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The good Bakura is referred to as Ryou and Yami Bakura is Bakura.

Chapter 1: Of Letters and Birthdays

"Hey Yami, we don't know anyone who lives in England, do we?" Yugi asked as he passed through the door into his room. He held in his hands a strangely colored envelope with the address, 'Mr. Y. Mutou, Front Upstairs Bedroom, Kame Game Shop, Domino City, Japan', written in emerald ink. There was no stamp.

"I don't think so," answered the spirit sitting on the bed. "Why? What's that?"

"A letter from England. It's definitely an interesting birthday present," Yugi answered, eyeing one of the papers enclosed in the envelope.

"What does it say?" Yami asked, leaning forward with anticipation.

Yugi stared down at the message again. "'Dear Mr. Yugi Mutou, I am pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in England. I feel it would be a great honor if you accepted our offer to teach you how to develop and utilize your recently acquired magical skills.' Then it goes on to explain what school would be like, what year I'm in, how to get to the train that would take us there, as well as where to get school supplies, and so forth. There's a list of subjects I'd be taking, too. It's signed by a 'Professor Albus Dumbledore'." He took another paper out of the envelope. "Here's a list of school supplies…wow…" He slumped down onto the bed next to Yami, eyes scanning the paper excitedly; the dark took the letter out of his hikari's hands to read it for himself.

He said after an extended silence, "This sounds like a very elaborate joke."

"Yeah, but who do we know that could be this creative?" Yugi said pointedly.

"Bakura." The answer was instant. Yugi sighed.

"I guess so. Ryou knows enough about England for–"

"Damn, how many papers are in here?!" Yami exclaimed as he pulled a seventh document from the envelope.

"Uh, a lot?" Yugi offered. "How would Bakura get all these papers in here anyway?"

"The Ring."

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that. I'll ask Ryou about it later today. I just hope this isn't a joke, though; this school could be a lot of fun."

"I say it's a bad idea."

"What could be worse than staying around here? We always get into so much trouble in Domino. I think this could be a new beginning for us."

"The hell it is," Bakura snarled. "You're not going."

"Koe, it's England! I haven't been in England since…a long time ago. Father already said yes."

"You asked your father and not me?!"

"You were asleep," Ryou squeaked meekly. "Besides, we both know it doesn't matter whether I tell you or not if you really want to know something."

"I still say it's a bad idea," Bakura said like it was the only argument he needed.

"And I say we're going. I think a school of magic could be fun."

"Do you realize how dangerous this could be?"

"I thought you lived for danger."

Bakura stared silently at him, at a loss for words; luckily for him, the doorbell rang before Ryou commented. Said hikari dashed out of the room to the door, to find a very confused Yugi standing there.

"Good afternoon, Yugi, and happy birthday," Ryou said cheerfully as he opened the door. His tone must have sounded curious to his companion, though, since Yugi now had an odd expression on his face.

"Thanks, Ryou. Um, listen," –Yugi shuffled his feet uncomfortably– "has Bakura…uh…played any pranks on Yami and me lately?"

"What do you mean, Yugi?"

"Well, I got this weird letter this morning–no stamp or anything– and it seemed like the kind of thing your yami would do."

"You mean a letter like this?" Ryou asked, holding up an almost identical envelope to Yugi's; the smaller boy's opened wide with surprise and excitement.

"It's not a joke?"

"Not that I know of. Would you like to come in, Yugi?" Ryou asked as he stepped aside; Yugi bounced into the apartment.

"So, when did you get your letter, Ryou? I got mine this morning, so…"

"I got mine really late last night. Malik called from Egypt around midnight last night (of course, it was about five in the evening for him) saying that he got a letter like this. It was sort of hard to understand him since he kept trying to use English, and he's really bad at it. Anyway, my letter appeared about a minute after that."

"Why do you think the three of us got these letters? Especially now? We've got about three months before term starts."

"More time to read up on the previous five years of school I suppose. As to why we got these invitations, I'm sure it's because of our Millennium Items. Otherwise, we don't have any magic."

Yugi stared down at his feet. "Ryou, do you think we should tell Professor Dumbledore about that? That our magic comes from the Items?"

"That's a good question. I wonder what he would say, especially if said anything about our yamis."

They spent the next half-hour discussing the subject of Hogwarts, the impact learning magic might have on their yamis, and so forth. In the end, Yugi and Ryou decided to wait a couple of months before they officially determined on whether to go to Hogwarts or not. As a result, they chose to have the best summer possible, starting with Yugi's birthday party. And then more parties, water parks, girls, additional parties, movies, books, and pizza. They lived every day to it's fullest, striving to pack 2/3 of a year of fun and friendship into the summer, but the letters and what they offered were always on the back of their minds, a good place for happenings to sprout from and good things to either get better or to end. And so came the month of August…

The few weeks after term ended felt long and tedious to Harry Potter, who had once again been stuck at his aunt and uncle's house. The bright side was that Ron and Hermione wrote to him often, and they didn't seem to be in the same place this year; in fact, Hermione wrote the she was on vacation in Japan and that she was having the time of her life. Ron said that he'd been stuck at his house all summer too, though George and Fred had shown up once or twice to give their parents 30% of the profits from their joke shop, and it was a considerable amount. Mrs. Weasley wasn't very thrilled about the joke shop, and even less thrilled that it was Harry who'd given them the money to start it, but she didn't complain so much when she saw how profitable the twins were. Ron said that he was sorry Harry couldn't come over yet and leave the Dursleys, but Mrs. Weasley didn't think it was a very good idea for Harry to leave his aunt and uncle. Harry wrote back that he was going to leave Privet Drive within a week after his birthday anyway.

He sighed as he looked out onto Privet Drive, wishing an owl from one of his friends would appear sometime soon, like he knew one would, or, almost even better, the results of the O.W.L. test he'd taken last June. Either way, owl or no owl, Harry planned to stay up here in his room for most of the day, out of the end-of-July summer heat that was fogging up the street below. Besides, the Dursleys preferred to have as little contact with Harry as possible, especially on his birthday.

A loud screech from nearby broke through his thoughts, and he looked up to find a large owl sitting next to his elbow on the windowsill; a large envelope was tied to its leg. Harry recognized it as Hermes, Percy's owl, and that was promising since Percy worked at the Ministry of Magic. He nervously took the envelope from the owl, thanked it, and sat down on his bed, tearing open the envelope; he noticed another envelope inside with emerald green writing that he knew was from Hogwarts, but the other papers were what he was really interested in. The first one he pulled out was a letter of apology from Cornelius Fudge, the Minister of Magic, but Harry noticed that not one place in the letter did it mention that it was the Ministry of Magic that had ridiculed him the most. The second paper he pulled out was the results of his O.W.L.s; he read it with interest and was stunned as he read:

Harry Potter

Fifth Year O.W.L. Test Results

Defense Against the Dark Arts............Outstanding


Charms..................................Exceeds Expectations

Transfiguration.....................Exceeds Expectations

Herbology..............................Exceeds Expectations

Care of Magical Creatures....Exceeds Expectations


History of Magic.....................................Acceptable


Congratulations, Mr. Potter!

You have passed 8 out of 9 O.W.L.s!

Harry stared incredulously at the second line of results; how on earth did he get an 'Outstanding' in Potion? He'd done poorly in the class for most of fifth year, though he suspected it was because Snape hated him. He grinned to himself, imagining the look on Snape's face when he showed up for N.E.W.T. Potions class. Wait till Ron hears about this!