Chapter 3

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Astyanax turned when he heard his name called and he saw Paris up in the distance ridding towards them. He looked at the young girl who was being firmly restrained by her friend from hitting his cousin and cringed as he thought of what she would do to Paris. He struggled out of Maximus' grasp and got on his horse to detour his uncle from where the girl was. "Let's go." He yelled to Carissa and Max as he got on his horse. They followed his example and rode off. Astyanax approached his uncle with a guilty grin on his face. His uncle looked him over and his eyes widened when he saw the line of blood that was trailing down his face.

"Where did you get that from?" He said, shocked.

"Its just a scratch." Astyanax said shrugging.

"Did you do that Max?" Paris said looking at Max.

"Why are you here, uncle?" Astyanax interrupted before Max could say anything casting warning looks as Max and Carissa that read to keep their mouth's shut.

"Lunch is ready and you're mother wanted to speak to you."

"Let's not make them wait, then." Astyanax said galloping ahead.

Paris shot a questioning glance at Maximus, but he shrugged and kicked his horse to catch up with Astyanax. He looked at his lovely daughter, "Carissa, what's gotten into them?"

"How should I know father? I'm only a girl." She said fluttering her eyelashes. Paris nodded, still confused. Why wouldn't anybody tell him anything? He would get to the meaning of this over lunch.

Astyanax strode into the house and sat at the table. His mother, who was busy preparing lunch, yelled her greeting from the kitchen. He was careful not to show his cut to Helen, who was sitting in her usual chair, waiting to be served as if she was some kind of princess. Astyanax hated the way she acted, but he couldn't blame her, she was used to being pampered and sought after within the walls of Troy. But after some years you'd think she's get the hint that they weren't in Troy anymore. His mother had spent more years being pampered and she was helping out around the house, why couldn't Helen do the same?

Paris and Carissa joined them at the table as Andromache served them lunch. She sat down in her usual place next to Astyanax and her mouth fell open. She carefully touched his cheek and he winced in pain, "Where did you get that?" She whispered worriedly.

"I don't wish to talk about it." He mumbled.

"Astyanax, tell your mother how you got it." Carissa said smiling. She loved getting Astyanax in trouble.

"I'm fine, really. Its just a scratch." He said eating his lunch as fast as he could.

"A girl gave that to him." Carissa said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Who?" His mother said shocked.

Astyanax finished his lunch and stood up, "Achilles' daughter." He walked out of the room and into his own bedroom.

The rest of his family sat in silence. Paris and Andromache exchanged nervous glances while Helen played with her hair.

"Briseis?" Paris said amazed.

"She never said anything." Andromache whispered under her breath.

"Its not necessarily Briseis, it could be one of his other women." Helen pointed out.

"Right, I bet that's who's it is." Paris said dismissing the idea of Briseis being the mother.

"Where did Briseis go after Troy?" Andromache asked she wanted to visit her and see if this child was in fact hers.

"Cyzicus, I think. She must be close, she was right behind us when we left." Paris said thinking aloud.

Andromache was set on going to visit her the next morning and on dragging Astyanax with her.

Meanwhile, at Briseis house....

A flustered Alexandria stormed into the house, scaring Briseis. She set down her armor and walked straight past her mother.

"My dear daughter, what's wrong?" She said frightened.

"Nothing." Alexandria said under her breath before heading to her room.

"Stop right there!' Briseis ordered. 'Now come here and tell me what's wrong."

Alexandria stopped, rolled her eyes, and walked into the room her mother was in. Briseis looked at her in her father's armor. Her brown hair stuck to her face with sweat. She looked at her arm and saw the cut on her shoulder, "Did Con strike you?" Briseis asked amazed. Usually Alexandria won all their battles.

"No.' Answered sharply, "Mother, why did you not tell me that Hector and Paris had children?"

"Where did this come from?" Briseis said slightly shocked.

"Hector's son gave me this." Alexandria said gesturing to her shoulder.

"Astyanax? But he? How?"

"I met him at the place me and Con usually duel. He was there with his friend, and the daughter of Paris." She said tiredly.

"What did you do?" Briseis said knowing Alexandria well enough to know that she wouldn't just stand there nicely.

"He challenged me to a duel. And I struck him on the cheek; it was great mother! Until he hit my shoulder, then Con had to go and be the meddlesome person he is and pull me off of him." She said excitedly.

"You hit him! He's the prince of Troy, Alexandria!" Briseis said her mouth dropping.

"He's not a prince, mother. Troy fell a long time ago! Or do you forget?" Alexandria said harshly and walked quickly to her room.

"Achilles' help me." Briseis whispered to her husband, praying for him to help her with her troublesome daughter.

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