Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men as can you see. If I did Remy will be in the 1st X-Men movie! Rogue will have a relationship with him instead of Bobby!! Okay, I'm loosing it. On with the story =) Here's the summary again if anyone forgotten. Bobby took Rogue someplace and abandon her there. She meets up with some big guys. With dirty minds. Then Remy to the rescue!! Yay! Warning: Love Triangle between Remy, Rogue, and Bobby. I got this idea after thrashing about Bobby being with Rogue instead of Remy on my Romy Evolution Forum (Link on my Profile)

Left Behind


"'' ' ' ' ' ''"

"Rogue, let's go somewhere" Rogue look to Bobby. No one else was in the room

"Where can we go at this hour?" Rogue informed "It's past ten and curfew is ten thirty."

"You need to lighten up and have some fun" coldly Bobby replied.

"Fine, Let me ask Logan" Rogue got off the couch but he pull her arm. She glare at him. Wha's wit' him tahnight?

"No, There's this place I want to take you. It's beautiful. If you tell Logan, he'll come and ruin it" He coolly said.

"Fine, Let me grab mah coat" Rogue went to the closet and grabbed out a green coat.

While Rogue's back was turn, Bobby's eyes glowed yellow. They took his bike and he drove.

A beautiful place eh? Rogue thought bitterly as she look around the dump "Wha' are we doing here Bobby?"

"Come with" He grab her hand and went further into the dump. Look more like they were walking into a trap of some sort. "Close you eyes" He said after they reached he center of the dump.

Rogue sighted and complied. "No peaking neither" He said then transform into a blue skinned woman with red hair. Then she change again into a raven and flew away.

It's been five minutes and Bobby haven't told her to open her eyes. "Bobby?" She called out. When she didn't hear him response, she opened her eyes to see a couple of men surrounding her.

"Hello little lady, are you lost?" Asked a man with brown hair, blue eyes, and dark skinned.

Rogue tried to stay calm "Yes, can yah help me out?"

A man with blond hair and green eyes smirked and playfully reply "We can do something better."

Rogue eyes widen as a man from behind ran his fingers down her backbone. She shudder "Don' touch me!"

They all laughed. Another one from behind push her to the ground "Or what?"

Rogue was scare for herself and the perverted men. She doesn't want their perverted mind in there head. What happen if one of them touch her and got absorbed? What will the other do? Will they kill her because she's a mutant?

One of them touched her face with his bare hand and fell to the ground. "Mutie!" The one with brown hair shout "Kill her!"

Rogue closed her eyes as the men tried to kill her. But then she heard an explosion. She opened her eyes to see two men from afar. The one that caught her attention has demon red on black eyes. The other was a black man. She didn't know if she should be afraid or relief. What if they want to kill her?

"'' ' ' ' ' ''"

A/N: For those who don't know... Mystique was disguise as Bobby. The two men are Remy (Gambit) and Bishop. Why I put Bishop in this story? Cuz I just love him and I wanna see him in the movie! Hehe. I'll try updating every week. Please review and tell me what you think.