A Charming Sort of Elegance

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A/N: This is my first attempt at a story in first person. I actually enjoyed writing it a lot more than writing in third person, and I hope you guys enjoy reading it =D

Also, just a quick note: I wrote Pippin the way I would see him six or seven years after his return to the Shire; somewhat more mature, yet still childish at times. Somewhat conceited, after all the attention he's been getting. And of course, able to joke and laugh at anything.

Chapter One

Clumsy First Impressions

Amethyst was seated in front of the fire. Her head was bent low to her work, eyes focused on the tiny stitches she worked into the shirt that flowed across her small lap. The very tip of her tongue poked out of the corner of her mouth, a sign that she was concentrating hard.

I leaned against the doorframe, feeling restless. At first I waited a few moments, watching the firelight caress my sister's features; features that I shared with her. I wanted to see if she would notice me on her own. Of course, she didn't. Or perhaps she merely ignored me.

I rubbed the side of my nose, and then my legs, which itched horribly from the hem of my dress, which rubbed against them when I so much as inhaled. I constantly complained about this, but it wasn't like it did any good: they were still just as scratchy and bothersome as ever.

"Fancy a walk, Amethyst?" I asked at last, tentatively. Often Amethyst hated to be disturbed. Her head snapped up and her eyes focused on me; she looked surprised to see me there. A sigh escaped her.

"I have work, Diamond," she said testily, lowering her head once more.

"Perhaps you need a break," I suggested hopefully.

"It's raining, Di," she said in return. I shifted my gaze to the window.

"Oh," I said, watching the light mist almost float to the ground. "Not hard, though."

"Still," Amethyst said, a touch of annoyance evident in her elegant tone. Everything about her was elegant.

"You wouldn't get too wet," I pointed out helpfully. Amethyst made a noise of exasperation.

"I might catch a chill," she raised her eyes to meet mine again. "You might catch a chill."

"It could be fun," I said. "Walking in the rain. Refreshing, almost."

"Then why don't you go?" she snapped at me, thrusting her needle into the shirt a bit harder than I thought necessary.

"I will," I said. It was better than staying indoors with nothing to do, even if it was raining. I wrinkled my nose in disgust.

"Don't forget about supper tonight," Amethyst chided before I had a chance to leave, as though suggesting I had already forgotten. "Mother would like us to help. It's not every night we host such fine guests as the Thain and his son."

"I won't forget," I snapped. Truthfully, though, I would have. Already it had slipped my mind that the Thain and his son, Peregrin, were staying with us; I hadn't seen either of them all day. Heat crept across my face at the thought, and I quickly reminded myself it was a very good thing indeed that I had yet to come face-to-face with them. Not after that embarrassing scene last night, shortly after they had first arrived.

Well, in my defense, I hadn't known the soup was hot enough to inflict serious pain. Then again, none of us would have had to have figured that out if I hadn't dropped it in Peregrin's lap.

Served him right, though. He had been dreadfully cocky, having made several comments towards Amethyst about her good looks and seeming rather confident that she was falling for his apparent 'charm'. I lost control of my temper, and with that went all sense of balance (not that I had much to begin with), and it just so happened that I was standing near him with the soup at that time.

It truthfully was an accident, no matter how much Amethyst expressed otherwise.

"I was just making sure you wouldn't forget," Amethyst said with a roll of her eyes, jolting me back to the present.

I snorted, a sound I knew Amethyst detested, especially coming from a lass. Spinning on my heel quickly, I made to leave, though didn't get very far seeing as how I collided with the wall. Hard. I moaned, rubbing my forehead where I had hit. Apparently, sometime during my conversation I had moved from in front of the door and in my attempt to leave had completely missed it.

"Diamond!" Amethyst said disapprovingly. "Pay attention to where you're walking!"

I wasn't listening to her, however, as I had just caught sight of Peregrin, casually leaning against the opposite wall, arms folded in front of him and a swaggering smirk upon his face. Perfect. The only two times I have ever met him I've managed to both dump scalding soup in his lap and run into a wall.

"Honestly, how does one miss a door?" He asked, unfolding his lanky arms and shoving his hands into his pockets. He stood to his full height, towering quite far above me. Drat him. I smiled sweetly.

"The same way one manages to support such a large head," I retorted tartly and then slipped past him. Quite pleased with my comeback, I shot a smirk over my shoulder. My feet had trouble finding their way on their own, though, and I stumbled over the doorstop. I only barely regained my balance before falling face-first to the ground. Once I was sure I had both feet planted firmly on the ground once more, I spun around to leave again, only to narrowly miss flying over an infuriatingly placed chair.

When I finally stormed from the house a few seconds later, I could still hear his laughter ringing throughout the Smials.

Going for a walk in the rain was a very bad idea. I hadn't gone further than ten minutes away from home when the sky decided to really open up and began to pour unlike anything I've ever seen.

Needless to say I was soon soaked, and was forced to run back home.

I fell several times. On top of being wet, I arrived home horribly muddy.

Luckily Peregrin was nowhere to be seen. Neither was Amethyst. I wrinkled my nose at the thought. He was probably off working his 'charm' on her. It wouldn't do any good. Amethyst was smart enough not to fall for a conceited halfwit she had only just met. Or at least, I hoped so.

Voices and laughter floated from the kitchen, and I picked out those of several cousins and my mother. I also heard my father and the Thain conversing in pleasant voices, and I could easily imagine the scene; the lasses preparing tea, perhaps, and Father and the Thain seated snugly around the table. I listened for a moment, and then, with a sigh I trudged to my room, trailing water behind me. I changed quickly, grabbed a book I was in the middle of reading, and headed out to curl in front of the fire.

Unfortunately, someone was already there.

"Hullo again," Peregrin said warmly, greeting me with a large grin. I froze in the doorway. What was he doing here?

"Hello," I said shortly.

"Careful," he warned as I stepped forward. I hesitated, brow furrowing in question.

"Why?" I asked slowly, eyeing him skeptically.

"There's a wall there."

I glared daggers and he burst into laughter. "Very witty," I replied sarcastically. Just to prove to him that I could be somewhat graceful, I floated towards a chair in front of the fire, just several feet away from his own. I flashed him a grin and then sat.

"Well, that was impressive," he said with a small smile.

I smirked broadly. "I try my best," I said, and opened my book. It promptly escaped my hands and fell on the floor with a thud.

He snorted with laughter, jade eyes shining with mirth he made no attempt to hide.

"I'm normally not this clumsy," I said meekly, ears and cheeks burning as I bent to retrieve my book. Truthfully I wasn't: perhaps it was one of my worse days.

He didn't answer, only chuckled more. I decided to change the subject. "Where's Amethyst?" I asked casually, opening my book (with success this time).

He gave me an odd look. "I don't know." Several moments of silence passed. I attempted to focus on my book, but the words swam before my visions in patterns that didn't make any sense. "It's because of me, isn't it?" Peregrin asked at last. Confused, I raised my gaze to his. A smile played about his mouth.

"What's because of you?" I asked.

"Your clumsiness."

I stared. "What..." I began, and then suddenly I understood what he meant. Was he indicating that I liked him? I stared at him again, but this time in disbelief. "Why would you think that?" I snapped at last.

He laughed. "I was only teasing," he said lightly, then added with a wide smile that made his eyes dance playfully, "It's part of my charm."

"Charm indeed," I muttered, only slightly amused. I stood. "I think I'll go help in the kitchen," I announced, and swept from the room before he could respond - without so much as stumbling once.