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The Wedding

                "C'mon sugah, stand still for Momma." Rogue said as she tried to comb the unruly auburn hair of her three-year-old son.

                The young boy kept fidgeting though as his mother tried hard to comb through the nest-like tangles that was his hair.

                "Momma! Y'done yet?" He asked with annoyance.

                "If ya would just stand still, maybe ah would be done." Her mother replied with the same amount of annoyance.

                The both of them grunted and struggled throughout the whole ordeal. Their efforts could be heard throughout the little blue house of the soon to be official Lebeau household.

                "Ah don't even know how ya can get your hair to be this unmanageable!" Rogue exclaimed as she tried to brush her son's hair.

                "Grrr…" The little boy growled in response.

                "Was dat Wolverine, Remy just heard?" A voice asked from the doorway.

                Jeremy turned around to find a pair of red on black eyes staring right into his own green on black eyes. Immediately, the boy smiled with the sudden appearance of his father.

                "PAPA!" Jeremy yelled as he successfully struggled out of his mother's hold and ran towards his father's outreached arms.

                His father picked him up and gave him a bunch of kisses. One for each day that he had been away on a mission with the X-Men.

                Rogue sighed as she realized that most likely she would not succeed at something that had seemed so simple. She put the brush back on top of the dresser and walked into the master bathroom.

                Now, Remy became confused with her unenthusiastic reaction towards his return. He had been gone for two weeks with fellow X-Men Cyclops, Beast, ShadowCat, and Angel. They had been investigating a new anti-mutant group that had been getting quite the fame and support in Eastern Europe. After dozens of verbal and physical exchanges, the X-Men had succeeded at helping the disbanding of the group. It was a successful mission. Remy's eyebrows arched up with wonder as he looked down at his son. Jeremy simply shrugged, not knowing why his mother wasn't more excited to see his father.

                "Papa did somet'ing bad already?" The little boy asked his father in a whisper.

                Remy's eyebrows furrowed as he thought about all that he had done within the last few minutes of walking into the room. He was pretty sure he hadn't done anything to upset Rogue. It wasn't like the last time when he was so engulfed with the basketball game on television and had unintentionally agreed with Rogue when she asked him if he thought she had gotten fat. He could feel his neck stiffen as he remembered sleeping on the couch for three nights straight for his negligence.

                "Papa don't t'ink so, petite." Remy answered and he put his son on the floor.

                Remy walked over to the master bathroom and peered in. Rogue was applying make-up and clearly ignoring his presence. With plenty of caution, he walked up to her slowly and wrapped his arms around her from behind.

                "Excuse me, but ah'm busy." Rogue stated in an icy tone.

                He didn't let go of her though and he just placed his head on her right shoulder. He looked into the mirror at her with sad puppy eyes, the same eyes that always managed to crack a smile from her. Her the corners of her lips curved down instead of up though.

                "What's wrong, chere?" He asked her quietly, still not willing to let her out of his arms.

                "Ah'm mad at ya." Rogue replied as she pouted slightly.

                "For what?" He asked her and realized that she wasn't as mad as she was presenting.

                "Ya scared me half t'death!" She exclaimed and turned around to face him.

                "Now, how did Remy do dat?" He asked her, surprised with her answer.

                "Ah didn't hear from ya for five days, REMY! FIVE WHOLE DAYS! Ya were supposed to call once a day t'tell us the mission was fine. But ya didn't for FIVE WHOLE DAYS! What if something had happened to ya?!?! Don't ya ever do that again!" She cried as memories of the last mission Remy had went on resurfaced.

                During the last mission Remy had gone on with the X-Men, he was almost killed or even worse, turned into a brood. Apparently a new colony of broods were rapidly producing and during that mission, Remy came very close to his own death. If not death, he would have most likely been turned into a brood, which would have perhaps been even worse than death. As a brood, Remy would have taken a second form as an extremely ugly monster-like alien, whose only purpose was to protect the queen in order for the queen to turn more people into broods for the better chance of the survival of the race. 

                The memory of that mission also came back to Remy. He knew Rogue became extremely worried every time he went on a mission since then. After that mission, he had come home with a broken arm and a slight concussion. His arms held her protectively as she buried her head into his chest.

                "Aww.. chere, Remy's really sorry for dat, okay? I know how worried y'get and I should o' called but de whole t'ing was extremely intense and I just plumb forgot. Never again, okay?" He said as he stroked her back with a few fingers.

                "Ya better keep to that promise, swamp rat. Ah won't be letting ya off so easy next time." She said as she lifted her head to meet his eyes. She gave him a warm smile and he smiled back at her with the same warmth and joy.

                "Now dat smile is what Remy came home to." He told her.

                "So when ya plan t'give me a kiss?" Rogue asked playfully and seconds later, Remy's mouth met hers. Their lips locked in a passionate kiss for a few moments before they broke apart for a breath of much needed air.

                He took her hand and they walked out of the master bathroom and back into the bedroom.

                Sitting by the dresser was a suddenly very well groomed little boy with a brush in his hands.

                "See, momma. Hair all done!" The little boy exclaimed as both his parents let out a laugh.

                Rogue let go of Remy's hand and walked over to her son with very neat and combed hair. She picked him up and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

                "Thank you, baby boy. Now, let's get you changed, okay? Big dinner tonight and Jeremy has to look like a big boy, right?" She asked him.

                "Right! J'remy sit wit' Unca Wolvie, right Momma?" The little boy asked her for reassurance once more. Earlier he had been promised with a seat next to his godfather at dinner.

                "Right." Rogue confirmed and she put the boy down and held his hand.

                "Excusez-moi, what dinner?" Remy asked them both.

                They brought their attention back to him.

                "Oh, ah forgot to tell ya. There's a dinner at the mansion tonight to celebrate the safe and successful return of y'all. The gold team's mission was a success too, and they had come back yesterday. The Professor was expecting y'all to come back today so it'll be the first time we would all be together. We haven't had one of those in ages. So, go get dressed!" Rogue explained.

                "D'accord. Y' wanna tell 'em t'night unless y'already did?" Remy asked her with an arched eyebrow.

                "Ah didn't have anyone t'tell to. Well, except Jean since she was the only one who didn't go on either mission. Do ya wanna make it official?" Rogue asked him apprehensively.

                 Remy walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her again.

                He brought his head down and when their lips were a breath away from touch, he whispered, "Remy wants de whole world t'know dat he is de luckiest man in de world."