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(Time: Before the special party thing! The one where I..I mean Elphaba...gets her hat. The cool pointy one! Its really uh...sharp ...don't 'ja think!)

"I'm going to a par-ty! I'm going to a par-ty!" sang Galinda happily, skipping along the hallways of Shiz like an excited three-year-old who thinks they're about to get a piece of candy. Honestly, she couldn't be happier.

"I swear, sometimes your shallowness is so thorough, it's almost like depth." Fiyero chuckled, playfully teasing.

Galinda slapped him on the arm. It wasn't entirely clear whether she had meant to hurt him or not. Even if she were trying to slap him, her hardest slap couldn't have hurt all that much. Her attempt at violence only pushed the Winkie prince further into hysterics.

"Galinda, you won't be a creepy sadist at the party, right?" Fiyero asked. He wasn't completely kidding.

Galinda slapped him again, still not inflicting much, if any, pain.

"Okay! Okay! I was only teaserating"

(author's note: We love Oz slang!!)

"Well," she sniffed, haughtily, "one should know better. Honestly, sometimes it's like you have no brain, Fiyero."

"You just met me a couple of hours ago! How do you know anything about me?!?"

"GIRL SENSES!" Galinda said with a pose much like the statue of liberty.

(author's note: We know there is no statue of liberty in Oz, but we are authors dammit! And we can do whatever the hell we want...so leave us alone!!!)

"Oy! I'm never gonna understand you, am I?"

"How do you know," Galinda asked, mockingly, "You just met me!" Galinda flipped her hair in annoyance.

Fiyero gave up, deciding she would come to her other senses a little later. He hoped Boq was having a bit more luck with Nessa, the tragically beautiful girl rather than Galinda, the tragically moody girl.

(Fiyero meets up with Boq who is in their dorm room.)

(author's note: they are roommates. YES! NOW LEAVE US ALONE!!!)

"Wazzup, Boqinator?" Fiyero asked his roomie as he glided into their room.

"Boqinator?" Boq repeated, deadpan. He didn't even look up from his book, which Fiyero glared at. Ew. Books. Nasty.

"It's my new nickname for you."

"Well, what if I don't want a nickname?"

"Oh, please! Not another moody person!"

"Another?" Boq asked, being completely unaware of the conversation minutes before with the bubbling, bouncing, blonde.

(author's note: Well, maybe not bubbling...or bouncing...BUT she is a blonde! Natural? The world may never know.)

"Galinda was very... opinionified."

Boq didn't even bother to comment on the slang, but instead plowed on. "I've never known Miss Galinda to be... opinionified. Really. Not so much. And believe me, I'd know..."

"Well, she was rather frank with me, I'll tell you that much."

"Well, it's probably just her... time of month."

"Whobody heybody whatnow?"

"Fiyero, what comes at the end of a sentence?"

"A peri- oh. Oh!"

"Wow, you sure are smart, Fiyero. Nothing gets past you. I only wish I could be as sharp as you are."

If Fiyero understood the heavy sarcasm, he didn't show it. "I'm not SHARP."

"Certainly not. I'm sorry, that was insulting, wasn't it?"

Fiyero merely sniffed at him. He was acting quite a bit like Galinda.

"Anyway, Fiyero. Shouldn't you be studying for the big test tomorrow?"

"Studying gives me a rash. And nightmares. Seriously, last time I tried studying for a test I had a dream I was being chased around by an improperly bubbled-in bubble screaming 'None of the above!!!'"

Boq stared before going back to his book. He supposed he'd probably have to get used to this.

Fiyero started to search frantically through his clothes, which he had already trashed throughout the room.

Fiyero yelled out in agony, "But what am I going to weeeeeeeeaaaaaaaar?!?"

Boq began to repeatedly hit himself over the head with his book.

(cut to the girls' dormitories- because the guys no longer interest us. They are boooring)

"Boq is so WONDERFUL!" Nessa gushed. She'd been at this for a half hour already.

"Please stop talking." Elphaba said, flatly. She could FEEL the brain cells dying.

"And he's sweet, and caring, and cute, and..."

"Please stop talking."

"And yes, I'll admit he's a bit shorter than I would prefer, but he's..."

"Please stop talking."

"And he pushes my chair around and everything..."

Elphaba chose not to comment on how Boq really had no choice in that matter. She instead tried to suffocate herself with her pillow.

"That won't work." Galinda said airily, bouncing into her room.

Elphaba began to scream into the poor, defenseless pillow that really hadn't done anything to her.

"Please don't do that, those pillows are made from silk imported from the Glikkus- they were hand-sewn by some person without teeth, you know."

What in Oz had Elphaba ever done to deserve this?

"Nessa, would you please be a dear and leave the room for a minute?" Galinda asked in her sweet-as-honey voice.

Nessa left their dormitory with a smile. She wasn't about to defy the person who finally found her a boyfriend. Not to mention, the most popular girl in Shiz was addressing her directly. She was NOT going to complain.

Elphaba first noticed the package under Galinda's arm now that nothing was destroying her brain cells. It was a small, pink oval shaped box.

A large grin covered Galinda's face when she noticed Elphaba staring at the package. It was borderline creepy. Galinda decided to take full advantage of the situation in front of her.

"What is it?!?" Elphaba asked nervously. Remember, it looked quite strange from her point of view. Elphaba was starting to think that Galinda had simply smiled far too much, causing her face to be in permanent smile position.

"Oh, this is a gift from my grandmother. No, no, not a birthday gift- my birthday was three months ago. She simply sends me a present every month or two because she can't actually remember when my birthday is. It's a hat- but you see, I already have quite a few of them." Galinda pulled the pointy black mass that Elphaba could only assume was a hat in a past life out of the sickeningly pink wrappings.

"It's really, uh, sharp, don't you think?" Galinda said. Elphaba really didn't think it was that great, but then again, Galinda was up on all the latest fashions. Elphaba supposed she knew better in these matters.

"You know, black is TOTALLY the new pink." Galinda continued, "and I think you should wear it tonight to the Ozdust. I mean, you and this hat... DESERVE each other. Yes, I mean, you're both so... so... smart. So, uh, here."

With that, Galinda shoved that hat into Elphaba's hands and skipped out, just as cheerful was when she entered. Elphaba stared at the door, slack- jawed.

Did she miss something?

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