Camp Crazy

By Mat Growcott


 It was another great day at Camp Summer. Tim smiled as he walked through the trees towards the tents where all the boys (13-15) were going to be up and ready and waiting. He walked out into the huge empty field. The smile drained from his face. The children, tents and everything else were gone.

Chapter 1

 "You know Jeannie. I used to come to this camp" Jeff said.

"You?!" Jeannie laughed out loud

"Yeah, I was a scout. Got a badge and then I had to quit because I was allergic to some of the plants"

"The only time I was in a forest as a child was when we went to visit my uncle. I was petrified that a yeti or a tiger or something was going to get me. I never went again, I was scared of going near them until I was 12"

Jeff smiled. It was nice to have someone to talk too on these long, otherwise lonely cases.

 Marty concentrated. If he concentrated hard enough he could make an exact copy of himself.

"Well done Mr Hopkirk" Wyvern, Marty's ghostly guide to the after-life

"Am I doin' it?"

"Yes Marty. Concentrate harder, your nearly there"

He concentrated, and then he screamed in pain as his very soul was split in to. He woke up.

"You stopped concentrating Mr Hopkirk, that wasn't real pain, you're a ghost. You just imagined it"

"Wyvern, what good can splitting in two do?"

"It takes two to tango, hearing, seeing two things at once, in work and for fun, either way you'll use it sun"

"sun…son…soon…" Marty translated

"Lets try again" Wyvern said with a happy look on his face.

"So what do you do in the scouts Jeff?" Jeannie asked almost teasingly

"I learned how to save a drowning person in a river"

"Really? So you'd be able to save me if I fell in?"

"No, I failed."

"Come on Mr Hopkirk this is the 20th time. YOU CAN DO IT"

Marty Concentrated hard.

Jeff and Jeannie walked into the office

"Hello Mr John"

"Tim please. Are you Jeff Randall?"

"Yes I am, and this is my partner Jeannie Hurst"

Tim didn't even look at Jeannie

"I went to the boys camp this morning and there was no one there. Which is strange because last night everyone was"

"Couldn't they have just ran away?" Jeannie questioned

"Please Miss Hurst, be serious. This camp is great, nobody would run away. And even if they did how would they take all the equipment? This was done by people with lorries!!"

"Are there tyre tracks?" Jeff asked

"Not at all"

"Are the police involved?" Jeannie looked around the room as she said this. There were pictures of happy campers. In one corner, near the desk that Tim was sitting at was a box labelled "Mishaps". Tim noticed her stare and pushed the box out of site

"The police are not involved yet. Although I'll call them this evening if you can't help"

"Thank you Mr…Err…thank you Tim. We'll show ourselves out" Jeannie said smiling. They walked out "He was hiding something Jeff. I think he might be in trouble with the police.

"JEFFFF" Marty appeared. Jeannie looked up…

"Marty?" She said. "MARTY?? Your alive?"

"You can see him?" Jeff asked inquistivly.

"Yeah. Am I imagining him?"

"Come and sit down. I think you need an explanation."