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Chapter 26: Epilogue Part II


Kagome groaned, feeling a sharp pain shoot up her neck. In fact, she ached all over. Her neck, her shoulders, her back, her legs, her bum, her… well, and other places too.

But damned if she didn't feel good.


"Hai, Rin… coming…" Rolling out from beneath the warmth of her futon, Kagome shivered as the cool air of the room caressed her bare flesh.

"Coming, coming," muttered Kagome, feeling a drying, sticky substance between her legs.

Sliding open the door to the bathroom, Kagome slid into the pool of hot water slowly, wincing slightly at the heat of the water.

"Umm… yes, Rin? Come in!"

The door slid open, and Rin entered softly.

"I brought you breakfast; Sesshoumaru-sama said you were indisposed," Rin said with a smile, setting a tray on a low table.

"Thank you, Rin," Kagome said, grimacing slightly at the mention of being indisposed, before closing her eyes slowly.

"Ne, Kagome-chan…" Rin sat on the floor softly.


"What's sex?"

Warm brown eyes flew open immediately.

"Were you talking to Miroku?" demanded Kagome, already dishing Miroku up as soup for dinner in her head.

"Yes… well, no… yes and no."


Rin launched into a confused explanation about discs, and why no one would tell her, and then how Sesshoumaru-sama finally told her they were about sex. "But I don't know what's sex," finished Rin, looking so childlike Kagome didn't really contest her story, except for one point.

"And who told you to ask me?" Rin, being her innocent self, would probably have asked the question on the spot. What Kagome wanted to know was which son of a bitch downstairs shoved the responsibility of explaining sex to her, especially when they started the whole thing.

Actually, it was kind of her fault too, reasoned Kagome. She was the one that had brought the discs.

"Sesshoumaru-sama said to ask you, but I think it was because Miroku-sama was laughing away and Inuyasha-jichan was red and Jaken-sama was furious."

Well, too bad for Sesshoumaru, Kagome was going to kick his ass. And then proceed to start all the other three.

"Ok, Rin… sex is…" Kagome strained for lack of a better phrase to use. "It's when two people love each other very, very much, so much so that they want to show it in a special way."

"Neh…" Rin considered this for a moment. "So, like husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, cousins…"

"Wha – I mean, no," Kagome said, blushing pink. "I meant…"

Rin sat there for a few minutes, watching Kagome squirm.

"Never mind…" sighed Rin. "So what do they do?"

"Well, umm… they have sex. Which is… ok, you know what a guy looks like, right? They're different from us girls."

"I've seen the village boys play in the river, if that's what you mean…" Rin said, confused.

"Ok. So they don't have that place between their legs like we do, they've got something else."


"And sex is the guy putting that up the place between your legs."

Rin looked disgusted. "And what's the point?"

"It feels good and it can create babies. Which is why children shouldn't be trying it at all."

"That's all?" Rin asked. What were the guys making such a big deal out of, anyways?

"Well, it's a very personal act… in Japan, good girls only do that with their husbands."

"Wait… so I have to wait until I'm married?"

"Or mated, doesn't matter… well, you don't have to wait, but it would be best."

Rin peered closely at Kagome. "Have you tried with Sesshoumaru-sama?"

"Well…" Kagome's cheeks flamed. "In polite society, people don't ask about the act. Like I said, it's very personal."

"Oh." So they had tried – contrary to Jaken's belief, Rin wasn't stupid. "But Kagome-chan… you aren't married to Sesshoumaru-sama. And how come you don't have little babies for me to play with yet?"

"People don't have babies every time," Kagome explained, choosing to ignore Rin's first statement. "And it depends on how your monthly cycle works… actually…" Kagome sighed. "Ask me later, Rin, I'll explain some more. And in a better way, too."

"Okay… I'll leave you alone to shower, alright?"

"Sure…" Kagome sank deeper into the water as Rin got up to leave.

"Actually, Rin-chan…"

"Yes, Kagome-chan?"

"Can you ask Sesshoumaru to come here, please?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"So, how do you think Kagome's handling it?" snorted Inuyasha, laughing helplessly.

"I wouldn't know. I do think it was awfully cruel to just land her with such a big and awkward task, out of the blue," Miroku reasoned.

"Nah, Kagome knows more about sex than a seasoned old brothel madam. Doesn't she, Sesshoumaru?" Inuyasha asked, winking at his brother.

"How would I know?" asked Sesshoumaru airily.

"Well, through the fact that you've been having sex every single night…"

"Truly, that is none of your concern."

"Now, come on, Sesshoumaru… don't be a prude."

"Erm… I'll just… stay out of this conversation and go back to my room." Miroku nodded hastily and quickly excused himself.

"Uhh… yeah, I have to go too," Inuyasha said lamely, starting to make for the exit.

"Not so fast," growled Sesshoumaru.

"Sesshoumaru-sama!" Inuyasha heard the voice and sighed in relief. Rin appeared, hands on her hips, trying too look fierce but failing miserably.

That stupid hanyou could wait. "Hai, Rin?"

"Sesshoumaru-sama, Kagome-chan said she wanted to see you."

"Shut up," Sesshoumaru said, growling at Inuyasha, who had burst into uncontrolled laughter.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

He had barely shut the sliding door behind him before she had slipped her arms around him, pushing him up against the nearest wall.

"Kagome -"

"Shh…" She kissed him long and deep, one hand reaching up to caress the tip of his ear.

Damned woman – she knew just where to touch him.

Expertly, her other hand unknotted his sash, and unclasped his armour, letting both fall to the ground. She gently cupped his growing erection, before pulling it out of his pants.

In one fluid movement she sank to the floor and engulfed his member in her mouth. Sucking away merrily, she smiled as she saw him close his eyes.

Kagome was truly a master at making him lose self-control.

And just when she sensed him about to come, she pulled him out of her mouth slowly. Gently, like you would a sleeping infant, she tucked his painfully hard erection back into his clothing, and even gave it a final pat.

He growled in frustration while she flopped face-down onto a futon. He knew exactly what she wanted but was really too concerned with his throbbing erection.

She, on the other hand, knew exactly what he was thinking about, but wasn't about to give him release. Lifting her head, she eyed him lazily.

"You know, I'm aching all over from last night… and it'll take me a while to recover. So you just might have to wait… oh, I don't know… two or three days? A week?"

Then it hit him. She was getting her revenge for him sending her Rin and making Kagome cough up a spur-of-the-moment explanation on making love.

Biting back the torture his member was giving him, Sesshoumaru knelt down besides her and slowly, rhythmically, began to knead the back of her neck, working downwards.

"You know, Sesshoumaru," Kagome said, feeling a steady, soothing pressure on her back.

"Hmm?" He didn't trust himself to speak without whimpering.

"If you ever, god forbid, die and get reborn again, you should get reborn a masseur."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Sesshoumaru is so getting it," sniggered Inuyasha, recalling Kagome's summons for him, via Rin.

"And we'll be next," sighed Miroku glumly. "I just hope she doesn't tell Sango, or I'll never hear the end of it."

"You're so right you wouldn't," snorted Inuyasha. "I suggest you pen an apology to her and go home before the wrath of my sister-in-law descends on you."

"I just might," Miroku said. "I miss the kids."

"You can run, but you cannot hide," said Inuyasha.

"You're even worse off than me," reasoned Miroku. "You cannot run, and you cannot hide, because of the almighty 'osuwari'."

"Don't remind me…"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Thank you, Fluffy, you were wonderful," Kagome said, smiling innocently at him. Indeed, he had been. Almost all her aches were gone. Wrapping herself in a light yukata, she got up, and made her way to the door.


"Yes, Fluffy?"

"I thought I said not to call me Fluffy!" He couldn't bear it, he couldn't. First the teasing, then the name-calling…

"Sorry, Fluffy, but you were bad. And I'm going to leave you here to think about what you've done. When I come back, you'd better have an explanation ready."

"Kagome!" God. Evil woman.

"Oh, I forgot…" She leaned in towards his ear, whispering. "Use your hands."

Kagome giggled as his tail drooped from its proud station on his shoulder to rest on the floor.

"Good puppy." Humming softly, she left the room – to go find Inuyasha and Miroku and kick their butts.

In an act of desperation he had not felt in centuries, Sesshoumaru plunged his hand into his pants and started pumping himself to release.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Hello, Inuyasha, Miroku!" Kagome said, nodding amicably at them.

Inuyasha blanched and Miroku sweat-dropped.

"What, never seen me before? Stop gaping." She sat herself at the table and poured herself a cup of tea. "Oh, by the way, Inuyasha. I have a message for you."

"What?" asked Inuyasha nervously.

"It said… OSUWARI!" Crash.

"What was that for?" grumbled Inuyasha, his face having just kissed the tatami.

"Ehh… Kagome…" Miroku got up uneasily. "I should be going home…"

"OSUWARI!" Crash. "Houshi! Stay where you are!" No more sweet smiles from her, only fire, fire, and more fire.

"Ok," whimpered Miroku, sitting back down.

"OSUWARI!" Crash.

"I'm writing a letter to Sango," Kagome said to Miroku. "She's your wife, I'll let her decide what to do with you. OSUWARI!" Again, Inuyasha went flying onto the tatami.

And it was not even noontime yet. Miroku shivered.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Daddy!!!" Two screaming children latched themselves onto Miroku.

"I missed you!" Inuyasha Jr. said.

"I love daddy!" smiled Kagome Jr. happily.

How he wished the older Kagome took after the younger one.

"Houshi-sama," drawled Sango, holding a folded piece of paper in her hand.

The last time Miroku checked, she used 'houshi-sama' either before he received a beating or a night of blissful sex.

Why did he doubt it was going to be the latter?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Jaken!" yelled Kagome.

The toad came scurrying. Kagome never raised her voice to him, so he figured he was in trouble. "Hai, Kagome-sama?"

"You will go and explain to Rin what sex is!"

Jaken looked like he had died and found out that hell was a nursery full of squalling children. "Kagome-sama…" he began.

"GO!" snapped Kagome, her eyes flashing.

One look, and Jaken fled.

"Rin!" called Jaken, running down the hallway. Kagome could hear him yelling with false enthusiasm down the palace.

She couldn't help it. Kagome started laughing hysterically.

When she finally calmed down, she reached for a sake bottle in the room.

Maybe she had been too hard on Inuyasha. She wasn't sure he would be able to walk for the next few days after that 'sit' session.

Another cup of sake cooled her down even further.

She would bring Inuyasha some herbal tea to soothe bruises later

Kagome downed yet another cup.

And of course she shouldn't have told Jaken to tell Rin about sex. That idiot would probably screw up all the important details and leave her with a bungled picture.

Draining the bottle, Kagome sighed in contentment.

Then she remembered.

She'd forgotten about a certain aroused puppy upstairs, and knowing Sesshoumaru, he wasn't going to be pleased.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"I got a letter from Kagome."

The whole afternoon, she hadn't said anything to him.

"Letter?" swallowed Miroku.

"I'll read it to you," Sango said. "'My dearest Sango.'"

My dearest Sango (it said)

I had the funniest encounter with your husband today. Something worthy of a hiraikotsu bashing or a good round of slapping.

But then I thought, poor Miroku. He really is a good guy, Sango-chan. So tonight, love him well. Fuck his brains out.



P.S. I don't think you need to follow up on what he did. After all, that holy terror he's been living in since I told him I was writing to you, must be punishment enough.

"So," Sango said quietly, and sly smile on her lips. "What do you think, houshi-sama?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sitting quietly and straining his hearing, Sesshoumaru fought to hear what was going on.

First, there was a huge 'osuwari' party, which sorely deafened him. Then Kagome went out to see her friend houshi off. After awhile, he lost interest, and simply thought about other things instead.

Finally, she came in, her scent enveloped with sake and her skin looking flushed to match.

"I'm sorry," she said mournfully, shutting the door firmly behind her.

He eyed her from his seat on the floor.

"I'm sorry," Kagome said again, pulling off her robe and placing herself on a futon.

He could already feel himself stiffening against all his self-control.

"I forgive you."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Impatiently, Sesshoumaru paced by the old Bone-Eater's Well Kagome used to travel to and from her time.

It had been two weeks since she'd gone.

Finally, the well glowed blue. A few minutes later, Kagome appeared, panting.

"God, you could've helped," she grumbled, lugging her old, worn-out, and extremely full yellow bag.

"What on earth did you bring this time?" he demanded. "I'm the one flying us home, you know. I deserve to know what junk is going to break my back."

"More DVD player batteries, new DVDs…"

He looked at her suspiciously. "Surely that wasn't all."

"Jeez, take a look for yourself." Kagome tipped the contents of her bag out on the ground.

"Instant ramen?" He picked up the nearest item. "I don't starve you, do I?"

"Not at all. It's for Inuyasha."

"Furry little soft youkai thing?"

Kagome snatched at the teddy bear. "Hey! That's for Rin."

Sesshoumaru looked over the pile. "Clothes? Like I don't clothe you well enough?"

"Hello? Mister? You rip them off every day!"

True. She had a point. Well… He spotted another thing. Ok, this one was ridiculous. "Umbrella?"

"Oops… I must've left it in there from my shopping trip."

"This?" He held out a toothbrush.

"Hey, unlike some people, I don't want my teeth to rot!"

"Youkai teeth don't rot. Honestly, if they did, Tetsusaiga would be rotting right now, in its sheath. And what of this?" He fished out and hung a silky lacy black thong by his claws.

"Hey!" Kagome blushed bright red. "Don't rip it! That was bloody expensive. Victoria's Secret."

Sesshoumaru looked nonchalant. "I'll confiscate these," he said, tucking them in his blue and gold sash.

"Oh, pervert!"

"And what's this?" Sesshoumaru held out a bottle of pills. Shaking it, he turned it over to read the label.

"Hey, give them back!"

"I'm reading!" he said, holding them high above her reach. When she settled back down, he continued reading.



"Meh," pouted Kagome.

He arched an eyebrow. "Birth control pills?"

"Shut up!" she cried, laughing.

"Guess what?" he asked.


"You don't need them anymore."

She looked confused. "Huh?"

Sesshoumaru flung the bottle high into the air, and it soon disappeared from view.

"Those… cost… a… lot!" Kagome began, turning red.

"Too bad."

"I won't stay without child for a day without those!"

"Too bad."

"Sesshoumaru! This is unfair!"

"Too bad."

Damn him. "I hate you!"

"Too bad, because you're mine."

Jaken could go collect the things later – for now, Sesshoumaru picked Kagome up and disappeared into the forest.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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