Chapter 8 the Scoobies Learn

Dawn was unsure how to feel the man she was in love with despite the fact he was four years older was asking her to be the flower girl at his wedding to a woman he had proclaimed his soul mate. She was feeling rage that some slut had taken her Xander from her and had what she wanted. But she wanted to make Xander happy. "Yes Xander I'll be your flower girl." Xander and Faith smiled. Until I can get rid of this bitch thought Dawn.

Adam chose this moment to walk in with Lynda. "Little brother I got to hand it to you I just transfer all of Simbaca's money and property to you and you know have a net worth in the range of three quarters of a billion dollars." Xander smiled Faith was thinking shopping spree Cordy screamed. "He is richer then I am? That is so not far."

"Deal with it Queen C my man is loaded and tomorrow I'm going shopping" Faith snapped as the Scoobies broke out laughing.

"Can I come?" Buffy asked.

"I dunno B what do you think baby?" Faith whispered as she nuzzled Xander's neck.

Xander just smiled why don't all the girls go shopping and get to know one another and Adam and I'll take Oz Giles and Angel out and catch up on our adventures in Boston. What do you think my love?"

"I like that idea baby." Faith smiled.

Dawn was almost gagging as Xander called Faith my love soon she thought very soon I'll get rid of that bitch and Xander will be mine.

Once again from across the way the young Immortals and their families were being watched by a quite loony and a quite dangerous Master Vampire who was quite taken with the Immortal Xander.

"Miss Edith" Dru spoke as she held her doll close. "This is gonna me a lot harder then I thought. All those naughty doggies are gonna have to died so mummy can have her kitten back. But that dark bitch is gonna suffer most of all because she took my kitten's innocence's and that was mummy's to take. Not even not daddy is can stop me from getting my kitten back. Oh the stars are talking Miss Edith they say the little key wants the Dark Slayer gone to she me be of some use." An evil smile spread across Drusilla's face.

The Scooby girls Joyce and Lynda all were sitting in a food court in the local mall after have spend some of Xander and Faith's newly acquired Wealth. Faith sat uneasy with the Scoobies as she could tell they all had questions they wanted to ask. Cordy was the first to bring one up. "So how good is Xander?" The tension broken the girls broke out laughing.

"You sure you wanna know Cordy?" Faith asked as she got her laughter under control. "Sadly yes I wanna know what I lost so I can hopefully find a guy just as good is Xander someday." Faith gave a said smile as she felt her heart go out to the former Queen C because she could see in her eyes that she too truly loved her Xander. As she looked at the other girls at the table she saw the same thing reflecting in their eyes they were all in love with Xander.

Faith gave them a small smile. "He was my first and just let me say holy shit. He made me feel things I didn't thing possible, I am not just talking about the pleasure there was a lot of that trust me, But he made me feel like I was the only woman in the world. He made me feel like I was put on this earth just to let him love me. I could feel him in my heart in my mind hell even in my soul it was like I got to see what heaven was like and he was the one to take me there." The Scooby girls were in awe of Faith their Xander had done something to her they all wished he did to them. "He made me feel loved in the truest sense of the word if I could pick one moment in my life to live over and over it would be that moment or when we first kissed."

The Scooby girls were in awe of Faith she had something that they all wanted in more ways then one she had the purest form of love that ever existed and she had it in the form of Xander Harris. The first love of three of the girls present there and 3 others who fell in love him too, One as a son and two as a man.

Angel sat at the table as Xander dealt the next hand he was quite surprised as to the extent of the changes in the young man. Changes he only assumed had been brought about by Faith and his new found Immortality.

"Xander can I ask you a question?" Asked the ensouled vampire.

"Go ahead Angel." Answered Xander.

"What is Faith like I mean she seems nice and all but truthfully what's she like?"

Xander smiled and Methos chuckled at the question.

"Well it's kinda hard to explain my Faith is a force of nature for lack of a better term. She makes me feel complete in ways you could never imagine. The only way I can explain in terms you'd understand is if my life depended on a moment of pure happiness just bring me to Faith and that is all it would take. Every moment I'm around her it feels like my heat is going to explode with joy. I feel her in my mind and soul all the time I can hear her thoughts and sense her feelings it's like being high on love." The collective Scooby men were in awe each of them had a love they thought was timeless but the way Xander described the way he feels about Faith made them each understand that the love Xander and Faith was truly timeless

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