Chapter 1

Dis: I own nothing but the idea....many of my ideas may conflict with history but I thought it be fun to write it anyways.

Andromache walked into her seventeen year old son's room and watched him sleep, the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed in and out. He looked so much like Hector, for whom he had been named for, his dark brown hair curled and long. He had the same attitude as Hector, too, strong with pride for his city, that had so long ago fallen. They had fled during the siege to the nearby city of Lampsacus and built a home there with Paris and Helen who had, amazingly, lived through the whole ordeal. Paris was never a father figure to Hector II, because he was never as strong as what he was told about his father. But Paris tried and they regarded each other more as brother than as father and son. Paris and Helen had their own daughter, Carissa, who stood beautiful among those her age. He long blonde hair curly and fair and her deep brown eyes, depthless. She entranced many of the boys her age.

Briseis had moved to Cyzicus, a few miles away from Lampsacus, there she bore a daughter, the daughter of Achilles, Alexandria. Now at fifteen she was spitball of fire, as cocky and arrogant as her father was, all in one small girl. She had inherited her mother's brown curly hair but her eyes were that of her father's and they made Briseis' heart break every time she looked into them. Briseis had moved away from Paris and Andromache to make sure that their children never met for fear that they would each avenge their father's deaths and kill each other. She watched her daughter sleep tears fell down her face; it was the anniversary of the siege of Troy. All the bad things that had happened happened in that one-week. Her dear cousin's death, Achilles' death, and the downfall of her beloved city. She missed her comfortable style of living in the sanctuary of Apollo, and longed to be back on the streets of Troy.

Alexandria woke up and blinked in the sunlight. Her mother sat on her bed silent tears rolling down her cheeks. Alexandria hugged her mother, "Is it that day already?"

Briseis nodded.

"Be cheerful mother, for all is well in the world now. You still have me and for that you should be glad." Alexandria said smiling her father's smile.

"I should be glad,' Briseis sad wiping her tears, 'Now go somewhere and leave old sad women to cry by themselves." She said motioning for Alexandria to leave.

"Yes, mother." She said walking her stairs and into her mother's room.

She opened an armoire that stood tall and brooding in the corner. There was her father's old armor that her mother had recovered from Odysseus when Troy had fallen. She ran her fingers over the dark metal and took it off of its holder. She slipped the chest plate on and tightened it to fit her small figure. She put on the arm protectors and one of the metal skirts she had made for herself. She then got out his sword and carefully strapped it onto her waist. She took his helmet and kissed the top of it. She put it under her arm and went to her horse, Achilles, whom she had named after her father. She trotted along to her best friend, Constantine's, house. He was outside carving a wooden horse, she narrowed her eyes at him and kicked it away.

"Con! What are you doing? Do you not know that a wooden horse caused the downfall of Troy?" She said in her tough voice.

"Ay, but what do you care? You're father was a Greek?" He said shrugging and moving straight brown hair out of his face.

"My father may have been a Greek, but he died that night. Besides, today's the anniversary of Troy; the gods will curse you for making a wooden horse. " Alexandria said her hands on her hips.

"What's your business here anyways, fair lady?" Constantine said looking her in her crystal blue eyes.

"Fair lady! HA, hardly.' She said laughing, 'I could beat you in a fight any day!"

"Really?" Con said smiling, "Is that a challenge?"

"Of course it is." She said smirking.

"Let me get my armor, then we'll go." Con went into his house and came out with his armor on, his father, Eudorus, had fought alongside hers in the Trojan war, and had come back safely, with his armor as a souvenir. She loved to listen to his stories about her father and cherished them with all her heart. Con came back out with his helmet in his hand and they both placed their helmets on their heads and mounted their horses.

"Ya! Achilles off we go!" Alexandria said kicking her horse.

They sped off past the vast town of Cyzicus and were soon in a deserted area in between Cyzicus and Lampsacus. She jumped off her horse, landing gracefully on the ground, Con right beside her. The pulled out their swords and began to fight. They had done this many times before; it was how they practice their fighting skills. They fought with all their might, while being careful not to hurt each other. Alexandria jumped on top of Con pegging him underneath her strong, yet small body and put the sword to his neck.

"Surrender or die Prince of Troy!" Alexandria said her eyes fierce. This was the game they played, each taking on the roles of a different person. Alexandria of course was Achilles, while Con played Hector.

"I surrender! Oh, marvelous warrior!" Con said making himself go limp as if dead.

"ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY ACHILLES!" Alexandria said standing up and grabbing Cons feet playfully dragging him behind her.

"You think that's funny?" said a voice behind them causing Alexandria to let go of Con.


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