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Chapter 8: Chaos The Inuyasha group said their last goodbyes and thanks to their friends of the distant future. Tears were shed and hugs exchanged, as well as small gifts of parting. After three months (sorry if I had something else before, bad memory) in this time, the Inuyasha group had befriended the entire group from the future, even the cold saiyan prince. After communicating with …(the blue guy with the antennas-I just can't remember his name.), Supreme Ki (sp check), and old Ki, they all found out that the way back to Sengoku Jidai was the well from which Kagome arrived. The well transported them to DBZ time so Kagome could know her past and be able to completely protect the Shikon-no-tama.
The Inuyasha group jumped into the well and disappeared. Goku gazed into the well and jumped in. He landed solidly on the bottom. "Well, I guess it's really closed." He sighed. Perhaps he'd see them all again.

"Ahhh, it feels good to be home." Miroku and Sango, with Shippou and Kirara perched on theirs shoulders, climbed from the well. "Huh? Lady Kagome? Inuyasha? Where did they go?" Sango shrugged at Miroku. They made their way to the village and gasped in horror as they looked around. The village was no more. Houses were torn down and trees uprooted. Throughout the village, old blood soaked the grounds and human bones littered the earth. Definitely the work of demons. Cruel, savage demons. Those that weren't devoured completely were half gone. Their faces were still twisted in agony, bodies twisted in unnatural directions, some limbs missing.
"No. The entire village. Kaede." Tears leaked from the corners of her eyes. They cautiously crept through the ruins.
"Kukuku! They are all dead." Naraku appeared suddenly before them.
"Naraku! You! HIRAIKOTSU!" Sango threw the boomerang at him with all her strength. Suddenly, her body fell limp. While they were paying close attention to Naraku, they failed to notice one of his minions releasing a sleeping gas. One by one, they all fell.

"Hmm. I thought we were going to the feudal era, but I guess not. Hey you guys! I can finally show you my home!" Kagome shouted happily as she emerged from the well to see the interior of the mini shrine. Kagome turned around when she heard no reply. Where did they go?
"Oi wench! Where'd everyone go?"
"I guess the well sent them back to the feudal era. While we're here, I'm going to stock up on supplies. Are you coming Inuyasha?"
"If you're not back in an hour, I'm coming back to drag you there." Inuyasha grumbled and then jumped back into the well. Kagome smiled and then flew into her room.

As Inuyasha jumped out of the well, his senses went haywire. He could smell the blood and destruction, as well as Naraku. Before he had fully stepped onto the grass, he fell unconscious, his last thoughts of warning Kagome.
Inuyasha woke slowly, his eyes blurred. When they adjusted, he saw Sango, Miroku, Shippou, and Kirara chained to the opposite wall. He thrashed against the chains holding him.
"Inuyasha, it's no use. The chains are made to hold down demons."
"Feh! What would you know Miroku!"
"You should listen to him, hanyou. You cannot escape. I will leave you here to watch…the show." Naraku chuckled evilly and then disappeared.
"Damn you Naraku! Come back and fight me! If you hurt her, I'll kill you! NARAKU! Where the hell are we!"
"You are in that ningen village but hidden by a barrier. It is Naraku's wish for you to watch as he destroys your precious miko, or better yet, forces her heart to darken with hatred and taint the jewel for him."
They stared at Kagura, mouths agape.

"Momma! I'm going back to the feudal era! I promised Inuyasha I'd be back soon, and I'm late! I'm surprised he didn't come fetch me." Kagome raced out of the house and leapt down the well. Blue light engulfed her. 'Hm. I wonder where Inuyasha is.' Kagome walked to the village ad came to an abrupt stop. Before her lay total destruction. The village was destroyed. This, however, wasn't what made her freeze. This wasn't what made her heart clench and hatred pour into her soul. No. It was the site of Naraku holding a lifeless Shippou and Kirara in his hands. It was the site of Miroku and Sango dead, tentacles pierced through their bodies. It was the site of Inuyasha being stabbed through the heart by Naraku, the blood spilling and staining the earth.
A horrible scream pierced the air. The skies trembled with the force. Lightning flared in the heavens as Kagome's heart wrenching scream tore through time. The ground cracked and broke, lifting into the air. An immense power began to build around Kagome. Naraku's eyes showed his surprise. While they had been away, Naraku had had his way. He had never expected the miko to gain this much power. Unknown to them, Kagome's scream had pierced through the time dimensions and created a path between them. Kagome gazed at Naraku, her eyes blazed with hatred.
"DIE NARAKU!" Kagome, in her saiyan form, shot an energy blast at him. Naraku burst into ashes. An unsatisfied thirst for revenge glimmered in the depths of her eyes. The now whole jewel glowed with a darkening light. The saiyan's eyes darkened to a deep crimson.
"Kagome! No! Stop this. It's me, Goku. Can you hear me Kagome?"
"Get out of my way Goku, or I will kill you." Kagome's voice was emotionless, her gaze cold.
"Come back to us Kagome. They're dead; you can't do anything about it! Get over it onna!" Vegeta shouted at Kagome.
"STAY AWAY FROM ME!" A wave of energy hit both Goku and Vegeta.

"No Kagome no. Damn it! I have to break this barrier! Kaze no kizu!" Inuyasha attacked the barrier, which was strangely intact although Naraku was dead. The barrier shattered after the fifth kaze no kizu. The Inuyasha group ran toward Kagome.
"Lady Kagome! Calm down! It was an illusion!"
"Kagome stop!"
The others stopped as a wave of energy hit them. Somehow, they weren't injured. Inuyasha didn't stop. He charged forward, fear for Kagome in his heart. "KAGOME!" Inuyasha had reached her side. He flung himself at her and hugged her tightly. He slowly felt her relax beneath his arms.
A sob escaped the miko. "Oh Kami-sama, what did I almost do?" She collapsed I Inuyasha's arms. "You're alive. You're all alive." The jewel was gradually turning back to its light pink color.
"I love you Kagome." Kagome looked up at Inuyasha and smiled.
"I love you too."

The rip in time created by Kagome was sealed, with the exception of the well. The well now allowed the passing of anyone who helped the protector of the jewel.


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