The SunnyDale Immortal.

By William Gilmor

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Pairings: Xander/Faith.

Everything from the moment after Dru cut Kendra's throat is Alternate Universe.

Xander Harris walked out if SunnyDale Hospital with a smile on his face. He had saved Kendra. The vampire Drusilla had cut Kendra's throat He had found her just after it had happened. He had been able to save her life thanks to a healing spell he had learned. He had been secretly studying magic so he could better help the Scoobies. But the magic had only closed the wound Xander had to once again do C.P.R. to once again save the life of a non- breathing slayer. Oh my god Kendra died and I saved her thought Xander as he made his way home from the hospital. This should make life more interesting because their maybe a third slayer called now just as Kendra was called when Buffy was drown by the master.

Xander was so deep in thought he never heard the sword fight taking place in the alley just ahead of him or the slight pull at the back of his skull warning him that there was something ahead that he should get away from.

As he passed the alley Xander turned as he heard a battle cry and found a Sword run thru his stomach. As he fell he saw a second sword cut of the head of the man who had killed him. As his eyes closed and he slipped in to darkness she saw lightning and a white light and the only thing that was in his mind was at least I did some good before I died.

A beam of light hit his eyes and he pulled the blanket over his head. Xander shot up in bed. What is going on I thought I got stabbed he thought as he looked around the room and saw he was in a new place. Where the hell am I? Then he felt it the Buzz. It was all around him and in him at the same time and quite frankly it scared the shit out of him. Then he heard the door open and in stepped a man carrying a breakfast tray. They locked eyes and the buzz faded.

Ahh I see your up no need to worry your completely save here. My name is Adam Pierson. I'm sure you have a lot of questions but you best eat first then join me in the other room and I'll try to answer all your questions. With that he left the tray.

Ok thought Xander I'm not a vampire because I'm not being burned by my cross, which was around his neck. And I'm laying in sunlight. So I guess I'll see what this Adam has to say. After attacking his bring fast as only Xander Harris can.

Xander walked into the other room and let out a low whistle at the expensive d├ęcor in the room he now stood. Ok Adam you said you could answer my questions lets start with home I'm still alive after getting a sword rammed thru my gut and that light show that followed when you decided to give the guy who stabbed me a hair cut and took way too much off the top huh?

Adam just smirked he liked this kid already he was a refreshing change of pace from Macleod. Ok kid here it is straight. You young man are an Immortal, One of a race of human beings that when killed return to life able to heal from any injury except beheading and stop ageing. You are also destined to take part in the Game. You must fight other Immortals who will try to kill you, because when an Immortal's head comes off it unleashes the Quickening. The Quickening is all the power and knowledge an Immortal has. In the end there can be only one. So we Immortals fight to stay alive.

Ok Adam you'd think something like that would shock me but I guess I've been living on the hellmouth way too long. I can train you to survive in this game. But not here you'd have to leave and come to Boston. That is where I'm living now. If you want to come I'll take care of everything and I'll have you trained and home by the end of this summer if you want? But if not then all I can suggest to you is learn to use a sword and learn fast.

What do you get out of teaching me Adam? Well my young friend I get a friend and can pass on what I know incase someone takes my head and Macleod says it's good to have a few connection among our kind in case I need help.

Ok then Adam first my name is not kid it's Xander and you got a deal but you give me two days to finish something and then we leave. It's done my student.

Xander left his new mentor with a promise he would be back in two days to leave SunnyDale to train to learn what was need to stay alive for as long as possible.

The next two-days progressed quickly as Angelus tried and failed to open the sealed demon but failed and Willow succeed in resouling Angelus before he could find a way in to open it.

On the second night he asked all the Scoobies to meet him it the library because he needed to talk to them all. They all sat around the table waiting for him as he came in dressed in his army fatigues and carrying his duffel back will all he was taking with him to Boston. Buffy was the first to speak up. Ok Xan we are all here what's going on? Where are you going? Well Buffy I have to leave for a while. Something has happened to me and I need to go away for a while to try and figure out what I'm going to do about it. So I asked you all here to say goodbye. I don't know when or even if I'll ever be coming back here and I just need to say some things to you all before I left. The collective group just sat there in shock as the heart and soul of their little group just told them that he was leaving them possibly forever.

Xander first walked up to Giles and took his hand and shook it and smiled Giles I want to thank you you've always watched over us and I just wanted to say I wish my dad could be as good a man as you are. Next he moved over to his Werewolf buddy Oz. Oz my friend I just want you to know that I once thought there wasn't a man in this world good enough for my Willow and I just want to thank you for proving me wrong. Xander was all the young man could say because he hand just been given something incredible the trust and blessing of the man who up till that point he had thought of as his rival for the love of Willow. He moved next to his oldest and dearest friend Willow. He pulled her into a hug and kissed her on the cheek and for the first time Oz didn't feel jealous. I love you Willow I always have. You kept me sane and kept on the path to being a good person you were always there for me for that I will always love you with all my heart. A smirk formed on his face as he stepped face to face with Angel. You know I never liked you. But I always respected you. You better keep them all safe Angel or else you and I will be back quicker then you can spit. Angel was in Awe this was the closes Xander had ever been to our right excepting him and Buffy. Xander walked right up to his Cordy with a tear in his eye. Cordelia Chase you are the most beautiful and passionate woman I have even know I am forever grateful that you let me share a small part of you life. You're an amazing person never let anyone tell you different. Each Scooby just sat in stunned amazement at the young man before them they were unable to move just watch as their friend said his goodbyes to them. Buffy he smiled as he took her hand I know you never wanted this life and I am sorry it's you that has to face this bad stuff but just let me say that with all the evil shit out there with you in our corner. I like our odds.

Finally coming to Kendra the young woman whose life he had saved only three days before. Kendra I know you have trouble trusting people but I'm asking you to trust the people here with you they know what your going thru believe me. Just be yourself be Kendra the Young lady who I see in your eyes the one so full of life. Not just Kendra the Vampire Slayer. He gave her a quick hug and was out the door just as quick as he had come. The Scoobies all looked at each other for a minute then all took off after the young man each one determined to keep him here with them because each one knew that without their Xander shaped friend they wouldn't be the Scoobies anymore. Because Xander Harris is what kept them all alive and sane.

They reached the front off the building just in time to see Xander put on a helmet mount a motorcycle and toss them a final wave as he and a man on a second bike disappeared in tonight.

Everyone there was fighting back tears and praying to any god who would listen to bring back their Xander and bring him back Soon.