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I'm 15 for a moment

A little boy, features still round from his young age, large dark eyes standing out like glimmering stars in his fair face stood on the front step of a small town house.

Caught in between 10 and 20

It was a chilly winter morning, a thin layer of snow lay spread out over the grassy lawn before him. He was wearing a white jacket over a faded red shirt and a pair of black pants.

And I'm just dreaming

He had his arms wrapped around himself, shivering from the cold. A strange lock of white fell into his face from his black hair, and partially obscured the glistening wetness shining there.

Counting the ways to where you are

The child sniffed softly, biting his lip in an effort to prevent the tears from coming. A stinging, salty fire burned behind his eyes, beating at the thin resistance he had against it.

I'm 22 for a moment

As the strange and flaming liquid snuck through the weakened cracks and leaked out, a feeling of fierce anger and despair crept over him, leaving behind a lingering bitter aftertaste. He furiously rubbed the back of his hand over his eyes, erasing all traces of the tears from his face.

She feels better than ever

In the crook of his left arm he held a toy; a small stuffed creature, lizard-like in appearance, with two finely crafted wings, and a pair of minute black beads for eyes. He squeezed it tighter in his grasp, it's crimson cloth standing out against his white clad arms. The small dragon crushed in his grip, he kept his unsteady gaze on the paved road in front of his house.

And we're on fire

A dog whined. He turned around, spotting a large white animal standing beside him, almost as tall as he was, and just inside the warmth of the house, ears pricked forward, and looking at him with large brown eyes.

Making our way back from Mars

Red-brown eyes devoured the shooting silver sparks floating in the air, turning in on themselves into an empty colorless void.

The boy spoke.


The word was the pitiful whimpering of a baby bird, abandoned and lying on the ground, still unable to fly. The mournful cry of a sailor adrift in a large ocean and hopelessly lost under the fearful clock of a pitch-black night, void of all stars. Without another word, the dog stepped forward. It slowly padded up to the small boy and stood still as he knelt down and buried his face in it's long and silky fur.

15 there's still time for you

"I don't want her to go," He sobbed, the words coming out muffled as he pressed his face harder into his dog's side, thin arms snaking around and grasping on to the warm animal as if onto a lifeline. Crewger rubbed the side of the boy's face with the soft fur covering his head, and gave him a reassuring lick, tail wagging feebly.

Time to buy and time to lose

As warm tears dampened the fur of the dog in his grip, the child suddenly pulled back. He hurriedly scrubbed the tears from his face and stood up, ignoring his stuffed toy as it lay dejected on the ground, and placed a small hand on the dog's back. He turned around, an expression of serene and detached calm now precariously positioned upon his face, and he looked at the snow-dampened road.

15, there's never a wish better than this

There was a car there, an old gray toyota, with a man behind the wheel, and a woman sitting next to him. A young girl was in the back seat, almost hidden among the luggage. As he stood there, the door to the back of the car opened and she got out, tugging on a light blue jacket over her black dress.

"Rath!" She called to him in her high childish voice, running across the snow on his front lawn and climbing up the five steps to where he stood, looking down upon her, surprise written over his features.

When you only got 100 years to live

"Rath," She said again, long black hair flowing behind her as she stood at the top of the stairs, looking into his eyes, as her own shone with unspilled tears. He opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off by her sudden embrace, her small arms wrapping around his tiny frame. Her head fell onto his shoulder, and, uncomfortable and uncertain, he slowly placed his own arms around her body as well, gently holding on to her, too surprised to let his own wet tears fall as he stared at her crying figure.

I'm 33 for a moment

"I' 'sok," He whispered, scouring his short memory for any other time he had seen his friend cry. She looked up at him, streaks made by tears running down her face.

"Rath," She pulled back from him, tearing open a pocket on her periwinkle jacket and digging through it franticly. A honk from the car nearby sounded, killing the somber silence where it slept undisturbed, and causing both of them to jump in surprise. The small girl gave him an weak apologetic smile, then quickly resumed her search.

Still the man, but you see I'm a they

As yet another honk from the car sounded, she triumphantly pulled out a small object; a shiny black amulet, about three inches in height, and swinging on a long black string.

A kid on the way

"Here," Her breath created a cloud in front of her face as she hastily looped the silken cord around his neck, then launched into a rapid explanation, backing up slowly to the car as she spoke.

A family on my mind

"It's a Dragon Amulet, Rath! Remember? That way, you'll be safe. Don't worry, I have one too, just like yours. Don't loose it, Rath! It'll all be ok now." She said, almost halfway across his lawn as she finished her sentence.

"And don't you dare forget me!" A flicker of her old firey spirit shone out, drowning out her sorrow for one brief second.

I'm 45 for a moment

She was a few feet away from her ride by this point, and Rath caught a glimpse of a long white hand coming down mercilessly on the car's horn yet again, the harsh sound mingling with a few strands of music floating through the cold day, as he first became consciously aware of the sound.

The sea is high

She turned around and ran the last few feet to the vehicle, dark hair flying behind her. Rath watched as she clambered unassisted into the back seat of the Toyota, pulled the door closed behind her, then was harshly yanked out of his life by a small gray car, speeding away, never to return.

A single flake of snow fell upon his upturned face, the biting cold etching its forlorn scream into his soft skin.

And I'm heading into a crisis

The small boy reached up with his right hand, closing it tightly around the cool metal object strung around his neck. No vow was needed; he would never forget her, no matter what. That was his inner promise. His soul scoffing at the idea of doing so, of forgetting, or of needing mere words to seal that truth and keep it fresh .

Chasing the years of my life

He stood on his doorstep, soft flakes of snow falling down around him, the angles of his vision spinning around him like a swirling white vortex, the now louder cry of sound pounding into his mind. As his sight flickered around him, the scenery took on a certain brightness, one that was common from his childhood years, but that had been lost in the slow and painful process called growing up. All the colors stood out vividly amidst the backdrop of his imagination, a hundred thousand voices all beckoning to him invitingly.

It was to be the last time he saw the world through the untarnished window of youth, complete with pure and simple joy, for a long time to come.

15 there's still time for you Time to buy, Time to lose yourself Within a morning star 15 I'm all right with you 15, there's never a wish better than this When you only got 100 years to live

With a start, a black haired older boy sat straight up in bed, one hand grasping a small object on a string around his neck. Glowing red numbers on the clock next to his bed read 7:35.

Half time goes by

He shoved back the thin white sheet covering his body and slid soundlessly out of bed, stepping down onto a white carpet and walking across his room, ignoring his radio blaring it's music in it's morning tradition, it's only way of getting the young man out of bed.

Suddenly you're wise

He stretched, lean muscles shifting under a loose black tank top and a pair of similarly colored pants.

Another blink of an eye

Walking across the small bedroom, he entered an adjourning bathroom, quietly pulling the door shut behind him. A dust-covered crimson dragon stared at it with beaded eyes from it's lonely position on top of a nearby bookshelf.

67 is gone

The sound of a shower turning on and then running over a human body floated out of the room, mingling with the tune on it's journey around the boy's room.

The sun is getting high

The shower turned off and a faucet started running, accompioning the noises already existing. His bedroom door was nudged open by a white dog, its steps were the slow waltz of age. It's shoulder barely reached midway up the bed used by the lone resident of the room.

We're moving on...

The bathroom door opened and out stepped a teenaged boy, dark hair mostly under control, except for a small section of white standing out in the mass of black. Eyes dark and deep with hidden emotion were set in a fair and slim face, framed by locks of midnight hair.

I'm 99 for a moment

He was wearing a pair of long and slightly faded black pants, a long sleeved black shirt thrown on over it, plain with an embroidered silver cross on the middle of his chest.

Dying for just another moment

Reaching over to the table next to his bed, he pressed a small red button on his alarm clock, signaling the halt of the music. Although the melodic sound no longer vibrated off the whitewashed walls of his room, the sound still echoed in his mind.

And I'm just dreaming


A glance at the dog staring at him with solemn brown eyes, even less for the stuffed toy on his shelf, and the boy was out the door, sprinting through already abandoned hallways.

Counting the ways to where you are

"Rath Illuser!" The cinnamon flavored voice rang out again. It belonged to someone of about the same age, male, friendly, and with a trace of optimism lingering around it's resilient edges.

15 there's still time for you

Rath reached the thick wooden door at the front of his house. He paused and quickly ran a hand through his black locks, smoothing them down. Then, with a slow, deliberate movement, he schooled his expression into the one of the carefree boy he used to be.

22 I feel her too

Joking grin secured firmly on his face, he opened the door, hoping that just for one more day no one would notice that his smile never reached his glacier eyes. That no one would see past his defensive barrier to the small boy trapped underneath, standing on a doorstep, lost and slowly becoming jaded.

33 you're on your way

One jump took him down the steps outside his door, backpack and all. Feet crushing small green blades of grass, he sprinted across the patch of lawn before him, stopping when he reached the two boys waiting for him on the sidewalk, standing in the cool early morning air.

Every day's a new day...

"Hey, Rath. What took you so long?"

He fell into step alongside the other two.

"Sorry. Just ran out of time."

15 there's still time for you Time to buy and time to choose Hey 15, there's never a wish better than this When you only got 100 years to live

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