One day, Shippo was laughing because he was being tickled by a feather.

Then, he realized why he was laughing, so he was confused.He said to himself,

"Why is there a feather here???"

So then, he understood that the wind was moving it, and there

was someone on top of the feather.


Then, he looked up at the feather and there was kagura ......


But then, when he was about to go get Inuyasha and the others,

he saw that Kagura was sad. "Kagura, whats wrong?"said Shippo.

"Go away."said kagura. So Shippo decided that he needed to cheer her up.

First he stood on his hands and juggled a ball with his feet.

But Kagura ignored him. Then,

he rolled over and took her feather. He remembered that that was what

was making him laugh earlier. So.....he tickled her with the feather.

Kagura noticed and laughed! "Hee hee hee ha ha ha kukuku weeeeee!!!"

Then she stood up. "Shippo, thank you for cheering me up. Don't tell

your friends about this. Or else I'll lose my evil image. Bye

bye now!"

"Bye, Kagura! See you next time we fight!!! Bye!!" They waved to

each other and then turned opposite directions and left each other

with smiles!

-------------------------To be Continued----------------------------------------------------------

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