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The Wedding

Chapter 17

The television screen began flashing bright vibrant colours as the dinosaurs broke into another song. The little boy with the green on black eyes was completely mystified with the musical number, while the restless Asian teenager released another yawn.

"I don't know why I didn't get to go to the party." She whined.

"I understand that you're disappointed, Jubilation, but you're still underaged. It would not be responsible of me to allow you to go Rogue's bachelorette party." Professor Xavier said gently.

"Yeah, but… I'm practically an adult." Jubilee complained further.

"Yes, it's indeed true that you will soon have voting privileges but unfortunately, you have to be 21 in America before you can drink." Professor Xavier explained patiently.

"This is so unfair… it's okay for me to be fighting deadly sentinels but I can't even got to a party that serves alcohol that might I add I probably won't drink." She pouted and crossed her arms.

Xavier chuckled at the young girl's frustration, which merely earned a glare from her.

"Jub'lee, we can have party here too!" Jeremy suddenly exclaimed as he threw his arms around his baby-sitter for the evening.

Both Jubilee and Professor Xavier burst into laughter as the little boy ran towards Sara, lying in the baby papasan chair. "Sara wanna party too!" He declared and the three months old girl stared at him with big blue curious eyes, drool running down the corner of her mouth.

"That sounds like a terrific idea. We'll have a party of our own. I think there may be some rocky road chocolate chip ice-cream downstairs. What do you say, Jubilation?" Professor Xavier asked the testy teenager.

"Well… despite the fact that this is so lame, partying with two babies and my teacher… fine." She huffed.

Jeremy yelped with enthusiasm and grabbed Jubilee's hand. She couldn't help but smile, although she still tried to maintain her nonchalant attitude.

Professor Xavier went over to the Sara, picked her up, and the four of them made up of one of three parties that night.


"This is freedom, guys. No chicks around telling us what to do, playing poker, drinking beer… this is what you'll be giving up tomorrow, Gambit." Bobby taunted from across the table.

"Not to mention, one woman for the rest of your life… are you sure you're really ready for that?" Warren asked as he raised the bet by a hundred dollars.

"What's your problem, bub? We ain't all millionaires here." Logan grumbled at Warren as he promptly folded his cards.

"To be truthfully honest with you, Gambit, I never thought you would be the type to settle down either." Scott commented as he took a sip of his Coke since he was the designated driver tonight like every other night.

"C'mon mes amis, Remy ain't dat much of a womanizer. Dere ain't no stripper here t'night." Remy pointed out as he raised the bet by five hundred dollars.

Hank folded his card poignantly, and looked at Remy with a raised brow. "That is indeed true, but from what I recall, you didn't exactly have a say in that." He commented.

"Damn straight, he didn't. Rogue threatened to kill us if we got you a stripper. She wouldn't even let us get one of those fat ugly telepaths that can make us think she's hot. I was looking forward to that… you and a fat ugly chick." Bobby commented as he folded his cards.

"Ain't dat a bit shallow, Bobby? Now dat y' got Emma Frost, y're too good for de less physically attractive femmes now?" Remy cajoled.

"Not to mention, Emma must know more about the joy of sex than any stripper." Warren pointed out as he met Remy's bet.

"Heh. It'll be pretty damn funny if Emma was really a fat ugly chick making us all think she's hot." Logan chuckled and Bobby's face turned red.

"No way! Emma is 100 percent real! I mean, if that's true then we can claim the same thing for Jean." Bobby defended.

"Let's be real, here, Bobby. You've known Jean since she was a teenager that could barely get a hold of her powers, let alone convince us that she was a beautiful redhead." Scott stated almost condescendingly.

"Well…well… what the hell, man? This is Gambit's bachelor party so why the hell are y'all picking on me!" He exclaimed frustratingly and the rest of the men burst into laughter.

"Because y' make it too damn easy, mon ami." Remy stated as he turned over his cards.

Warren glared at Remy as he folded his cards, knowing that his hand didn't beat Gambit's. Remy smirked with delight as he raked in the pot.

"What I don't understand is why we're playing the one game that Gambit knows all the tricks to." Warren commented sorely.

"Gee War… for a millionaire, y're pretty…how do I say it? Cheap." Remy mocked as he counted his growing pile of chips.

"I'm not cheap. I just hate to lose." Warren replied.

"Oh just deal, ya sore loser." Wolverine demanded as he looked down as his severely diminished stack of chips.

"So, how is it going with Ororo, anyway?" Warren asked as he dealt the cards.

"Yeah, man? How is it going? There has been way too much sexual tension between you two for the last eight months. About damn time, you two finally knocked boots." Bobby stated crudely.

"Shut up." Wolverine growled.

"Big bad wolvie scared of talking about his feelings." Bobby taunted, the six beers he had earlier clearly sinking in now.

"I think that's enough drinking for tonight, Robert." Hank said as he smartly took the beer can away from Bobby.

"That's not fair! This is a party… I should be able to drink as much as I want." Bobby whined, almost sounding like a spoiled teenager.

"Can we just shut-up and play cards." Wolverine growled as he raised the bet.

"Gambit, ya really think you're ready to be a one-woman man?" Bobby slurred slightly as he tried to direct the spotlight back onto the groom.

"One woman for the rest of your life…" Warren added in.

"Honestly, dere was a time dat dat t'ought would scare de shit out of me… but t'day, it feels as though I'm not getting married soon enough." Remy said openly.

"Awww… how adorable, Cajun. Y' gonna bet or not?" Logan asked impatiently.

With a mischievous smirk, Remy raised the bet by five hundred dollars.

"Son of a bitch…" Logan snarled as he met the bet.

Surprisingly, Scott raised the bet by another two hundred dollars. All the men looked at him with bewildered expressions. "What?" He asked innocently.

"Isn't Jean going to be a little mad that you're gambling away lil' Sara's college fund?" Bobby taunted and promptly folded his cards.

"Y've got a famille now, Cyke… gotta be responsible wit' de famille's savings." Remy taunted further.

"And this is coming from the man who just gambled with your honeymoon vacation half an hour ago." Scott commented with an amused smirk.

"Yes, but now Rogue and I have two honeymoons to go on… courtesy of Monsieur Wort'ington." Remy replied and winked at Warren who knew like everyone else that by the night's end, he would probably wind up losing a small fortune to Remy.

"Show your cards, men." Logan ordered and the men still betting flipped over their hands.

"And Gambit wins again…." Remy said as he raked in the big pot.

"Damn… hey, uh… Remy, ya think you could give me back that two hundred bucks." Scott asked hesitantly but with a hint of desperation.

"Ooooo….we're telling Jean." The rest of the men teased and erupted into laughter.

"Seriously, I can't lie to her." Scott pleaded.

"Well, how do you know Jean isn't gambling the family's savings away, now?" Bobby asked the absurd question in a drunken slur.

"Now, we definitely know you can't drink anymore tonight." Logan commented.

"And Jean would never do that. Plus, we all know the girls are over Xavier's cabin in the Hamptons, giving each other facials, and watching chick flicks." Scott said with the utmost confidence.

"At least we're not that lame…" Bobby scoffed.


An hour away and in the heart of a dingy seedy bar, the bachelorette party for Rogue was under way. All the girls took another shot of tequila and burst into giggles as soon as the smooth liquor sunk in.

"Girls, that's the last one. I can't have anymore." Jean complained with the colour of her face complimenting her fiery red hair perfectly.

"Oh Jeanie… don't be a bore. Ya have been so consumed with that baby of yours for the past three months. It's been long overdue for ya to have fun and that's what we're gonna do t'night!" Rogue declared as she ordered another round of shots.

"But I can't go home smelling like alcohol…" Jean continued to whine.

"Oh phooie…don't be a party pooper, Jean, and drink up!" Betsy ordered and hesitantly, Jean lifted the shot glass and down it went.

"So, what did all of y'all tell the boys?" Rogue asked and took the lemon slice out of her mouth.

"I told Scott we were watching a movie at the Xavier Cabin." Jean stated lamely.

"And he believed that?" Rogue questioned with surprise.

"He trusts me…" Jean began.

"Until he finds out the truth." Ororo mocked.

"But 'Ro, you're forgetting that Jeanie is a telepath…" Betsy pointed out.

Aghast, Jean said, "I would never use my telepathy on Scott."

"Gosh Jean… sometimes, ah think that ya have a stick up your butt just as big as Scotty boy's." Rogue commented.

"Oh hush yourself, Rogue." Jean reprimanded.

"Ooo… Jeanie's getting testy." Betsy gibed.

"No. No, I'm not getting testy." Jean rejected, placing both hands on the table to steady herself.

"Jeanie's not getting testy, Bets, she's getting tipsy!" Rogue said amusingly.

"No. No, I'm not!" Jean denounced, although it was clear that even she couldn't deny the fact that the five shots she had were taking over her body.

"Then what are ya getting?" Rogue humoured her.

"I'm fine. I'm just fine. Plus, Rogue… I think this would be the perfect time to give you some advice." Jean slurred.

"Jean, darling, I don't think you're in the right mind to give advice at the moment." Ororo pointed out gently, but even she was trying hard not to giggle at her friend's countenance.

"Oh sure I am! I just wanted to say to Rogue that in order to have a successful marriage, trust and honesty are the most important thing." Jean said matter-of-factly but the other girls burst into laughter.

"Ah get what ya mean, Jeanie. Like t'night for example, you were so honest with Scott…" Rogue said and rolled her eyes.

Jean blushed and was about to defend herself when Betsy cut her off. "Look, Rogue, I think what Jean is trying to say is, don't let that charming, handsome, and a proven womanizer of a man of yours out of your sight for very long. As much as you like kids, you don't want to be playing stepmommy to a bunch of illegitimate brats."

Slightly taken aback by the directness of Betsy's advice and placing an indignant hand on her chest, Rogue said, "trust me, Bets, Remy would never dare to cheat on me. Sure, we all know he had his fair share of women in the past but that's the past. From now on, all the lovin' that man's gonna get is gonna be when Ah choose t'give it to him."

Pretending to sniffle, Betsy said, "I'm so proud of you, Rogue. Using sex as a weapon, I've taught you well."

Suddenly another round of vodka shots arrived at the table, but nobody had ordered them. "Umm…Miss, we didn't order these." Rogue pointed out.

"I know. These are from the lady in the white over there." The blonde waitress stated and pointed in the direction of the bar.

The women looked over and saw none other than Emma Frost who was raising a glass to the ladies.

"Can't believe she's crashing the party." Betsy stated bitterly.

"Oh c'mon Bets, she's just trying to be nice." Jean reasoned.

"I don't even think she knows the meaning of 'nice' let alone be it." Betsy dismissed.

"Betsy, whatever happened between you, her, Warren, and Bobby was months ago. C'mon, you're happy with Warren now and we haven't seen Bobby this happy in a long time. Let's just let bygones be bygones." Ororo said.

"Whatever." Betsy huffed and Rogue was already signaling Emma over.

A little surprised, Emma walked over to the girls and took a seat next to Rogue. "Sorry for intruding, but I just thought I'd give a sort of peace offering." She explained.

"Get us another round, and all will be forgiven." Rogue said, obviously drunk and probably didn't realize what she was saying.

"Why are you doing this?" Betsy asked suspiciously. She had attempted to probe Emma's mind, but Betsy knew as well as any telepath that to penetrate another telepath's mind was equivalent to hitting one's head against a brick wall.

"I just thought I'd… fine, I'm doing it for Bobby. He has this crazy notion that all of us could get along pretty well and suggested that I attempt to make an effort. This is my attempt." Emma answered honestly.

"Never thought I'd see the day that Emma Frost would care about someone else more than herself." Betsy stated more in shock than in insult.

"Well, Bobby makes people stupid." Emma commented and the rest of the girls began to laugh.

"I think that applies to all men, sugah." Rogue stated.

"Can't live with them… need them around to fuck." Emma stated rather crudely but all the girls toasted to that nonetheless.

"But enough of the men in our lives... here's my real peace offering." Emma said and stood up to signal the technician. Suddenly, blue and red spotlights hit the stage area and erotic music that clearly belonged in a porno movie filled the room.

"What the hell is going on?" Rogue asked as she looked around the bar in confusion.

Before anyone could offer her a verbal response, a specimen of physical perfection dressed in a fireman's suit came out on stage. He strutted towards Rogue and looked at her with seductive eyes. "Did somebody call for a fireman with a long hose?" He said rather lamely, but all the girls squealed with excitement. He proceeded to lose his hat, his jacket and his pants while the girls giggled with delight. By the night's end, all the ladies wound up having a turn on the pole on stage.


She stumbled slightly as she kicked off her heels. Not wanting to turn the lights on, she staggered around the room until she found the bed and flopped down in it. A pair of strong chiseled arms encircled her tiny waist and pulled her up towards him.

"Mmm…" She murmured as she snuggled up to her fiancé.

"Had fun t'night, chere?" Remy whispered his question in that low sexy voice.

"Tons of fun. How was poker with the boys?" She asked, already half-asleep.

"Let's just say we got enough money for our son's college education and a car for him t'get dere." He answered.

"Warren must have lost a fortune." Rogue commented as she settled into Remy's frame.

"Mmhmm… don't be surprised if we don't get a wedding present from him tomorrow." He stated and kissed the back of her head.

"That's okay. Ya are the only thing Ah need t'morrow." She said and turned around to face him.

"Took de words right out of my mouth, chere." He said and kissed her. Despite all the alcohol that he could taste in the kiss, there was still that bit of honey that he tasted every time he kissed her.


The day couldn't be more fitting for a wedding. The sun was shining magnificently and not a single cloud was in sight. The flowers in the garden was in full bloom and there were beautiful displays of roses and baby breaths every where. The white chairs with the lavender ribbons strung across the backs, were perfectly aligned on the freshly cut lawn. The stunning Victorian style hand-carved arch at the end of the aisle stood poignantly with the groomsmen and the anxious looking groom standing right below it. The music began and a neatly dressed boy in a tuxedo with his hair tied back in a tiny ponytail started to walk down the aisle carefully, making sure he didn't drop the rings on the pillow. When he reached the altar, he took his spot next to his father and looked up at him. Remy smiled proudly at his son and mouthed a 'good job'.

Next down the aisle was Ororo, dressed in a light rose satin gown with an exposed back. She practically glided down the aisle and gave Logan a wink before she took her position. With his arms crossed and an amused smile on his face, Logan returned the sentiment to his weather goddess.

Betsy was next and she was dressed in the same pink gown with her purple hair flowing down the exposed back. With the use of her telepathy, she sent an image of what she had underneath the dress to Warren whose eyes suddenly grew with anticipation.

After Betsy was Jean, with her fiery red hair contained in an almost unusual up-do, she smiled at her family when she reached the rest of the bridal party. With Sara in his arms, Scott lifted one of Sara's tiny hands and waved at Jean who returned the sentiment.

Then the wedding march began. All the guests stood up and look with anticipation. Dressed in an intricately embroidered corset dress with a sleek white satin bottom that had a twelve-foot train attached to the end of it, Rogue was a vision of heavenly beauty. The front part of her hair was pulled back over her long wavy auburn curls, although some white strands escaped and framed her face. Kept in place with a gorgeous diamond hairpiece, the veil gently fell over her heart-shaped face. The only thought that Remy could even register was that she took his breath away.

Placing her right arm around Kurt's extended left one, her brother whispered, "you are beautiful, Rogue."

She smiled at her brother and whispered back, "thank you, Kurt."

He patted her hand and asked, "ready?"

"Never been readier." She answered.

They ambled down the aisle at a perfectly timed pace. For Remy and Rogue, she couldn't have walked fast enough. When they made it down the altar, Kurt turned over Rogue's veil and kissed her on the cheek. He placed her arm in Remy's and took his seat on the bride's side.

Remy looked down at his wife-to-be and with tears at the corner of his eyes, he said, "Je t'aime, mon coeur."

"Ah love ya too, sugah." She stated in return, a tear escaping the corner of her eye.

They had finally got there.

They had finally cast away all their inhibitions and fear, and allowed themselves to love each other with all that they had to give.


The reception party was under full-swing. The music was pumping, the food was elegantly spread out, and everyone was out on the dance floor.

Considering it was Rogue's wedding day, Emma had opted for an ice-blue gown with a plunging v-neckline over her usual white. Her blonde hair was swept up in a French braid and her make-up was actually quite minimal. Ever since she began dating Bobby, she felt less of a need to hide herself in any form. Plus, she had come to greatly enjoy the feeling of Bobby's touch on her bare skin.

"See, I told you weddings aren't all so bad." Bobby said as he whirled her around.

She squealed a bit at his less than graceful gesture and followed up with a laugh. "The many weddings I've had to attend in the past were all a bore. Half the time, the only excitement I got was when I managed to seduce the newly wed groom into a having taste of what he had given up." She said so casually that Bobby furrowed his brow and pouted in jealousy.

"Did any seducing today?" He asked petulantly.

Emma laughed as she replied, "the only man I want to seduce today is standing right in front of me."

Bobby broke into a huge grin and kissed his girlfriend. "You make me happy." He said when he pulled away.

"Ditto." She said, using a phrase he often used on her.

Dancing just a few couples away were Jean and Scott. It might as well have been Scott dancing alone since Jean was spending all her time trying to get a good look at her baby.

"Honey, she's okay. Jubilee's keeping an eye on her." Scott reassured her.

"I know but what if she cries…or what if…" Jean began but was cut off.

"Honey, she's fine. You know she is. And c'mon, you promised me tonight that you would at least attempt to ease up a bit. This doesn't look like you're trying." Scott pointed out to her.

"Oh…alright. I'll stop being so neurotic." She said and finally gazed back at her husband.

"Finally, I get a proper look at my gorgeous wife." He said with a smile.

Jean kissed him lightly on the lips and pulling back just an inch, she whispered, "we finally did it, Scott. We have a family."

"There was never any doubt for otherwise." He whispered confidently back and proceeded to waltz his wife around the dance floor.

As the Summers twirled around the dance floor, they passed another elegantly-looking pair. With his platinum hair slicked back and with a beautiful former supermodel in his arms, Warren couldn't remember the last time he was this happy.

"So, how much did you lose to Remy last night?" Betsy asked curiously, although she was also asking in slight mockery.

"Let's just say, don't be surprised if the LeBeau clan moved into a mansion as big as Xavier." Warren answered and rolled his eyes.

"Poor baby." She said and leaned in for a deep passionate kiss, not caring who saw them.

"Mmm… I probably wouldn't mind losing to Gambit if I get more of those." He said coyly.

"Trust me, luv, you'll be getting a lot more than that later on tonight." She said flirtatiously.

Warren's smirk suddenly disappeared. His warm blue eyes gazed into her, and he said in a serious yet loving tone, "welcome back into my world, Betsy."

"Glad to be back, Warren. This time, I intend to stay indefinitely." She responded and drew him in for another kiss.

The pair beside the smooching couple quickly took a turn for the opposite direction.

"They should get a room." The short stout man said in a gruff.

His tall goddess of a date responded with a chuckle before saying, "Logan, it's a wedding. There'll be tons of kissing every where you look."

"Yes, but I still shouldn't be subjected to it." Logan argued.

"You're just pouting because you're not getting any yourself." Ororo teased.

"You plan to change that, darling?" He asked as he looked up with a challenging smirk.

"Hmm… I don't know." Ororo attempted to play coy but within a matter of seconds, Logan had dipped her and pressed his lips against hers avidly. When he pulled her up again, she blushed and playfully whacked him on the chest.

"Logan… and I thought you hate public displays of affection." She said as she tried to collect her wits.

"I never said I hated them.. . I just think they should be done correctly." He replied with a wink.

"Well… I guess I'm learning more and more about you every day." She commented.

"You like what you're learning?" He questioned offhandedly, though there was a hint of anticipation in his tone.

"I like every bit." She replied and bent down to lay a kiss on him this time.

Across the room, an Asian teenager who was supposed to be keeping an eye on the baby was busy flirting with a younger member of the LeBeau clan. Sara Rachel was doing fine by herself in her baby chair though, since she had another guardian watching her. The guardian also made himself her date that evening as well.

His jacket was off, the white shirt became untucked, and surprisingly his little ponytail was still in place. With a lollipop in one hand, he held Sara's little fingers with his other.

"Let's dance, Sara." He declared and started twisting his bum to the music in front of her while waving her one arm.

She giggled in response and drooled at the image of the dancing three and a half year old boy.

Square in the middle of the room were the happy newlyweds. They were attempting some sort of a waltz that had more salsa in it than waltz. Remy's hand was way too far down Rogue's back, and Rogue's hips had way too much of a swing in them. Neither cared at all. To them, this was the perfect first dance of many dances to come.

"How did dis homme get so lucky to have such a belle femme for a wife?" He asked as he twirled Rogue around.

"Ah don't know... but let's just say Ah lost mah mind for marrying a swamp rat like you." She teased in response.

"Admit it chere, y' ain't happier t'be Mrs. Swamp Rat." He challenged her and sneaked a kiss from her.

"Fine… Ah'm so happy t'be finally Mrs. Swamp Rat." She admitted and then they both laughed at her ridiculous statement.

"So what's de best part of being married to me so far, chere? De idea of knowing y'll wake up t'dis handsome face every morning? De rights y' permanently now have to brag to de ot'er girls of how lucky y'got such a perfect husband? Or de fact dat y'll know if nothing else, I'll be at least good for procreating beautiful dozens of kids?" He asked rather self-absorbedly.

"Dozens of kids?" She exclaimed with surprise.

"Oui… I want at least 12… fine, Remy'll settle for 6 little LeBeaus." He clarified.

"Well, who do ya intend to have these kids with because Ah sure ain't gonna pop out six kids. Ah'm not a factory, ya know?" She replied testily.

Loving how he was infuriating his wife, he continued, "Remy knows you're not a factory, chere. But most likely, after de next one, the rest will wind up being accidents."

"Oh really, and what do ya mean by that?" She asked with a brow raised.

"Let's just say, I'm gonna take advantage of de fact dat now I can be wit' de love of my life in every physical way for de rest of my life." He responded in a low seductive voice.

"Ah don't have a problem with that at all but…" She began and pulled Remy closer to her, "you'll only get it when Ah wanna give it."

"We'll see about dat." He said and before she could say another word, he leaned in for another kiss, this one deeper and hotter than the last.

When he pulled back, Rogue's face was clearly flushed and he chuckled at the sight. "Chere, you and Jeremy are everything to me."

"And vice versa, sugah."


"War, buddy, I'll bet you a thousand dollars that Emma will catch it." Bobby proposed confidently to his friend.

"Bobby, do you even have a thousand dollars in that piggy bank of yours." Warren mocked in response.

"Hey! Just because I'm not a millionaire doesn't mean I don't have money. C'mon, a thousand bucks, what do ya say?" Bobby persisted.

"Fine. A thousand dollars… but mine's on Betsy. The White Queen is toast." Warren said confidently.

"What the hell are ya two talking about?" Logan asked as he came over to the table and sat down with an ice-cold beer in his hand.

"We're betting on who's gonna catch the bouquet." Bobby replied.

"Oh… well in that case, two thousand bucks on 'Ro." Logan betted.

"Whoa…dude, the bet's only a thousand." Bobby said.

"Fine, then a thousand." Logan agreed with a shrug.

"No." Bobby rejected Logan's bet.

"No? Why the hell not?" Logan asked irritably.

"Because Storm can fly and if she doesn't, she'll just manipulate the air so the bouquet will fall into her hands." Bobby pointed out.

"He does have a point, Logan." Warren agreed.

"Fine, then I'll tell her not to use her powers." Logan compromised.

Eyeing Logan with skepticism, Bobby and Warren both finally agreed. "Okay. She better not use her powers."

"She won't have to." Logan said confidently.

Immediately the men ran to their respective partners. When he approached Emma, Bobby said, "Baby, I got a thousand bucks riding on you catching the bouquet."

"You're insane, Bobby!" Emma responded and hit him on the chest.

"C'mon… you know you can totally catch it. Just work those limbs the way you do in bed…" He said but stopped mid-sentence as soon as he realized what had come out of his mouth. He braced himself for an angry response but Emma merely said, "and what's in it for me?"

"Well… what do you want?" He asked rather nervously. She pursed her lips in contemplation for a moment before leaning in and whispering her request.

Taking a deep gulp upon hearing her proposal, he shook his head in agreement.

She smiled in delight and said, "those bitches are going down. And Bobby, trust me, pain is pleasure."

"I'm sure it is…" Bobby murmured timidly.

A few feet away, Warren crept up to his girlfriend and encircled her waist from behind. "Hi again, gorgeous." He said ever so sweetly.

"Okay… what do you want?" Betsy demanded as she spun around to face her boyfriend.

"Why do you immediately jump to the conclusion that…" He began but stopped when she pointed to her head, signifying the power of her telepathic senses.

"Fine, I need you to catch the bouquet." He finally said.

"Really? And why's that?" She asked curiously as she crossed her arms.

"Well… because I bet a thousand dollars on you." He said hesitantly.

"Warren! Wasn't losing a fortune to Remy last night enough for you?" She asked.

"But that's the point, Betsy. I want to win again. Help me win again." He pouted.

"Oh…fine." Betsy agreed and rolled her eyes. He immediately swooped her up into a massive embrace and she squealed from the unexpected action.

When he placed her back down, she said coyly, "you know there is a tradition with catching the bouquet…"

Already understanding her hint, he said, "Either way, you'll be getting a new accessory for those gorgeous hands of yours."

Excitement sparked in Betsy's eyes and she said confidently, "regardless, I'm an old-fashioned type gal and no broad is gonna stand in my way of tradition."

Ororo was chatting with Jean when her boyfriend suddenly interrupted her. "Hey Jean. Ya mind if I stole 'Ro away for a little bit?" Logan asked.

"Not at all." Jean answered and Logan whisked Ororo away quickly.

"What is this about, Logan?" Ororo asked impatiently.

"I need you to catch the bouquet without the use of your powers." Logan replied bluntly.

"And why's that?" She asked.

"I bet a thousand dollars on you." He said.

"Without consulting me first? I don't know…" Ororo began, slightly irritated by Logan's gamble on her.

"C'mon, darling, you know you can outcatch that bouquet over those girls any day. Plus, if you do it, I'll recover my losses from last night. I'll do anything you want if you do it." He offered.

"Anything?" She asked with a brow raised.

"Anything." He confirmed.

"Fine, I want you to build me a new greenhouse…" She requested.

"Consider it done." He agreed.

"I'll do it then… but there's one more thing."

"What is it?" He asked slowly.

"You have to build it with your shirt off…" She answered.

The corner of his lips curled up in a suggestive smirk, "naturally."

She laughed and bent down to give him a quick kiss. "I like my man hot and sweaty. Those girls won't know what hit them."

At the front of the tent where the wedding party table was, the MC was calling for all the unwed ladies to gather in the middle of the dance floor. The ladies came out and Ororo, Betsy and Emma positioned themselves in the front. They each passed a glare at one another and looked up at Rogue's back.

"Ready y'all?" Rogue asked and was answered by a round of cheers. She threw the bouquet up and high across the room. Emma pushed both Ororo and Betsy out of the way and lunged for the bouquet. She fell short since Betsy had grabbed her arm and pulled Emma back who managed to fall to the ground next to her. Ororo attempted to get up but Betsy's other hand had restrained her from doing so. The ladies all tried to stand up but they kept tripping over the each other. The bouquet finally landed somewhere in the back of the dance floor and all the ladies could see was the bouquet running across the room at a height of less than four feet off the ground.

Suddenly the bouquet stopped running and the recipient had shouted in declaration, "Sara caught it!"

The entire room burst into laughter when they realized that the child of the bride had caught the bouquet and had given it to the baby girl. Even the three gambling men weren't disappointed with how the competition turned out.

The Summers and the LeBeaus quickly went over to the two youngest member of the party. Remy picked up his son in one full swoop.

"Seems to me that your son takes after you more than we realized." Scott commented.

"It's only natural dat he would have de Cajun charm." Remy responded proudly.

"Well, I don't know how I feel about your son falling for my little girl…" Scott said in a feigned seriousness.

"No worries, Unca Scott. J'remy only t'ink Sara de sweetest girl ever!" The little boy declared and the parents burst into laughter.

"There's no doubt he's a true LeBeau." Jean commented.

With an arm barely around his father's neck and the other pulling his mother close to them, Jeremy said, "we all LeBeaus now. We one family now."

"One family now..." Rogue confirmed and kissed her son on the cheek.

"And forever." Remy said before he laid a kiss on both his wife and son.

-The End-