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Chapter 20: The Unseen Evil

The six of them weren't the only ones taking advantage of the Hogsmeade weekend, though most of the other students had gone the previous day; as soon as they got up from the table, Malfoy followed suit from across the room. He followed them out of the Great Hall and down several hallways until he realized they were heading for the Gryffindor common room, a place off-limits to him, and he'd gotten into enough trouble with Dumbledore already that he wasn't going to follow them too much further.

However, the five Gyffindors and Slytherin friend had no idea they were being followed as they headed toward the former students' dorms. Yugi and Ryou had to get their money so they could at least buy decent brooms. Unfortunately, Malik had to wait a distance away from the portrait hole, since he was a Slytherin (lucky him) and wasn't allowed to know the Gryffindor password or enter the tower; the three veteran students waited with him to keep him company. After what seemed to him as an eternity, Yugi and Ryou emerged from the portrait hole, talking animatedly about what might lay in store for them. And soon they were on their way to Hogsmeade, unaware of their follower.

"Hey Ryou, come look at this one!" Yugi called from across the store. Ryou glanced up from the broom he'd been inspecting, not able to see the other boy through the racks of brooms between them. At Present, the group had split up; Harry, Yugi, and Ryou were looking at brooms in the Quidditch supplies shop, even though they had to bypass the few Firebolts that were there; Hermione, Ron, and Malik were exploring elsewhere, and they were all going to meet up in the Three Broomsticks about noon.

The broom Ryou was currently looking at was a Cleansweep Eleven, the same model broom as the one Ron had. But as he ran his hand over it, he didn't seem to connect with it very well. He sighed and turned away from the broom, thinking to head for Yugi's half of the store…until he collapsed with a small cry.

"Ryou?" Yugi called. The boy turned his head and saw Ryou lying unconscious on the floor; Yami was immediately in control and he dashed over to his friend, noticing at once that Ryou wasn't breathing. At first he though maybe Bakura had done something until he noticed a dim glow coming from under Ryou's robes. Yami immediately pulled out the locket and almost froze in shock when he saw it was open a again. He shook his head vigorously and snapped the locket shut. Ryou instantly began gasping for breath as if someone had been holding a pillow to his face.

"Ryou?" Yami asked, shaking the boy slightly to get him to wake up. "Ryou?! Come on, don't do this! Wake up, Ryou!"

The white-haired teen coughed violently, effectively getting Yami to stop shaking him, and a tear ran down his cheek. "Y-Y-Yami?"

"Yes, it's me. Are you all right?"

"Do I bloody well look all right?!" Ryou demanded angrily, causing another coughing fit. "It…hurts…so much…"

"Yugi, what happened?" Harry asked as he approached the scene. "Is Ryou okay?"

"Do I–!" He doubled over again, coughing, but smiled apologetically at them once he stopped. "Sorry, I'm not really mad at either of you. I'm just in a lot of pain. Ya-I mean, Yugi, help me up, please."

Yami helped Ryou to his feet, frowning slightly at his friend's slip of tongue; Harry was sure to have caught that.

"Ryou, are you going to be all right?" Harry asked, wrapping one of Ryou's arms around his shoulder to help support him. "We could take you to the Hospital Wing or–"

"Nah…I'll be fine…it's happened before…"

((Ryou, you're about to faint again,)) Bakura admonished irritability. ((You're not fine.))

(I said 'I'll be fine', not that I am right now.)

((Then either let me take over or let them take you back to the hospital wing.))

(You can take over for now.)

Bakura smirked as he took control, slightly glad that Ryou's pain wasn't physical, and pulled out of Harry and Yami's grips.

"So what broom did you find, Yugi?" he asked somewhat cheerfully, but both Yami and Harry were staring in shock out through one of the windows that over looked the street. Yet when Bakura turned to look, he saw a flash of black and platinum blonde.

"Malfoy," Yami murmured.

"I'm guessing that a bad thing," Harry commented.

"That brat is patronizing me," Bakura growled. "I am going to kill him if–" Both Harry and Yami had to hold Bakura back as he tried to dash out of the shop, probably to kill Malfoy like he wanted. The psychotic yami struggled against his captives, only seeing red. "Damn it, let me go! Let…me…go!"

"Bakura, calm down!" Yami and Harry exclaimed at the same time. They glanced at each other and the spirit went on: "Listen, I know you're scared and angry–"

"Shut up!"

"–but you don't need take it out on Malfoy."

"He knows…" Bakura hissed. "He knows about me…And he knows I know he knows and he's just waiting…"

"Just calm down and think! Killing him won't help–"

"Yes it will!"

"–Ry-your problem! Just calm down and talk to Dumbledore or–"

"Shut up! Just shut up Pharaoh!" Bakura exclaimed, wrenching his arms out of the other teens' gasp. He rounded on Yami, fire smoldering steadily in his eyes. "I don't want your pity, Pharaoh, or your damn advice! I have the situation under control! I don't need you to be ruling over my life again! I got enough of that in Memphis!" He glared at Yami for what seemed like ages and suddenly turned and strode angrily to the opposite side of the strode, running his hand over various brooms as he passed them. Yami stuck his hand out to keep Harry from following him; the boy stared quizzically at him, and one could almost see the light bulbs forming above his head.

"What was that about?" Harry asked.

"We had a disagreement a little while ago, that's all." Yami shrugged and picked up a broom the as lying on the floor. "I'm going to go pay for this now."

Harry nodded and followed him to the front desk, glancing back once at Bakura. Bakura. Yes, he was sure of it now; this wasn't Ryou; he didn't need the Marauder's Map in his pocket to tell him that. And he didn't need it to know that Yugi was actually "Pharaoh Atemu" at the moment; Bakura's slip of tongue was enough to know that. So why don't they like each other? he thought as he followed Yami out of the shop. Yugi and Ryou don't seem to hate each other, so why do these two? Ugh, I hate it when I don't know something like this.

Bakura came out a short while later holding a dark colored broom in his hand, and though it had seemed to cheer him up a bit, he still looked irritated. The model he held was a Nimbus 2004, the newest Nimbus model that was reputed to be just as good as the Firebolt but for less money. He took pleasure in informing Yami that the spirit's Cleansweep Eleven looked like a joke compared to his broom, though Ryou wasn't completely happy about the purchase.
At noon, the group headed to the Three Broomsticks to meet their friends, and once they got there, the six of them went in to get a table. Since it was Sunday, not many students were in the tavern, and at least Bakura was disappointed to see that Malfoy wasn't there; he'd been planning on "indirectly punishing" the fellow teen. They did notice a group of mixed wizards sitting in a corner, discussing something with each other frantically.

"I am not getting a good feeling about them," Yami commented tipping his head slightly in the direction to the wizards as they passed them. Bakura was about to comment when the older wizards' conversation caught their attention with one fateful statement:

"–Items are supposed to be here."

The three Item holders glanced at each other a quickly hid the Ring and Puzzle of sight, and then sat at a table near enough the older wizards so they could listen to the conversation. Hermione and Ron sat down and gave their orders to Harry so he could get the drinks and he left.

"The Dark Lord has traced their location to somewhere near here," a woman was saying, "but the results have been indistinct."

"But of course Master will find them," said a man, almost fearfully.

"That's the problem. For some reason, he can't find the exact location," the woman answered.

"That's why we're here," said a different man. "We're going to find the Items and kill whomever possesses them."

Bakura tensed slightly and he Item holder glanced nervously at each other again. Was it really wise to be sitting near these obvious Death Eaters if they held five Items right here? Probably not.

"But the Dark Lord has confidence we'll find them. We can't fail him," said the woman.

"And I would suppose you'd know about failure, Bellatrix," taunted the first man. They heard a fist clang against the table and at least one glass teeter onto its side.

"I'll have you know that–"

"Here are the drinks," Harry announced, placing a tray down on the table. He grabbed a bottle of Butterbeer and sat down, staring at the people sitting behind Bakura and Malik. "Um, why are we sitting right next to a group of Death Eaters?"

"Dunno, Ryou and Yugi led us here," Ron answered, sounding as though he'd been wondering that himself. Harry suddenly shot to his feet, having recognized the woman Death Eater.

"Bellatrix Les–" He was cut off abruptly when Bakura slammed a hand against his mouth.

"Quiet! We need to hear what they're saying!" he hissed. Harry nodded and removed Bakura's hand from his mouth.

There was a sudden bang and Bellatrix also shot up from her seat. "I don't care what you think, Tanith! If the Dark Lord want the Items, we're going to get them for him, no matter what!"

The man called Tanith muttered something inaudible to Harry's table but Bellatrix was suddenly furious. "I am not!" she exclaimed. "How dare you suggest–"

"Bella, calm down for once!" ordered a sudden voice. Both groups turned to find Harry smirking slightly at the woman Death Eater. Bellatrix's eyes filled with anger once she saw how had spoken, but Harry's friend's eyes filled with fear.

"Oh, it's that Potter boy," she commented with disgust. Harry's face contorted and glared at her.

"Look closer, Bella."

The woman stared and she was suddenly on her knees, followed shortly by the other Death Eaters.

"I'm sorry, Master. Please forgive me! I did not recognize you!" Bellatrix exclaimed, her voice slightly muffled from how close her face was to the floor.

"You have not found my Items yet?" Harry asked coldly.

"We are looking, my lord, I promise!"

Harry smirked and pulled his wand out of his pocket, testing how it felt in his hand. Ryou flinched in his soul room as Harry trailed his gaze over him, noticing suddenly that his friend's eyes were now blood red with slits like a cats, eyes that sent shivers down the young hikari's spine. Harry's attention stopped on Malik, who defiantly stared back, unafraid and unknowing of what might happen, but the Egyptian's mind was not a well shielded as his friend's and all of his worries were like an open book to any outside observer. Harry suddenly smiled and restlessly twirled his wand.

"Ah, I see," he murmured, turning back to Bellatrix, an odd grimace forming on his face. "Stand up, Bella." The woman obeyed and tried not to wince as she saw Harry's expression. "Your failure is not your fault. I may not have fared any better."

"Master?" Bellatrix inquire, bewilderment unmistakable on her face. Ron and Hermione looked especially confused but mostly fearful, and the other Death Eaters who had dared to raise their heads even slightly looked just as bewildered, if not more so. However, Bakura wore a mask of anger, covering up the slowly forming anxiety in both his and Ryou's minds.

(((Damnit, he knows.)))

He was instantly on his feet, and he was starting to back away from the table when he and Harry locked eyes; instantly, walls came down, blocking any outside intrusions.

"Dumbledore has been hiding them from us," Harry said with a smirk as he maintained his gaze. Bakura made no move to indicate either way, and this somehow seemed to amuse Harry. The boy turned his gaze back on the Death Eaters and pointed a casual finger at the Item holders. "They have them."

At once, both parties moved. Bakura grabbed Malik by wrist and dragged him along as he dashed out the door, Yami close on his heels. The glow of the Ring was obvious as they fled through the door and Harry immediately collapsed to the floor. Bellatrix and the other Death Eaters pulled out their wands and tore after them, paying no heed to anything they ran into on the way. The white-haired yami ducked briefly so the first spell shot over his head.

"Listen Malik!" he yelled as they ran, turning his broom over in his hand at the same time. "In a second, we're going to get on this broomstick and fly away, got it?!"

"We're going to what?!"

"Just hold on and copy me!" he briefly glanced back at Yami. "Pharaoh, get on your broom!"


Bakura dodged another spell. "Yes, now! Go! We'll follow!"

Yami nodded and jumped on his new broom, soaring far ahead of the still running Egyptians in less than a second. Bakura swung a leg over his own broom and climbed quickly up into the sky; he felt Malik's weight release his arm and land on the end of his broom. He sped up to fly next to Yami.

"Pharaoh, we need to stay away from Harry!" he bellowed.

"I agree!" Yami called back. "What do you think happened back there?!"

"It looked like got possessed by Voldemort! I couldn't break it until he'd already said where the Items were!"

"I'm guessing it not permanent?!"

"Unfortunately not!" Bakura answered. He glanced down and saw the Hogwarts gates passing underneath them.

"I think we lost them!" Malik shouted.

"Yeah, to bad Harry's still back there!" Yami said. They glanced back once as if to see their friends, then flew around the approaching tower and back down to the front doors.

Back in the Three Broomsticks, Harry was downing hunk after hunk of chocolate in an effort to feel better, but the pain in his head and soul wouldn't go away. Voldemort had taken him over so effortlessly, and he hadn't even had warning but for one extremely sharp stab of pain in his scar. However, just like before, he'd known everything that had gone on and was mentally beating himself up over it. I was obvious that Voldemort wanted the pendants that Yugi and Ryou wore, and it was just as obvious that it would be a very bad consequence should he get them. And Harry was convinced that he had somehow led the Dark Lord straight to where they were.

"Harry, I don't think that's going to help," Hermione suddenly said, grabbing the piece of chocolate out of his hand. Harry stared at it helplessly, like a stranded sailor would stare at his wrecked ship, but resisted the urge to take it back.

"Yeah, would you mind explaining some things, please?" Ron added, his face still white as the snow under his tan and freckles.

"Like what?"

"Like why you were acting like You-Know-Who."

"Oh." That's right, he thought, they didn't see what happened last year. Harry sighed and turned his eyes to the window nearby, wondering how to phrase this answer. "You know what Shadi told us in class the first day about possession?"

"Yeah…" Ron stared at him like he didn't want the rest of the answer.

"That's what happened. Voldemort possessed me…again," he added as an afterthought. Might as well tell them about last June while he was at it.

Hermione and Ron gawked at him, completely astonished by his last words.

"V-Voldemort…possessed you?" Hermione finally managed to squeak out.

"And he's done it…before?" Ron asked in a voice almost just as high. Harry only nodded for confirmation.

After a few moments, though, he spoke up again. "I have to stay away from Ryou and Yugi. If Voldemort can possess me, he'll know where those pendants are all the time. He may even be watching and listening right now. The only way to keep them safe is to pretend they never existed."