October 20th, Monday. Number 26 - 'Crayons'

My whole family sent me a bunch of things for my birthday, which was yesterday by the way. Anyways, my baby brother sent me a couple of his crayons, just because he's little and doesn't understand that I have to use quills here. So I decorated the cover of this journal and put them in my backpack for safe keeping.

Or if I got bored in class I would have something to do.

So I had potions last thing today because I always have it last on a Monday. What a great ending on such a great day. So I was looking through my very unorganized backpack, looking for a quill so I could write down some notes, when my hand wrapped around a fat crayon. I took it out and wondered what Professor Snape would think if I write in crayon.

So I took them out and lined them all carefully along my desk at the top of my paper. I took the pink one and started writing notes on what Snape was saying. But I got distracted and startedmakinglittle hearts and cute little pictures on my parchment. I used blue, green, orange, red, and many other bright colors. I made sure not to use any dull colors.

When class was over he had us come up so he could see what we had written. I was last in line with a huge smile across my face. When I finnally got to his desk he scowled at my much-too-happy face. He took my paper with a quick snatch and looked down at it.

A confused sort of look came across his face.

"What is this?"

"My notes, Sir." I replied, trying with all my self control to not laugh.

"What are all these colors from?" He asked.

"My writing utencils." And I took out a couple of my crayons.

He took them from me and examed them closely. How could anyone never seen crayons before?!

"Sir, they're only crayons." I explained, "a thing muggles color with."

He looked up at me and with one long hand broke all the crayons in his hand. On his face a haunting smile formed. I took a step from his desk. he stood from his chair slowly, but before he could stand up completly straight, I was out of there.

Obviously he thinks that two can play this game.

I think not...


I got the crayon idea from the Clan O' five. Sorry if there are in spelling mistakes. And Im so sorry for the huge delay. I hope you enjoy.