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Rogue X Gambit

"You're fine. Stop pretending that you're hurt." Rogue couldn't keep the annoyance out of her voice. Remy, as the Cajun introduced himself, was perfectly fine. He had a nasty scratch on his upper arm and a couple of bruises but other than that there was absolutely nothing wrong with him.

Both of them were currently sitting in the cheapest room available some hole-in-the-world motel had to offer. Rogue did not know where else to bring her patient to. The word 'institute' entered here mind more than once but she wasn't ready to go back just yet. So, she rented a room from the winking owner, who didn't even ask for their IDs. He even told them not to be too loud.

Rogue ignored him. She had bigger things to worry about. Suspicions were slowly filling up Rogue's mind. Was she doing the right thing? Could this unknown mutant be trusted? Just how hurt was this guy? Was he really a threat in disguise? Very hot disguise, Marie had to grudgingly admit.

Marie decided to follow Logan's example and go with her gut feeling. Her mind was telling her to be careful, but the inner voice insisted that the man with beautiful red eyes was no threat. As usual, when channeling Logan, Marie ignored common sense.

That's why right now, Remy was sitting on the bed, shirtless, dressed in only his black jeans and Rogue was regretting her decision, at least to a small degree. His body was perfectly toned. Every muscle was outlined and the dark golden tan created the impression of a glow surrounding the red eyed mutant. Yep, the view was definitely worth it.

Rogue had trouble concentrating on her task which was to clean out the scratch on his arm. She did manage to keep herself from blushing. Cleaned up his wound and bandaging it tightly with whatever was found in the first aid kit proved to be enough of a distraction. Remy completely ignored all the possible pain that was caused by disinfectant. But Rogue seriously doubted that there was any. The 'wound' was just big enough to dirty his shirt. Rogue still insisted on cleaning it and Remy did not resist. His full attention was directed at Rogue. She felt his eyes follow her every more, sexy smirk never living his face. Rogue was starting to have difficulty breathing.

After finishing up her task Rogue moved to stand beside the window – and away from under-clothed Remy. His smirk widened.

"Why where you attacked?" Marie was looking desperately for something to talk about that would wipe that smirk off his beautiful face. Remy didn't seem to mind the question, so the smirk stayed in place.

"Dey didn't like Remy's eyes." He said simply.

"Why?" the question slipped out before Rogue could stop it.

"You like Remy's eyes, cherie?" His smirk was even more sinister than before. His full attention was directed at now blushing Rogue, who chouse to change the topic.

"Ah have a name you know." She put her best scowl trying to intimidate him. It didn't quite work, with her blush still in place. "It's Rogue."

"Interesting name, mon cherie." Rogue's frown deepened. "Are you makin' fun of mah name?" Remy raised his arms a defensive gesture that caused his muscles to flex.

"Of course not, cherie. Remy likes everything that has to do with a beautiful femma." He was laughing at her, Rogue knew without a doubt. But the butterflies in her stomach were back for some reason.

"Did they hurt you?" putting the unwanted emotions aside Rogue continued.

"Non, mon cherie," he really had the most beautiful voice – the thought slipped out before Rogue could stop it. Control never came harder to Rogue in her entire life.

"Where did all that blood come from than? If it wasn't yours than whose was it?" she was never one to back down from a challenge and staying in the same room with this Cajun without jumping him or killing him was proving to be a real challenge. That thought almost made Rogue smile.

"Remy had to do something before de mutant haters decided to get a piece of him." He didn't elaborate farther and Rogue didn't press.

"So, you are a mutant..." it was a statement that did not require conformation.

"Yes. Does that bother you?" His facial expression did not change, but something entered his voice that Rogue couldn't quite identify. She was too busy choking in anger.

If looks could kill then Remy would have been a one very dead Cajun. How could he even suggest such a thing? He was ether blind or... Then she remembered that he had no idea about her mutation. That served to calm some of her anger and possibly saved at least one life.

"Remy didn't think so," her stormy silence was answer enough for him, "Just wanted to be sure."

That was all it took for Rogue to let go of her anger completely. Memories of all the hostility she had to go through herself flashed through her mind.

"You did not have it easy, did you?" her voice was full or compassion.

"Why so curious, cherie?" That said, followed closely by a heated, red eyed stare and Rogue was back to being flustered. It took all her self control not to blush.

"Put your shirt back on, Swamp Rat." Rogue tried to sound angry. But the butterflies in her stomach wouldn't let her look formidable.

"You got a nick name for dis Cajun thief already?" Remy slowly got off the bed he was sitting on.

"You're a thief? Why doesn't that surprise meh?" Rogue turned away from him.

"Remy is not just a thief," he was slowly making his way toward her, "Remy is de very best." This was said so close to Rogue's ear that she could almost feel his breath on her skin. He bare skin. No one, in here entire life, dared to come this close to her. Not counting Logan.

She shivered. Strange kind of excitement was building up inside her, and her knees threatened to turn to butter.

"Remy." Rogue turned to face the red eyed thief who was looking even more appealing than before. Was that even possible?

His face was coming closer. It was becoming difficult for Rogue to think.

"W-what are you doing?" cursing herself silently for stuttering Marie tried to stay in control. And that's when he kissed her. At that moment every single though fled Rogue's mind leaving her free to concentrate on the new feeling. The thought of pushing him away didn't even enter her mind. For the first time in her life her deadly mutation was forgotten.

The kiss was magical. It was all Rogue ever wanted it to be like. Remy's lips were gently caressing her own. He was tracing the outline of her lips with his tongue. Every movement was slow and deliberate. Rogue couldn't keep the gasp from escaping her lips and Remy took that opportunity to deepen the kiss. He brought Rogue closer by wrapping his arms around her waist and she in turn wrapped her arms around his neck. Remy's toung was skillfully exploring the cavern of her mouth. Marie was completely swept away by this new sensation.

She answered Remy with passion he didn't expect. All the years of being trapped in her own skin were making it difficult for Rogue to keep control on the emotions these new feelings were causing. So, she didn't. Rogue tried to bring Cajun closer. She wanted his hard body as close as possible to her own. It still didn't feel close enough. The kiss was over, too soon for Rogue's liking, when they both had to come up for air. Remy looked like he wanted to say something but Rogue didn't give him that opportunity shutting him up with another kiss.

Remy didn't protest. He was just as lost in the moment as Rogue was. The way she was kissing him back was driving him crazy. He thought she was beautiful when he first saw her. He expected her to hate him. She looked too perfect to be with a mutant like himself. He had to rethink that statement after she came to his defense. Remy was confident in his abilities. Five thugs were no problem for him. True, earlier confrontation with some weird mutant, wearing a bucket on his head, did tire him out. But even exhausted, Gambit was no match for the five men. Remy chouse to watch the femma. She had two white streaks through her hair and fierce enough to take on an army. She was beautiful.

After the humans were out of commission the woman was by his side, fussing over him in concern. He let her. That's how he ended up in this hotel room with her tending his "wounds". It felt good having somebody worry over him. The feeling was completely new to Gambit. He was used to fear and hostility rather than acceptance and concern that this Rogue was showing. Saying that he had a tough childhood was an understatement.

Remy knew that his life was inevitably changed by this green eyed beauty. After today he will never be the same.

He still couldn't believe that the femma liked him regardless of his mutation. Her concern was proof enough, but he still asked her. Her glare told him more than words ever could. Rogue definitely did not have a problem with his mutation which she was actively proving by passionately kissing him back.

At this particular moment in time Remy couldn't think. He was too taken with the woman in his arms. The only thing that was on his mind was how much he wanted Rogue. All tiredness that he felt earlier evaporated, thoughts centered completely on this beautiful stranger. His hands were roaming freely over her curves while her fingers were tangling his hair.

Rogue was in heaven. They were just kissing – minimum skin to skin contact, and Rogue already felt the most intense pleasure of her life. She also realized with shock that it wasn't enough. She wanted it all. Lost in the passion Rogue almost screamed in shock and pleasure when she felt Remy's mouth on her neck.

Time did not matter anymore.

After continuous exposure to Remy's skillful lips and hands Rogue was ready burning up. These sensations were amazing. She never realized how much she was missing not being able to touch. Now her body was on fire. She was excited and aroused by a simple touch. The feel of Remy's arms around her was something she never wanted to forget. Rogue couldn't wait anymore. Understanding, Remy started tugging at her shirt not breaking the contact.

Being the thief that he was, nimble fingers and all, the rest of their clothes were off with amazing speed. Rogue didn't even notice the absence of her clothes. She was too lost in this magic to pay attention to anything except his lips on her own. Then she felt the heat of Remy's skin pressing against her own. Being held tightly against him, not a stitch of clothing separating their heated bodies felt amazing.

Remy's hands on her body were brining her closer and closer to madness. She wanted to touch him, see him.

Feeling something hard pressing against her lower stomach Rogue finally acknowledged where this was going. She also realized that it was too late to stop, even if she wanted to. Which she definitely did not want to do. Breaking the precious skin to skin contact was not an option. This was what she dreamed about. This was what she wanted and this was what she was missing because of her, now tightly controlled, mutation.

Remy's mouth was trailing little kisses from her throat down to her breast, but Rogue wouldn't let him move anywhere from her. She didn't want the feeling of his body next to her to go away. It was all too new to her, too precious, just being able to touch him. Again, Remy seemed to understand. His hands wrapped around the back of her legs. He lifted Rogue up and on instinct she wrapped her legs around his middle. Remy continued to place light kisses on Rogues neck and chest, occasionally licking a spot he especially liked. Marie was swept away by another waves of pleasure brought on by Remy's ministrations. She didn't even notice when they moved until her back was pressed into a mattress and Remy was on top of her.

He was moving down her body, his mouth and hands never breaking the contact. Rogue was once again in heaven. His hands were everywhere, all at once. Rogue was with him every step of the way, tracing his taunt muscles, his golden skin soft against her wandering fingers.

Tasting his skin all the while keeping him close to her Rogue was not about to let him go any time soon. She liked where this was going. All her insecurities and fears were tightly locked in the back of her mind for later. Now, Marie was free to enjoy the feelings she never expected to be allowed to know.

Then his hands were on her breasts closely followed by his mouth while his nimble fingers continued to cares her sensitive skin. Lower and lower.

She almost went through the roof when she felt Remy's finger entering her wet channel. Slow and deliberate – in and out. Rogue was now feeling a completely different kind of pleasure that had nothing to do with skin to skin contact. The pleasure that was building up in her was threatening to drive her wild. It felt like she was going to explode at any moment. When Remy's fingers withdrew Rogue felt the kind of disappointment she never expected to feel. She was almost ready to cry when Remy once again took possession of her mouth while something hard pressed against her wet opening.

With one thrust Remy was inside her. Rogue cried out into his mouth with discomfort. Remy immediately went still. After a moment pain was replaced by a new feeling. Rogue felt stretched, but slowly all the excitement was coming back to her. Remy's tongue was exploring her mouth while his hands were stroking her nipples. Slowly at first he started moving.

The discomfort was completely gone leaving Rogue free to feel all the pleasure the rhythmical motions caused. Something was slowly building up and the excitement escalating. She encouraged Remy to go faster, her body moving in tune with his. Her hands were exploring the texture of muscles of his chest and back. His eyes were glowing with a fierce light, muscles tight with each motion. Suddenly, thousands of fireworks went out, it felt like flying. Her muscles contracted and she relaxed swimming in pure pleasure she never thought to be possible. Moments later, Remy joined her in the bright island of ecstasy. This was heaven.

To be continued...

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