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Shakily, Harry slowy got up. His head was pounding and he felt like he was burning all over. Looking around he was very confused, he wasn't in his room. Noticing his dusty surroundings, Harrys memory kicked in. Running his finger though his hair, he was stunned to find his fingers had longer to travel. Grabbing an end, Harry was surprised to find his hair had grown several inches over night. While messing with his hair, he noticed his ears. Running to the bathroom, Harry was glad to see a mirrior. Looking at himself, his mouth dropped.
Something had happened and Harry didn't know what. Growing more nervous and agitated, Harry suddenly felt a slight pain on his derrier and he could hear a ripping sound. Looking around, he nearly fainted when he saw a long black tail, that should be on a panther, on him. -Not good, not good at all- Harry chanted in his head.
Returning to the living room, he saw Puck sitting on the armrest of the couch. He was looking at him with a mischievous smile, "I like the tail, it really brings out your eyes."

"Puck really now, I am in a state of shock at finding I even have a tail, and yet you make fun of it." Harry said pacing while his newly aquired tail waved back and forth.

"I really do like the tail and the ears, they really do something for you." Puck said though laughs.

"O.K. I know what I am going to do. I will just go back to sleep and hope the next time I wake up everything will be normal. Yup, thats just what I am going to do."

"Do you really expect that to work. If it does I'd be amazed." Puck said as he stood up. "Now what I suggest is you ask someone. Maybe Sirius knows, or the guy with the glasses you are always talking about."

"Dumbledore. I can't, remember, I sent Hedwig to stay with Ron," Harry said annoyed.

"Like that would ever stop me. Just write the letter and I will get it to them. What do you think I am here for, just to look hansom. Though if I might add, I am good at that."

Harry rolled his eyes but got out a sheet of parchment anyway. He hated when Puck was right, which was almost all the time. The scratch of the quill was almost deafining to Harrys newly sensitive ears. Chewing on the end of his quill, Harry didn't quite know how to put it. "Dear Dumbledore I turned in to a cat thing, very shocking really, just wondering what you think," just didn't sound right. Why did everything have to be complicated, didn't he have enough problems as it was, adding this whole lovely mess just wasn't fair. Thinking alittle longer Harry began to write a simple note,

Dear Dumbledore,

I have a problem. It seems I went though some changes on my birthday that I was wondering about. My body has changed and well, I was hopeing you would have some answers for me. Please write soon with any information.

a confused,

P.S. I am no longer at the Dusleys because of unexpected changes.

Finally finishing the letter, he looked at Puck expectantly. Not even looking at Harry, he started speaking in a unknown laguage, and the letter dissapeared from Harrys fingers. Laughing his bell like laugh, Puck smiled and sat back down on the arm rest "Told you I could get the letter there. Very simple really, just alittle ancient magic. Tied to my blood, it is. So do you think you can calm your tail. It nearly hit me five times while you were writing that letter."

"Um... sorry, its not like I ever had a tail before," Harry muttered

"Not a problem but you might want to get used to things, its not likely that a potion will be able to fix it. Blood I guess, always could smell something differnt about you. Sirius smelled somewhat similar but still differnt."

"What ever Puck, I think I am going to do my original plan and go back to sleep. Wake me if Dumbledore sends anything, if he can find us that is," Harry said as he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

"Don't worry Harry, he will find us, of that I am sure."

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