She-ra belongs to filmation and I think possibly Hallmark

This is it I have totally lost my mind from reading too many stories which gave me this Idea

Also if any events in this story offend anyone I am sorry

The events mentioned inside are from various episodes of She-Ra.

……..well most of them

The horde meeting

It was a nice day on etherea in the fright zone well as nice as it could get for the group that was forced together "Why are we here?" asked Catra "I have no clue as far as I know it's because she-ra trashed the auditorium when she broke he-man out." said Shadow Weaver "I hope this isn't very long I have an audition for the 1,000,000 season of power rangers to play the evil witch, I am in luck Evil Lyn isn't going for it since their show is back on." "Hey" said Scorpia "do you think this is about what happened with imp?" "don't worry we will just say it was Leech's idea to get Imp fixed."

"can I have your attention please" said Hordak as he came up to the podium "where did he get a podium?" asked Grizzlor as everyone kept talking "I swiped it from Skeletor now SHUT UP AND LET ME TALK!!" yelled Hordak that instantly quieted everyone down

"okay first thing on the agenda due to She-ra breaking in through the moat numerous times we are going to put a camera in as well as a few lasers so some one tell Mantaenna when he gets up here and gets dropped down there again or he might threaten to sue."

"Item two Catra no more late night parties I am sick of hearing you meow as three in the morning with those other cats also I want the catnip confiscated." "Rats." said Catra as she handed the cat nip over, "Also do not think when I am gone that you can use my throne as a scratching post and no more yarn all over the place!" "Sorry that was me" said Scorpia "My tail got caught on shadow weaver's other dress."

"Okay third item I know some of you bet on the fight between She-ra and Huntara and since it was a draw give me the money"

"why does this always happen when I win these bets" muttered Shadow weaver as she handed the money over

"And finally who bribed the vet to get Imp neutered.??"



"Leech did it!" said Mantaenna as he came back up

"I hate my life" said Imp in a high squeaky voice

Before Hordak could start up again a young man wearing a bandana came in "where am I?" said the kid "Ryouga for the fifth time I said go right not left to get out of here" sighed Hordak

"Okay meeting adjourned I need an aspirin" with that said Hordak stormed off muttering about how he should have stayed on Eternia.

The end