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Chapter 1: Coffee habits and acceptance letters!

Bulma approached the counter apprehensively, clutching her coffee mug to in front of her. "Morning, Radditz!" She gave him a brilliant smile and thrust her cup forward a little. "Please?! I need caffiene or I'll die," she begged dramatically.

The man behind the counter just stared back at her indifferently. "How many cups have you had already?"

"None." Liar!

"Try again."

"Three," she pouted. "But your's is better. Please, please, please! I'll do anything."

He suddenly smirked. "Anything?"

Bulma scowled. "Pervert. Get me some damn coffee or I'm calling your sister out here."

Radditz feigned a hurt look. "But you offered to do anything!" He chuckled when she continued to glare. "Oh, alright! Here," he said, grabbing the coffee pot and filling her cup to the brim. "Are you ordering something else, or are you just here to drink all the coffee within a five-mile radius?"

She grinned happily. "I'll take some of your sister's chocolate chip pancakes, extra chips!" She glanced at a menu lying on the counter in front of her. "And make some blueberry pancakes with lots of bacon for Trunks, please," she added before turning back to her table.

"Healthy choice," Radditz muttered back as he walked in the opposite direction to place her order.

Just as she sat down, Bulma heard the bell on the door jingle, and she looked up with a smile. Her son smiled back and sat down across from her, plopping his bookbag on the floor by his feet. "You forgot the grocery list," he spoke, pulling said list from his jean pocket. "Here."

Bulma stared at the list as if it suddenly grew horns. "What?! You're going with me after school," she reminded him.

"Sorry, mom. I have to go to the library after school and work on my history paper."

"Fine," she pouted. "I'll just go and buy lots of boring health-nut food and make you eat it," she taunted.

Trunks laughed. "You? Eat health food? Yeah right, mom." He grabbed her coffee cup and took a sip. "What'd you order me?"

"Your usual," she answered as a young teen walked through the door and glanced around until she met her gaze. Bulma waved at her, and the girl smiled back. "Hey, Keelin."

Trunks half-turned in his chair. "Kee! I didn't think you were gonna make it."

The blond haired boy took a seat between them. "Yeah, sorry bout that. My mom wouldn't let me out of the house until she was finished lecturing about the consequences of teen pregnancy."

Bulma and Trunks laughed wholeheartedly. "How many times did my name come up this time?" Bulma asked.

"At least three," Keelin replied.

Trunks took another sip of of his mother's coffee. "Just three? She's slipping."

"Hey you guys!"

The trio looked up and smiled. "Hi!" They all greeted.

Akira placed two plates of pancakes on the table and a cup of coffee in front of Trunks. She turned toward Keelin. "Hey, sweetie. I didn't see you come in. You want anything?"

"Just some cocoa and a muffin, don't matter what kind," the young girl spoke.

"No prob! Be right back with it."

"So?! Tomorrow night," Keelin started. "Movie night. I'm renting 'Bring it on''."

Bulma's eyes lit up. "Oh. good choice! We haven't mocked that one in a long time." She turned toward the kitchen door just as Akira was walking back out with a mug and a small plate. "Movie night! 'Bring it on'," she announced.

Akira nodded her head. "Sounds like a plan. My place or yours?"

"Actually, Chi wanted to host this one," Bulma said.

Trunks, who had almost finished his breakfast while the girls were talking, looked up. "Hey, Kir? Is Jarec coming in from college this weekend?"

"Yes," she groaned. "What have you got planned?"

"He promised to bring me back my Noam Chomsky book. He was speaking at Harvard this week, and Jarec was getting it signed for me," he replied excitedly.

Akira smiled. "I'm sure my little brother will remember to bring it with him, and if he doesn't I know a few tricks on how to torture him for it."



"Silver Dragon Inn, this is June speaking, how may I help you," a monotoned voice spoke into the telephone. Bulma shuffled some papers in the background, digging for the landscaping bill for last month. June sighed into the phone. "No, sir. We're booked for that weekend." A long pause. "I'm absolutely positive. We have no openings at all," the blond continued, getting highly annoyed with the potential patron on the other end. "I've already look several times, sir. There are no open rooms available that weekend."

Bulma let out a triumphant squeal as she finally found the correct form she had been searching for. "Yes!"

June glared over her shoulder at the blue-haired woman dancing around with the landscaping bill in her hands. "No, sir. I can't kick someone out of a room they've already resevered months ago," she snapped. A surprised look came over her face. "That was uncalled for," she scolded. "Well maybe next time you won't wait 'til the last minute to make reservations," she finished, dropping the phone onto its hook. "I hate people!"

"Then why are you working as a receptionist?" Bulma inquired.

"Because mortuary attendant was already filled," Eighteen replied. She looked down at the paper clutched in Bulma's hands. "Why were you doing the dance of joy over that paper?"

"Because I accidently wrote the number of the admissions office for Worthington on this the other day, and I need to call them," she answered happily.

"And why do you need to call them?"

Bulma's smile was almost too big for her face as she grabbed her friend's hand and pulled her towrd the kitchen. "I'll tell you and Chi at the same time," she stated.

"Tell me what?" Chichi asked, popping her head out from the walk-in fridge. "What's going on?" She walked out and dropped a bundle of celery on the counter.

"Trunks got accepted to Worthington," Bulma squealed, pulling a folded letter from her pocket and waving it around.

Chichi and Eighteen smiled and started jumping up and down with her.

"This can't be appropriate behavior for a five-star kitchen," Trunks announced from the doorway.

The three women stopped and grinned at him. He stared back with a what-the- heck-is-going-on look. Bulma ran over to a stool in the back corner and grabbed a giftbag. She walked back and handed it to him. "Here."

Trunks took the bag and reached inside, pulling out a navy colored tie. He held it up and frowned. "I don't get it. What's this for? I don't have any board meetings to attend this week," he joked.

Chichi jump in before Bulma could make a sound. "You're going to Worthington!"

"What?!" He shouted in disbelief. His eyes searched out those of his mother. "Are you serious?"

She handed him the letter, and he skimmed through it quickly. He dropped the letter and rushed forward to hug his mother. Chichi and Eighteen hugged them from the sides and the group started clammoring all at once about how great this was for Trunks. Chichi broke from the group and ran to the phone.

"I'm gonna call Akira, and we're all going to celebrate tonight," she said.

Eighteen ran back toward the lobby, calling over her shoulder as she ran out. "I'm going to check the scheduling book and make sure all the guests are settled in so we can leave early!"

Trunks smiled and hugged his mother tighter. "I can't believe this, mom."

"I know, baby! I'm so proud of you," she gushed, trying not to cry from how happy she was. Her baby got into the best private high school on the east coast. "Come Monday, you're going to be a snooty, prep kid," she teased good-naturedly.

"I have to go call Keelin," he said. He turned toward the door.

"Invite her over to the house tonight! We've got partying to do," she shouted after him.

She walked out of the room and toward her little office on the other side of the inn, smiling all the way. She just had one more thing to do before they could all go celebrate. She closed the door and sat down at her desk, placing the landscaping bill in front of her. Bulma looked down at the phone number as she picked up her phone and dialed it quickly.

She took a deep breath as someone picked up on the other end and greeted her. "Hi, this is Bulma Briefs. My son, Trunks, was just accepted." She smiled. "Thank you very much, miss. Anyway, it said in the letter to call the admissions office for billing information." She listened intently as the woman on the other line started belting important figures left and right. Bulma started to frown and searched her desk for a pen and paper. "Wait, a sec. Slow down. Can you just tell me what I have to put down up front?"

She started jotting down a few things. "Okay. Enrollment fee and tuition up front." She frowned deeply. "And how much does all that come out too?" She nearly dropped the phone after a minute. "That's an aweful lot of zeros," she choked out. She could see the dreams of her son attending Worthington and going on to Harvard slipping through the cracks. "Can't I just just put half down now, and pay the rest next semester?" she asked in a hopeful voice. "Of course not," she muttered brokenly. "No! I'll figure something out by Friday, just don't give up his spot!" She blinked back the sting in her eyes. "Yeah, thanks. It's been a pleasure," she shot back sarcastically.


She picked up her wine glass and glared at the hedges. "What the hell am I supposed to do now?"

"You can have my car. Yeah, sell my car!"

Bulma sighed. "No one wants to buy your car, Chi."

"Right," the other woman sighed.

Eighteen decided to speak up. "What about Trunks' father?"

Bulma almost fell off the porch railing. "Vegeta! Please be serious," she admonished. "He doesn't have it."

Akira shifted from her postion on the uncomfortable railing. "What about your parents then?"

"You guys are really trying to kill me, aren't you?" Bulma asked. "It's not going to happen. I'd rather suffer through a boy band marathon concert with an oncore performance by Britney Spears than ask them for money!"

"I think it's your only option," Akira chimmed in once more.

"Hey, mom!" Trunks called out, walking toward them. He was decked out in his new uniform with an excited Keelin trailing behind him. He gave the group of women his best Calvin Klein model pose. "What do you think?" He asked them.

Akira, Chichi, and Eighteen walked over to him and started commenting on how cute he looked in his uniform. Bulma stood back. 'What am I supposed to do?' she thought frantically. 'He's so excited over this. He'll be crushed if he can't go.' She looked down at the wineglass in her hands. She had a very major problem on her hands, and only two days to figure it out.


She looked up and gave him a weak smile. She was glad he was too excited to really notice how sad she looked. "You look perfect."


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