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Chapter 4

Robin sat on the couch sulking. He held his head in one palm with his elbow on his knee and the other hand off the end of the couch. The colors streamed through the windows of Titans Tower as the sun started to go down. The colors reminded him of the battle during the night before. Last night, he and the rest of the team along with a few allies had fought and defeated Plasmus during the International Heroes' Convention Party in Jump City Club. After the battle, he sat with Jinx on the pier and watched the full moon for hours. They sat in silence, barely even making their breathing audible. He didn't understand. He and Jinx had gotten along so well.

"Why did she say she had to leave soon?" he asked himself. "Why did she say the things she did? It just doesn't add up."


Robin looked up and quickly jerked his head behind the couch to see Starfire looking down upon him. Her hands were behind her back and she had a worried, disturbed look on her face. Robin could almost swear that he saw tiny tears forming in her big, beautiful, green eyes.

"What's the matter, Star?" he asked, his tone concerned. Starfire turned to her side and let those tiny tears fall.

"You have not been yourself since last night," she managed to whisper. "I wanted to know if everything is okay. You know that you can tell me, right?"

"Oh course I do, Star!" Robin said defensively. "It's just a little personal issue that I'm worrying about. You shouldn't worry. It doesn't really concern you."

"I think it does."

"It doesn't!"

"You're lying!"

Robin and Starfire stopped and stared. For the first time, they realized what each other was hiding. Starfire's cheeks turned bright pink as she started to form a giant frown on her face.

"What has happened?" she demanded. "Tell me the complete and utter truth."

"Star, you know I like Jinx," Robin began. Green flames up cut him off.

"THAT'S IT!!!" Star screamed, throwing a rage. "You cannot possibly be in love with one of our greatest villains!"

"I never said I was in love with her!"

"You danced with her at the party, and then you ran off with her to the docks!"

"It's not my fault I've got a cool girlfriend and you're stuck with the team!"

That was really it. Starfire burst into tears and flew at top speed out of the living room. Robin turned back towards the TV and crossed his arms. He gave a low huff and turned the television on. For a long amount of time, he just flipped through the channels not stopping to see whatever was being showed.

"She's so jealous," he muttered to himself. "Crazy alien,"

Suddenly, a black screen interrupted a show. Robin sat up straight and changed the channel. Was the TV off? No way! He hadn't pressed the power button. He changed the channel again only to see Jinx on the screen.

"Don't bother trying to talk to me through the screen," she said. "This is a recording, Robin. Now, listen up."

"What are you telling me?" Robin asked, completely ignoring the warning.

"Once a Hive member, always a Hive member," Jinx said simply, and the screen went back to the normal show.

"That was cold."

Robin whirled around and saw Star standing by the stairs with her arms behind her back. "I heard the whole thing. I'm sorry, Robin, for both occurrences."

"It's not your fault, Star," Robin replied. "It's my own. I was stupid for listening and believing that a villain could ever love me. I wonder if we'll be facing the Hive sometime soon. Heh, won't that be fun?"

"You take it so well," Starfire observed. "You must be devastated."

"Well, yes, but..."

Starfire floated over to Robin and stood in front of him. She sat down on the couch and pointed to her shoulder.

"You are welcome to cry on my spakin-croo if you wish," she offered.

"You mean your shoulder?" Robin asked, slightly pointing. "That's what it's called on earth."

"Oh," Star sighed. She put on a stubborn face. "That Jinx is such a kranpin toopacx flipper-shplin goostag!" she announced.

"A what?"

"I believe you call it one who betrays?"

At that moment, Terra came downstairs yawning. "What a night," she mumbled. "I barely got any sleep."

"How come?" Robin asked, getting curious.

"Ah, I was up trying to figure out if there were any attacks going on in town," she explained, rubbing her eyes. "I thought I heard about something going down at the Jump City Club. Too bad you guys were called away to that other dimension, huh?"

"Yeah," Robin agreed sarcastically, "too bad."

Terra walked back upstairs. Once she was there, she put on an angry face and ran up to her room. She slammed the door and locked it. She opened up her communicator and waited for the person to come up.

"Nice going," she scolded. "Robin and Starfire are together now."

"Not my fault," Jinx said back. "I think he was really in love with me."

"I know he was. It's still your fault. As soon as we find out where his new hideout is, we're going to the Boss for help."

"Copy that. Over and out."

Later that night, when everyone was asleep, Raven quietly dreamed her dream of her sister. They sat together on one of the gray clouds and talked for most of the time.

"Do you know who sent Plasmus?" Raven asked, wanting an answer.

"Yes, I think so, but I can't tell you," Ebony replied wistfully. "Orders from the top."

"I see," Raven agreed. "Not a problem. We'll find out sooner or later."

"But there is one thing I can tell you. I've seen another future."

"Really? What happens?"

"Listen and find out."

Raven woke up with a start at what her sister told her. She gasped for breath and looked at the clock. It read 6:23 in the morning. She yawned for a minute and then trudged down the hallway out of the top floor of Titans Tower to the bottom level at the living room. The elevator opened and she walked out with her arms under her robe. She saw Beast Boy sitting on the couch. She joined him at his side.

"She visited you, too, huh?" she asked in monotone.

"Yup," he agreed, holding her face in his hands. "She told me that she couldn't say who sent Plasmus, but she did say that other thing."

"Yes, I know," Raven announced, sitting up straight. "Robin and Starfire are now together all because of Jinx. It's sort of funny, huh? You know, a villain helping us Titans."

"It is weird," Beast Boy agreed, mimicking her sit, "but I was interested in that other thing."

"It's just not fair," Raven huffed. "My sister died twice in two battles all because she loved us. She puts me to shame."

"No," Beast Boy objected. "She wouldn't do it for that sort of glory. She did it because she had the deep love that only a sister could possess. Sometimes I think that she's watching us. I know she was at the party. Maybe she is right now."


"Still, it's hard to believe that she would have been the aunt of a telekinetic shape-shifter."

"Not 'would have been'," Raven corrected, crossing her arms. After a moment of hesitation, she said:

"'Will be'."

The End

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