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Chapter 7

Odysseus watched the light of red fire balls come crashing down the dunes in the distance. Inside he was churning with different thoughts and feelings. Would Hector really believe all that slander about him? Well, fine, he conceded, most of it was true but surely he couldn't believe that he was just using him. Nevertheless, Hector had to just has mad if not more so about the disappearance of Athena's statue as him and that did deserve an explanation.

Odysseus was consumed with worry about what Hector thought of him. The fact that he would be admitting to having some part in the theft of the statue would only add to Hector's displeasure and mistrust in him, but there seemed to be no other way than for Odysseus to just fess up and tell it how it was. Something that he had to admit to himself that he was a little out of the habit of doing.

Oh, he was not going to enjoy this.

As time went on and Odysseus continued to wait, other thoughts began to worry him. What if he arrived and told him that he no longer wanted anything to do him and killed him? Would he do that? Or what if, even worse, Hector did not show up at all. Not even caring to say goodbye?

Just at that moment, Odysseus looked up to see a white owl feather drift past his face. The wind caught it and blew away from him back towards Troy. Odysseus turned to watch it and saw Hector arriving on a horse not too far away.

Odysseus could not help but smile and waved at Hector to let him know where he was. Hector, in his saddle, smiled slightly and waved a hand.

Hector felt awful. There was his beloved Odysseus on the beach waiting to meet him as he was told, with a big broad smile and waving cheerily and Hector felt a supreme guilt weigh on him as reconsidered his suspicion for him. Odysseus was genuinely happy to see him and Hector didn't know what to say when he dismounted his horse.

There was a slightly uncomfortable moment when both soldiers met each other and both had a pained expression of wanting to say something but too scared to say what was on their mind. Suddenly the silence broke.

"I'm sorry," they both said at the same time and both stopped abruptly from surprise as they both realised that the other had said something totally unexpected.

"What? What are you sorry for?" Hector asked confusedly.

"Well I could say the same for you. What are you apologising to me for?" Odysseus replied quickly.

"I asked you first so you tell me," Hector replied, incredulous that he was getting into an argument like this.

"Ha! So that's the way it's going to be is it? Well alright then, I'll get to the point. Last night Diomedes and I visited Troy last night and I-"

"Stop right there you bastard! I know exactely what you did! You stole the statue of Minerva from the Temple!" Hector cried out furious. It wasn't so much that he was angry about the statue being stolen but the fact that if what Odysseus was telling him was true then his newly planted suspicions about Odysseus must also be true; and that the Greek was just a sneak who was using his trust all along and had abused it by sneaking into Troy without telling him and stealing from his people.

Not letting Hector's reaction upset him Odysseus calmly and matter-of-factly pointed out Hector's mistake, "Actually that was Diomedes doing, I had no part of that whatsoever,"

"Still, you entered Troy undercover you devious heathen! Why would you do that? Unless to abuse my trust of you! Aeneas, Taltar and Pisander were right about you, you treacherous dog! Was not my information that we would be attacking tonight good enough for you? That you had to enter Troy and have a snoop around for yourself?"

"I did nothing of the sort!" Odysseus cried, getting fuelled up with anger himself.

"Then why did you come to Troy and endanger yourself when you knew that I had gone out of my way to secure your protection?" Hector shouted.

Odysseus stopped dead. When Hector put it that way his actions did seem pretty stupid. In the end, why had he gone to all that trouble to enter Troy? What had he really accomplished by all of that?

"I came to see you," Odysseus finally admitted, as equally to himself as to the Trojan Prince before him. "I was not snooping around Troy. My singular goal was to find you and when I did I was rather shocked about the slanderous statements made about my person from your friends, Aeneas, Taltar and that idiot Pisander. I hoped that you would have not let their statements affect your judgement about me. This is the truth. Take it or leave it."

Now Hector had gone silent. He gazed at the clear sea-green eyes Odysseus. Odysseus had entered Troy, just to see him? That was it? The big mission in and out of Troy just to spy on him and then to leave with his dolt friend bearing a stolen statue in tow. It was ridiculous, he didn't know whether to believe him or not. But for some reason, he did.

Meanwhile, Odysseus stood stock still, completely vulnerable as, for the first time since speaking with his wife Penelope, he had been the most honest with a person than he had ever been in his life. And with that truth, Odysseus no longer had anything to hide behind. The truth had made him naked. However Hector judged him now, he would be judging the real Odysseus.

Presently a small smile appeared on Hector's face.

"You know what? You're really not as smart as people think you are… you're a fool if you use your fox tricks to sneak into Troy just to see me. Besides, do you really think I'd believe anything that Pisander said and especially when he's drunk? You idiot."

But Hector was laughing slightly now, mischief lighting up his eyes and causing Odysseus to grin as he realised that his honesty had paid off and Hector was willing to forgive him.

But the look on Hector's face had changed now. The laughter in his eyes turned suddenly to a predatory glint.

"You are forgiven, but you know, it's terribly rude for a fox to enter my house unannounced and uninvited," Hector said in a low and dangerous tone, stalking menacingly up to Odysseus with a hungry look in his eye.

"You had best run Odysseus, I'm going fox-hunting!" Hector cried before leaping forward and chasing after the Greek who had taken his advice and run straight towards to sea.

The two men laughed like boys as they ran towards the sea. Hector being the larger and fitter of the two tackled Odysseus into the surf and rubbed his spluttering face into some seaweed he had picked up. Odysseus, being ever the opportunist threw some of his own seaweed into the eyes of Hector as soon as he had a chance. Hector growled playfully as he was taken off guard and tackled back by Odysseus. His growls turned to laughter however as he was tickled by the muscular Greek atop him.

"Stop! That's not fair! Underhanded… sneaky… no good…!" Hector managed to gasp out between laughter.

Odysseus was laughing too as he realised with no disguised delight, how sensitive the leader of the Trojan army was. "I'm afraid Prince that this is war, and in war you use every possible advantage that you can get! Besides what did you expect when you corner a fox in his den?"

"Ahahaha! Oh please! Gods have mercy, stop!" Hector pleaded, too weakened by laughter to fight back. "Alright I surrender!"

Odysseus stopped, satisfied that this victory belonged to him.

"Ye Gods what an onslaught!" Hector panted, wiping tears from his eyes. "Gods damn you, that was totally unfair!" Incredibly it seemed to Odysseus that Hector was actually whining. This assumption was backed up by an enormous and magnificent pout.

Odysseus laughed at Hector's humorous, totally out of character display and splashed him with some water. "Don't give me that. Just because your susceptible to a little tickling!" Odysseus laughed again as he got up and helped Hector out of the wet sand.

The first thing Odysseus was greeted with apon helping Hector up was an enormous sneeze.

"You're welcome," Odysseus said dryly.

Hector chuckled slightly, "It seems that you may have to be the one to care for me now."

Odysseus smiled with enough warmth to drive the chill from Hector's bones for an instant. Hector was sure this was one of the happiest moments of his life. Here with Odysseus, the man he felt such affection for. For tonight, Hector would forget his obligations as the Prince of Troy and for the first time in his life, do something for himself. Was it really too much to ask for? One night with the person he truly loved right at this moment in exchange for a lifetime of servitude and responsibility to the state. He could afford to be selfish for one night.

He was interrupted from such thoughts as Odysseus wordlessly took him by the hand and led him back towards the horse that had been patiently waiting where he had been left. Odysseus leapt nimbly apon the horse and help Hector up to sit in front of him. Putting his arms around Hector, Odysseus rode the horse to the chariot that they had first met at and had conducted their little meetings.

Hector was rather surprised but taken with this turn of events and shivered, but not from cold when Odysseus leaned forward and spoke for the first time in a while. "You're right, it's my turn to care for you now."

Reaching their destination, Odysseus leapt down and took the blankets and the tinder and wood which had been carefully packed by Hector for his meeting with him. Quickly and expertly, the man from Ithaca lit a fire and beckoned the Prince to join him.

With excitement brewing in his stomach, Hector felt he could almost skip to join the handsome Greek by the fireside. He sat down close to the Greek and was surprised when Odysseus practically hauled him onto his lap.

"Now then," the Ithacan said practically, "Let's see what we can do about getting you a little warmer."

Odysseus had to admit he was rather taken with this new playful and humorous Hector who had just discovered had existed somewhere in there behind the façade of the dull and serious man mellowed by war. Somehow, Odysseus had always guessed this to be the case as he had watched the numerous times that Hector tried to stifle his own sense of humour at times. But Odysseus had always caught the secret laughter in his eyes. Discovering that Hector was ticklish was a delightful surprise and he looked forward to now divulging more interesting tid bits from his Trojan Prince. But where do start exploring? Ah, a little space between neck and collar bone looked appetising.

Hector gasped as Odysseus made short work of nibbling the juncture of his neck. He growled as Odysseus bit down hard enough to induce pleasure but not pain.

"Mmm, tasty…" he murmured seductively behind that quickly becoming distracted Hector.

He shivered as a callused hand lifted his long dark hair and a warm, wet tongue lapped slowly up to the name of his neck and a mouth puffed warm air onto one heated ear lobe before sucking on it with vigour.

"Oh sweet Aphrodite…" Hector groaned, his toes curling and going ruddy in the face with lust.

Odysseus smiled as he continued to nibble unabatedly on the Prince's earlobe and wrapping an arm around him and holding him close back against his chest.

Hector's eyes grew darker and began to slide shut and his breathing hitched as shiver after shiver racked his body. It feels so good, and he's only started on one ear yet, Hector thought his thoughts drifting.

Odysseus noted the shivering and purposely misconstrued the meaning.

"Still cold are we? Ah, I see, we haven't got you out of that wet clothing yet have we?" he purred.

Hector did not stop him as his chest plate and blue undershirt were removed and his chest was exposed to the open air and the warmth of the fire. Nor did he stop him when Odysseus fingers somehow were guided to his nipples, which were extremely sensitive.

He moaned and arched against the now warm metal armour of Odysseus.

"Ahh… Odysseus…" Hector turned around slowly to face his beautiful tormentor.

"Warmer now?" Odysseus said smiling and trying to look innocent.

In reply Hector lunged forward and took Odysseus' mouth aggressively.

It was like the first time they had kissed, except this time Hector was nearly driven over the edge with lust for the Greek and became frantic in his need to undress and please Odysseus the same way he had pleased him.

Hector fisted his hands in Odysseus' hair as he ground his hardness into the now naked man's own.

Speech was replaced by animalistic groans as each man tried to draw carnal delight from the other.

It became a blur of passion and all Hector could think was how much he wanted to love this man forever and never stop.

Odysseus was in a similar state of abandonment as Hector continued to plague his body with wicked and tantalising touches.

They rolled off the blankets and into the sand as they began their wild love-making. In the glow of the burning fire there was a twin cry of ecstasy as both men found their pleasure in each other.

Hector collapsed, exhausted on top of Odysseus who brought his hands up wearily and dropped them on top of his Prince's back. Rolling to the side, Odysseus held Hector in his arms as he covered them both with a warm blanket.

Hector let out a heavy sigh as he wrapped his arms around his lover his eyes already firmly shut, he leaned forward and kissed Odysseus lightly on his chest, before smiling and promptly falling asleep.

Odysseus hugged him closer and smiled as he too closed his eyes.

"Gods protect you Hector, if I can't…" he vowed sleepily.

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