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The Adventures Of Ashley And Sean!
Part 3

Oh sweetie don't cry he said over his tears. I can't help it daddy, I thought I'd never see you again Me too princess Mike told her. Listen Ashley, where are you? I'll go pick up mom and wee come over and meet you Mike said now starting to get up. I'm in the pokemon center in Azalea Town Ashley said over her choked voice. Azalea Town, that's were he was right now!. Okay sweetie we're on our way Ashley said. The one word Mike thought he would never hear, he turned his attention back to the phone. Yes honey? I love you Ashley said. Mike smiled as another tear rolled down his cheek I love you to princess and he waited for Ashley to hang up.

I'm out of here Mike yelled happily as he ran out the door to get his coat and stuff. Since Mike was gone the meeting was canceled and every one went home.
Back at the center Ashley was crying not because she was sad, but because she was happy. She had finally found her parents and now they were coming to get her for the holidays. What could possibly be better. Here Ashley Sean said as he handed her a small gift. Ashley untied the bow and lifted the small lid. In the box was a necklace with a small silver wing pendant on it. It's called the silver wing Sean said. With it you can summon the legendary bird Lugia

Ashley had heard about Lugia and had always admired it for it's beauty and strength. Thank you she said, and hugged the boy quickly. Your welcome Sean said, then he pulled out a pendant around his neck. See? I have the rainbow wing, I can summon Ho-oh with it, Ashley remarked.

Nurse Joy got off the phone and then looked out the door. Officer Jenny was tearing down some old missing posters and a couple could be seen walking the streets, most likely headed this way.

Sure enough a couple walked into the center and started shaking off all the snow that clung to their coats. The women walked up to Nurse Joy with her husband next to her. May I help you? Nurse Joy asked happily. Yes you may the woman answered worriedly. We're looking for a little girl, her name is Ashley Williams. Nurse joy smiled and pointed to a little girl in a black and blue jacket, white t-shirt, blue skirt, and white and blue running shoes. Her long cop[per hair was tied back into a neat ponytail with a red ribbon. The girl was talking to a boy.

The couple was Anita, and Mike Williams. They looked at the little girl as she laughed happily at another joke that Sean had told. Finally to grab Ashley's attention Nurse Joy said Ashley is that little girl right over there loud and proud. Ashley turned to see two adults standing at the counter. They were looking at her with happy crying eyes, well at least the Anita was, Mike was somewhere near that point as well. Anita crouched down to one knee and Ashley just stood there and watched. Anita asked, choked. That triggered it.

Ashley asked. Anita nodded. Ashley smiled happily and as the tears came, Ashley bolted into her parents loving arms. They immediately picked her up and hugged her tight. There wasn't a dry eye in that center as parents and kid were finally reunited, thanks to the help of Sean and the others. Let's go home Mike said quietly and as they walked out, Ashley mouthed a great big thank you to every one, and especially Sean, who helped her the most.

As the y left the center, Ashley with all her things and Noel prancing happily behind, Ashley thought that this was the best Christmas ever, but when she really thought about it, it was actually her first Christmas ever. Things were just right Ashley thought as they got into the limo and drove back to the Williams mansion.
The new year was over and the snow storm had finally let up. Ashley was heading over to the center to see her friends, and to see Sean. As she walked in everyone greeted her with hugs and hellos. Sean was the most happy to see her. Ashley told them about the wonderful things she and her family had done for the holidays, each one better than the last. Finally Ashley told them that she was going to start her training tomorrow.

Ashley, why don't you come with me?, if you do it will be just us so there won't be a lot of troubles around Sean asked. Sure, I don't like being alone anymore than what I have to. I've been alone most of my life

Sean smiled Great, Tomorrow? Ashley nodded She answered and with that they clashed their arms and hands together. This would be their sing to show their friendship to each other.
Friends forever? Ashley asked. Sean nodded Friends forever! he declared. Noel squealed with joy and danced about the two friends, creating a good laugh.

See ya later pal Ashley said as she headed for the door. Tomorrow at nine am. Sean said. Ashley confirmed and with Noel in her arms she left.
The next morning at nine. Sean, Ashley and her parents were at the edge of Azalea town. I'm going to miss you so much Ashley said as she hugged her parents. We will to Ashley's mom said. Now if you get into any trouble, just call us. You have our number right? Ashley's Father, Mike, asked. Ashley nodded. Yes daddy. The one word he thought he'd never hear again was now forever in his mind as he hugged his daughter for the last time until they would meet again.

And remember to call us everyday, alright? Anita asked. Ashley nodded Yes mama, I'll remember Ashley giggled. The couple stood back and looked at their daughter. Ashley be careful, and look out for each other okay.? Alright mom, we will.

Sean agreed Don't worry Mrs Williams, I won't let anything happen to her. I know you won't Sean, and thank you Mrs Williams said.

Now remember to call Mr Williams reminded them. the two answered in unison. Noel jumped up into Mrs Williams arms and gave her a lick goodbye, and did the same to Mr Williams. Good bye Noel Mrs Williams said. Finally the of the hugs and kisses were given and the two kids were on their way, Noel happily prancing at Ashley's feet.

Mr and Mrs Williams watched as their daughter walked off into the distance with her new found friend and pokemon. They would wait patiently for their little Ashley to return again.....someday!

The End!