it could. Then Alakazam turned to it's trainer and told it exactly what Noel had said.

The girl is worried for her safety. She thinks she did a terrible thing that could mean life or death. People in black suits are looking for her and could kill her on sight. She ran away from a place were pain has no limits, even on your own kind, and people in white coats cause the pain with their toys.

Sean wasn't getting it so he asked the basics first. Alakazam talked to Noel and the answers were a lot clearer. The girl's name is Ashley. Her Eevee's name is Noel. They've been together for a couple of months, and Ashley wants to be a trainer so she can hide from the men in black suits, the problem is she doesn't know her parents or if she really has any

Sean felt a little sorry for Ashley. It was Christmas eve night and she had nobody to turn to. No one to say Merry Christmas to. Sean found it hard to imagine not having any one to tuck you in at night, to say I Love You, or give you those really cool Christmas presents that you've been waiting all year for. Sean had all of that and more, but all Ashley had was Noel.
Sean motioned Noel to follow him and Alakazam into another room. Sean then sat down on the floor and took out his pokedex. He called Noel to his side and showed him his pokedex. Noel and Sean scanned through it until one picture came up and Noel pointed to that one.

This one?, are you sure? Noel nodded, he was positive. Sean quickly pushed a few buttons on the device and in a few moments, one pokeball replace another on his belt. Sean removed the new pokeball and then went to go find Nurse Joy.

Ashley had snapped out of here trance awhile ago and had looked for Noel every where but she found no sight of him. Ashley had finally given up and was now sitting down in her old spot on the floor crying silently to herself. She had thought Noel didn't want to be with her anymore, and now Ashley was alone. Suddenly a sudden movement above her had caught her eye and she looked up to see a boy and his Alakazam. May be they had seen Noel?' she thought. There was no harm in asking.

Excuse me have you seen my Eevee Noel, he ran off Ashley said. The boy nodded. I sure have the boy answered. Oh thank goodness Ashley sighed in relief Where is he? The boy motioned over towards the front desk area. He's with Nurse Joy getting all prettied up for Christmas The boy remarked. Ashley suddenly turned disappointed again, and by her look and the timing, it was time for Sean to spill everything he knew.

Your Eevee told me what was happening, Ashley looked away in anger Noel knows nothing, and what dose it have to do with you. It's none of your business anyway. Sean got a little frustrated by Ashley's stubbornness and replied Well I think it dose, considering I can help you, that is if you tell me clearly what's going on here

Ashley had to be impressed. She had never seen someone so determined to find out her problems, and in this case she couldn't hold it in forever she was going to have to tell someone. Ashley said But I preferrer to tell it away from the public, if you know what I mean. Sean certainly got the hint and he led her to his room. Ashley sat on one of the beds and Sean sat on the other on the other side of the room. So spill it out, what's the trouble

Ashley was scared that he might not believe her but Sean confirmed that he would believe every word she said, and so Ashley started her long grueling tale of her past.
I was born in a lab off of New Islands. The doctors there had sent my parents back to their home saying that I had died during birth, but as you see that's not true at all. Any way as time went on I was subjected to test after test after test. The experiment s they performed on me were unimaginable. My whole life I had basically lived in suffering. I was told it was because there was something different about me and it was because of that reason that I couldn't go to school or be around other people for that fact. I was also to soon find out that that was false as well when they created a pokemon that was more powerful then they had imagined. The pokemon, Mewtwo, destroyed the lab and took me with it to Team rocket headquarters were I first met Noel who had basically gone throw the same life I had.

Being somewhat similar in a way, I found out I could talk to pokemon in the lab. Anyway I was soon subjected to more powerful and painful tests and Mewtwo was doing the dirty work for Team Rocket. As soon as Mewtwo caught wind of what was happening to me he destroyed the headquarters and took be back to new island were he used his psychic powers to rebuild the lab into a castle of sorts. I don't really know what happened after that but we went to another Island with some more pokemon and it was there that Mewtwo started to tell me what was so special about me and why Team Rocket was after me.

What's so special about you? Sean asked

I have pokemon DNA. I'm able to talk to pokemon, read ancient poke scrips, and use some of the pokemons powers but I haven't figured out how to control them yet. Mewtwo also said that I can turn into a certain kind of pokemon but we're no sure what one yet. But you have to keep that secret. That's why Team Rocket wants me. I have the potential to evolve' and I become really powerful, but I'm not really sure

Sean was somewhat shocked but he encouraged her to go on.

Anyway, after a few more runnings with Team Rocket I decided to leave Mewtwo's protection and explore the world for myself, and maybe even find my parents. Ashley finished. Sean didn't know what to say but he had a strong feeling to believe her. Then a strange question came to his head Ashley, do you know your last name? Ashley turned to Sean Yeah, why? What is it? Sean asked. It's Williams Ashley declared and she walked out of the room. Williams' the mane hit him like a ton of bricks. Only one thought ran through Sean's head at that moment....She was alive.
Sean ran out the door and stopped Ashley. Ashley, Ashley wait up Sean yelled running up to here. Wow Sean take it easy Ashley said in surprise. Sean was panting when he said Your name, it's Williams right?, Ashley Williams? Ashley answered again. Ashley Theresa Williams? Sean asked a little more in suspense. Well yeah, at least that's what Kathy called me a few times. Ashley finished.
To be continued....