Title: The Soul of the Reaver

Authors: Dr. Dee and Yaoi Diva (yes there are in fact two of us!)

Disclaimer: Neither Dr. Dee nor Yaoi Diva own any part of the Legacy of Kain series. We're just two poor fangirls with weird imaginations.

Warnings: Slash!! Yaoi!! What ever you want to call it, it's in this fic! If you don't like it, don't read it! If you absolutely must flame then for pity's sake at least be creative about it!

AN: Hello! This is our First LoK fanfic and only our third fanfic ever. This is also the first fanfic we've published on this site.
This story takes place during the thousand years Raziel served as Kain's lieutenant. Please expect lots of sap and angst because we like these things and cannot seem to keep them out of our work. We also just love the Kain/Raz pairing and don't think there could ever be enough fanfics about it. Hope you enjoy our fic!!


What is this? I feel as if though I am everywhere and nowhere at once. Myself, floating on a sea of oblivion, whose colors swirl around me, ebbing and flowing like the tide of some great ocean. How long have I been here? I cannot say; the concept of time seems not to exist in this realm.

Suddenly I feel something grab hold of me. An inexplicable force is wrapping its hands around me and pulling. The "sea" swirls around me faster and faster and I feel as though I am now caught in a whirlpool, spiraling downward. To where, I do not know.

Then with a great wrenching motion I am bound and confined and it is over. I have been thrust into a body that hurts. Locked into this corporeal prison of flesh and bone. No! I want to go back. It was so peaceful where I was, so calm and there was no pain. Now I ache everywhere. Indescribable agony beats against all of my senses and I am overwhelmed.

Then I feel a hand supporting the back of my head, raising it slightly, and something being pressed to my lips. Thick liquid is being poured down my throat, taking the pain away.

Heat. It's so hot. What is this? It tastes like heaven, and yet...

I'm afraid. What's happening to me? Who am I?

"Don't move. Just drink, and learn. You are Raziel, my firstborn, my son." I try to open my eyes, but all I can see is darkness. And heat, running down my throat. Then light slowly emerges. A face, above me. Skin, so white, so smooth. Long hair, over his shoulder. Golden eyes. So beautiful, and yet I find I am frightened by the apparition before me. The strange hot liquid leaves my mouth and I am free to speak at will.

"Where am I?" I ask. My sight is beginning to clear.

"You are in my castle. You are safe." The words are not particularly comforting to me. I feel lost, my mind swimming in a fog of confusion and indecision.

"Wake, Raziel, my son, and see your maker." I turn my head and blink the mist from my eyes. He is there, and suddenly I am aware of the indestructible bond between us. He places one hand behind my back and raises me to sitting. The world spins and then stands still. I am in a large circular room with stone gray walls. There appear to be windows cut into the walls, but they are covered by heavy velvet drapes. I find, despite the darkness, I can see perfectly.

He is watching me. I can feel it.

"My name is Kain," he says. "You will come to know it well." A sudden dizziness washes over me. I stumble, but he...Kain...catches me. "The hunger takes you," he says. "Come. I will show you your new life, your life of darkness."
He told me I was a god. It was a strange concept to hear. And yet how could he be wrong? I could see the darkened landscape as if though the sun shone brightly above us. I could transform at will into shapes both wonderful and terrifying: the wolf, the bat, and the indefinite fog. I crushed stone in my bare hands and took the life of an innocent girl. It felt...good. Kain explained how my soul had been harnessed and replaced in my lifeless corpse, creating something that was not quite demon, but was not human. I fed off of blood. It was my entire existence. In those first delicate years, the sun would have destroyed me, so I slept, while Kain did other things. He never used the word vampire. That was always a human word. And in those days, I had no regrets.
I wake up to the dim pulsing in my blood that tells me the sun has dipped behind the horizon. Kain is not here. He has been absent for my awakening for several nights now. This is unusual for him, and despite myself, I worry. What is Kain doing while I lay immobile on my bed of satin? What more stimulating pursuit could occupy his sunlit hours?

The door swings back and Kain enters, his eyes shining mischievously. "Raziel, my son, my firstborn, I would like you to meet your brother, Turel." He steps out from behind Kain, and I feel a strange fist clench around my bowels. He is tall and elegantly thin with long black hair and porcelain skin, glowing with the fire of the new blood within him.

"Kain, what is this?" I ask, unabashedly. Kain has disapproval in his eyes, but not anger.

"You will have many brothers before the end, child. I suggest you be civil."
I became silent, but a strange rage had come to occupy my heart. In the years to come my brothers multiplied. Turel was joined by the arrogant Dumah, the secretive Rahab, the mischievous Zephon, and the overbearing Melchiah. I felt my importance dwindling. Though I was now more than capable of taking care of myself, and, as the oldest, had the most strength and authority, I felt an emptiness I could not explain. Kain explained it for me.
The door creaks open and Kain's especially soft footsteps enter.

"I do wish you would stop sulking," he says icily.

"I don't know what you're talking about." "I know you're jealous, Raziel." I feel my temper flare.

"Jealous?! What have I to be jealous of?!"

"You were my first, the only one, and now there are six of you." He speaks with such a sardonic tone.

"I am not jealous," I reply. "You are our leader. You may do whatever you wish, sire."

"Cold words," he says, sitting beside me on the bed. "But I know what you feel, Raziel. We are one, you and I, forever. You were my first. You will always have that." I don't respond, too bound by my own inexpressible discomfort.

"I know why you are jealous, Raziel," he continues. I look up, puzzled, as his lips meet mine and his tongue slips deftly through my fangs. For one moment I am shocked, then I relax into his arms. I cannot deny the stirring below. He wraps his strong arms around behind me, and eases me back down onto the bed.

"Raziel, your jealousy is unnecessary. You were my first, my love, and will always be. I created your brothers for power. With their obedient service I will be able to conquer and rule. You, however, I created for a different purpose." He kisses me again, suggestively running his fingers through my hair. "It has taken this long for you to finally see it, Raziel, the bond between us. You thought it the tie of a maker to his child, but it is much more than that." His lips catch the side of my neck and graze gently against the skin. "You are mine," he says, and slides one long claw down my chest, ripping off my shirt.
He did not take me that first night. His lips and sharp teeth ran smoothly along my skin. His hands wandered over my chest and across the forbidden space between my legs. But he did not take me. I was young. Naï