Summary: What if Obi-Wan actually got his memory wiped in The Hidden Past? This is totally AU and a lot of direct quotes will be taken from the book.

Disclaimer: I do not own Jedi Apprentice or the Start Wars Universe.


"The Syndicat has stored everything we need. Food, med supplies, building supplies, everything. It is all hidden in warehouses. We know this."

It was hard to believe that his birthday was only yesterday. Since then he had been abducted by a Phindian named Paxxi and his brother Guerra (whom he met on Bandomeer) and was now trying to destroy The Syndicat (a crime organization that had taken control of the planet). Last night they had broken into Syndicat headquarters to find Paxxi's anti-register (though he had not known it was for that exact reason.) Now they were going to break into some Syndicat warehouses to find the anti-register. He felt a deep sense of foreboding. He could not explain where it came from but it made the young padawan very uneasy. Obi-Wan shook it off. Now was not the time to be scared. Was it the force trying to tell him something? Obi-Wan reached out to it, but the force gave no answers. Nonetheless the gentle waves washed upon him and he felt calmer.

The uniform he had obtained from a guard hung a little loose on his thinner frame. He glanced over at Qui-Gon who was deep in thought. Guerra and Paxxi were arguing silently over who looked more handsome in the uniform.

"Not so, brother! I see that you lie! I am most definitely the handsomest!"

"It is you who lie now Guerra! I sweep the Phindian ladies off their feet even without the uniform."

There was a short silence and all eyes fell on Paxxi. Then Paxxi and Guerra started laughing and saying "Not so! Not so!" Obi-Wan smiled and for a moment he forgot his own anxiety. He still didn't forget what Guerra said about the people who were renewed. It brought shivers up his spine. What would he do if he lost all of his memories? How could he even be Obi-Wan if he didn't have a past? He'd be someone else. Someone different. He pushed those thoughts away. Now was not the time.

"As soon as we're inside, we should split up into two groups." Qui-Gon said.

Obi-Wan agreed. They could find the anti-register faster if they were separated. Obi-Wan reached into his robe and fingered the rock Qui-Gon gave him for his birthday. He was still unsure about the present. Perhaps it had some sort of force sensitivity? Master Qui-Gon wouldn't likely have given him something meaningless would he? Still... The stone felt smooth and calmed him. Don't lose it. He heard inwardly. Whatever you do, don't loose it. Obi-Wan narrowed his eyes. Where did that feeling come from? Obi-Wan looked at the smooth red lines on the stone and put it back into his guard uniform's pocket.

"Guerra go with Obi-Wan, Paxxi with me. We'll start at opposite ends and meet up in the middle, if we can. If you locate your goods and the anti-register device, leave. If we can't find it we'll all exit the building in twenty minutes. We can't take any chances." Qui-Gon said.

The plan seemed wise. Don't loose it. This way if any one of the Derida brothers ran into trouble they would have someone to protect them. Whatever you do.... Obi-Wan still couldn't understand why he was being warned to not loose the rock. He was going to tell Qui-Gon but thought better of it. He'd tell him later. Besides, he didn't want to sound ungrateful for his... rock.

"But what if we don't find it?" Paxxi asked hesitantly.

"We try again. We can't risk being discovered. If we are we may never find the device."

"Not so?" Guerra asked and Qui-Gon looked at him seriously.

"So." He answered simply and Guerra gulped. "The sooner we get out of there the better."

"And the sooner we find it the first time the better we don't have to go in again!" Paxxi said cheerfully. "Let's go!" He said casually.

The four silently and inconspicuously walked towards the warehouses with their packs full of "Bacta" and "Medpacs". He wondered if the guards would ask questions about the blatantly marked packs. Hopefully not. Qui-Gon could always bring the force to bear though so he didn't have to worry. Qui-Gon put a hand on Obi-Wan's arm and whispered,

"Don't forget to keep your arms in your pockets. We must look like Phindians."

Obi-Wan obeyed instantly and shoved his hands in his long pockets. He hoped his subtle disguise would work. He felt the stone brush against his hand and felt calm. He would not loose Qui-Gon's gift.

The four quickly walked across the dark courtyard and could see the lights of the warehouses. They weren't heavily guarded and the guards weren't checking for identification. Obi-Wan inwardly sighed. This would be a lot easier than he expected. At the main door to the warehouses stood two Phindian guards. Qui-Gon strode up to them and Obi-Wan and the Derida brothers followed suit. In his gruffest voice Qui-Gon growled,

"Delivering Bacta."

The guard looked the four over and waved them through.

The interior stunned Obi-Wan. Shelf after shelf was stacked with the supplies the planet desperately needed. How did the Syndicat even use all of the things they had? Did they gain pleasure from the fact they had it and the planet so desperately needed it? Or were they that insecure in their control? Guerra and Paxxi stopped and gawked at everything. It was hard not to, but Obi-Wan knew their cover would be blown if they stood still for too long. He gently nudged booth of them and they continued to walk. Still they could not keep their eyes off the endless rows of food, medpacs, and spare parts.

"Remember, twenty minutes." Qui-Gon whispered. "Don't take any unnecessary risks. We can always come back."

Obi-Wan and the brothers nodded. Guerra broke off from Paxxi and headed towards Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan took one last look at Qui-Gon and felt the anxiety he had felt earlier hit him again. He was frozen until Qui-Gon gave him a little nudge with the force. Obi-Wan turned away and walked off with Guerra. Don't lose it.... Echoed through his mind.

Guerra and Obi-Wan walked down to the end of the warehouse looking up at the endless shelves. They would occasionally pass a Syndicat guard but the guard would only nod and continue on his way. Obi-Wan's unease trickled away and he felt a fresh wave of confidence.

"This is so easy Obawan!" Guerra whispered excitedly. It was just what Obi-Wan had just been thinking. "So glad we stole these coats!"

Obi-Wan nodded and smiled. They continued down the hall.

"Do you see it?" Obi-Wan asked as they passed more bins of spare parts.

"No. But it has to be here." Guerra answered.

Suddenly Guerra's comlink activated. Guerra's eyes widened in fright. He didn't want to answer it.

"Guard K23M9 report in. Explain whereabouts." A gruff voice crackled.

Guerra almost choked. The mission didn't seem so easy anymore.

"It's probably a routine check." Obi-Wan murmured, but doubt clouded his voice.

Guerra summoned up his courage and answered steadily back,

"Warehouse delivery."

Obi-Wan hoped that would be the end, but the comlink activated again and the gruff voice said,

"Unscheduled. Explain."

Guerra began to panic and Obi-Wan could see the terror in his eyes. It had to happen now of all times. Obi-Wan tried to think of a plan, but his mind was strangely blank.

"Tell him he's mistaken." Obi-Wan whispered, wishing he could manipulate a person's thoughts through a comlink.

Guerra began to answer the comlink but terror leaked in his voice and he sounded high pitched.

"Not so!" He then shut off the comlink.

Both Obi-Wan and Guerra knew that they would be in a lot of trouble soon if they didn't hurry up. Without saying another word they began to quickly scan the shelves. Obi-Wan looked around nervously. He expected an army of Syndicat Guards to come rushing through the hall at any minute. Finally he heard the words he had been waiting to hear all night.

"Found it Obawan!" Guerra exclaimed. "There! The top shelf! I recognize those energy cells!"

Obi-Wan breathed a sigh of relief. Guerra deftly climbed up onto the bottom shelf to get more height and with his long arms reached for a carton and hauled it down. He peered inside with his curious eyes and smiled broadly.

"Here it is!" He exclaimed and took the device out from the bottom of the carton.

Guerra quickly tucked the device under his long arm. He put the carton back in its original place. Obi-Wan and Guerra looked at each other once and began to quickly walk back to the entrance of the warehouse. They tried to look inconspicuous but it was hard not too when Guerra was looking around anxiously every two seconds. Suddenly a monotone announcement boomed over the intercom.

"Guard K23M9, report to security. Guard K23M9, report to security."

Obi-Wan's heart pounded.

"What should we do Obawan? That's me!" Guerra asked panicked.

Obi-Wan's mind was blank. The force couldn't give him any answers. The most important thing was to get the anti-register out of here. If they ran now then they would booth be caught, but if one stayed behind the other could get the device to Qui-Gon. Obi-Wan knew what he had to do.

"Give me your coat." He ordered Guerra.

Guerra stared at him in horror.

"But Obawan! They will catch you! This I did once on Bandomeer. I'm not going to do it again!" Guerra said.

Obi-Wan admired the loyalty Guerra was showing him, but knew there was no other way. He had to convince Guerra he would be all right.

"The Force will protect me." Obi-Wan half lied but said confidently. Guerra had to believe. "There is no other way Guerra. You have to get the device to Qui-Gon and Paxxi."

Obi-Wan almost felt tempted to use the Force on Guerra to make him go but decided against it. His heart beat rapidly inside his chest. They were running out of time!

"You can use the Force to escape?" Guerra asked almost disbelieving.

Obi-Wan knew that Guerra knew close to nothing about the Force and it worked to his advantage.

"Yes!" Obi-Wan lied. "But you must hurry!"

Obi-Wan slipped out of his coat and handed it to Guerra. Guerra did the same, but reluctantly. Guerra put Obi-Wan's armor on and Obi-Wan put Guerra's on. Obi-Wan reached out to the Force and felt the Syndicat guards coming closer. Guerra tucked the device under his arm again.

"Now go!" Obi-Wan whispered and gently shoved Guerra away.

Guerra walked away from Obi-Wan and disappeared around a corner. Obi-Wan breathed a sigh of relief. Several floaters came rushing into the room with guards on them. Obi-Wan looked behind him and saw several more guards coming his direction. He was surrounded. It was hopeless. He reached into his pocket.... And the stone his Master had given him was not there. Guerra had it. He had left it in the pocket of his guard's uniform. Fear washed over Obi-Wan, but he quickly conquered it. He was a Jedi and fear had no place in him.

There was only one thing Obi-Wan could do, and that was surrender. All the guards pointed their blasters at Obi-Wan's neck menacingly. Obi-Wan was composed. He would wait for his chance to escape. He held his hands slightly up in surrender. He considered trying to reach out to his Master, but he wasn't quite sure if their Master-Padawan bond was that strong or if that would just make the situation worse.

"Guard K23M9. You are out of your quadrant." A guard said. "You know the penalty. We will escort you to headquarters. Resist and you're dead."

Obi-Wan nodded numbly. The foreboding he had felt earlier came back in full force. It threatened to immobilize him. He felt cold all over. He remembered all the warnings he had heard in his mind about the stone, and wished he had listened to him. A guard kept a blaster against his neck and roughly pushed him forward.