Chapter 2

This is during the Ozdust dance. FUN!

Galinda breathed in deeply, enjoying the feel of the party. Strobing lights, balloons everywhere, the heat of dozens of bodies meshing and crashing, swirling and smashing, the loud music, the annoying breath trickling down her neck... hooooold on. The Gillikinese girl spun on her heel... straight into Boq...well, her chest went straight into Boq. Not that HE was complaining!

"Is there anything you need, Miss Galinda, anything at all?" he asked eagerly.

"Please, you're invading my personal bubble. A drink would be nice, though. Thank you, Bick."

Ignoring her "slip of tongue", Boq bustled off to acquiesce her request.

"I would like something to drink, too, Boq!" Nessa called after him. "...Boq?" she would have started to tap her foot at this point in irritation, but...that wasn't much of an option. Stupid paralysis.

"Wow, the party is rockin'," Fiyero said as he grabbed Galinda by the shoulders.

"Fiyero!" Galinda yelped, surprised.

Fiyero dropped his grasp and continued, "Well, everyone came out to party tonight... wow, I'm REALLY persuasive."

Nessa looked shocked that he knew what "persuasive" meant.

"I have your punch, Miss Galinda" said Boq, panting.

"Um...I wanted the sparkling water, Bick," Galinda said

"Oh!" Boq exclaimed, "I'll go get that now!"

He began to go back to the refreshment table when Nessa caught Boq's arm before he could run off on Galinda's new whim.

"Boq, why are you completely ignoring me tonight?" Nessa asked impatiently.

"I need Galinda's water," he said as he wriggled free from Nessa.


(Outside of the swankified ballroom)

Elphaba stared at the large wooden doors.

They did not stare back.

She'd heard it said that when people are nervous, they get butterflies in their stomach.

Elphaba had turkey vultures gone postal.

'What am I doing here, I don't belong here...' she thought, and turned to leave. 'But Galinda'll kill me if I don't make an appearance...' she thought again, and turned back. Reasons to stay and leave rushed through her head as she turned back and forth from the doors in a strange, erratic dance.

Finally calming down, she took a deep, calming breath and... turned to leave.

She got as far as the parking lot before cursing, pulling at her hair, jumping up and down, and finally turning back to the ballroom.

Curses. Foiled again.

Composing herself, she strode "confidently" into the ballroom. And everything. Just. FROZE.

Gulping loudly, she began to dance. She could feel everyone just staring at her. She could almost hear Galinda speaking to a voice... a guy... but it was very far away. Then, footsteps. She opened her eyes to see Galinda right in front of her, staring at her inquisitively. They locked eyes, and Galinda began to copy Elphie's dance. A bit choppy, but Elphaba knew where she was coming from.

Didn't make her any less nervous. They danced together, the short seconds spanning into hours in her head. Slowly but surely, the other kids came back onto the dance floor, and Elphaba retreated, followed closely by her blonde roomie.

"Dude, I love this song!" Boq exclaimed happily, and promptly began doing a pretty good tiktok.

(A/N Tiktok is the Ozian version of the robot... read the book if you don't get it.)

Nessa swayed in her chair, and the hot guy Galinda was with (Elphaba was fairly certain his name was Fiyero) began to dance, along with Galinda. Elphaba wasn't so ready to repeat her experiences.

"C'mon, Elphie, it's FUN!" Galinda giggled. Elphaba raised an eyebrow as she watched Boq jerk around like a demented chicken.

"And still, I succumb to the beat." She said, rolling her eyes, before joining the group. She wasn't quite certain they could be called her friends- not yet. But they were closer to it than anything she'd ever had before. So she might as well enjoy it.