Timeless Faith

By Norwalker

Part 1 of ?

Rating : R for language, sexual situations and violence.

Category: Romance/Angst/Drama

Disclaimer: Most, if not all of the characters depicted here are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Inc. and Fox. This is a work of fiction; any similarities to anyone living or dead are purely coincidental.

Summary: Third in a series of stories started with " Summer of faith" and continued in "Seasons of faith". In the last book, Buffy died fighting Glorificus, the Hell goddess. This book picks up where that book ended. How does Faith deal with the loss of Buffy? How does life change for the scoobies? Buffy will be with them always, but is there more to it than just memories? Stay tuned.

Spoilers: Possible season 6 and season 7 spoilers. Hope you've watched them by now.

Timeline: Season 6, maybe season 7 and beyond( don't know yet).

WARNING: There is always the possibility of major character death. Romance between members of the same gender(duh). Sexual situations between members of the same gender. This is an Alternate Universe (AU) story. The real(by the series 'coda' ) relationship between Buffy and Faith never happened here. So if you're looking for the dark, knife wielding, don't give a crap about nothing but me Faith, She's not here.(ok, bit of an exaggeration, as we all know by now that Faith redeemed herself, but the "dark, evil" Faith never got a chance to live here). Violence happens. Adult themes( someday, I plan on being one, too). Sexual situations. All the usual stuff.

Author's Note: For those faithful(forgive the pun, please) fans that have been following this series, I have only one thing to say: THANK YOU! It's been your kind words and encouragement that have helped me continue this saga. You've been great and I hope this third( and final) installment will please you. You don't have to read the rest of this note, because it's mainly for anyone that might be joining us this late in the game. Again, Thank you, and please keep reading and reviewing.

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Timeless Faith

The late afternoon sun had a golden quality to it. It played upon whatever it touched and gave a sense of nostalgia to the scene. More, much more than being lit, things seemed to glow. The light through the leaves had an almost celestial sensibility, as if a divine hand had touched them. The dappled light and shadows on the grass gave a sweet sense of familiarity, a déjà vu The late afternoon breeze was gentle; it cooled but it didn't disturb. All in all there was a sense of timelessness to the place, a sense of peace and serenity.

The young woman walks the path she's taken so many times in the last 3 months. It was so familiar to her now, that she doesn't have to watch where is; almost by instinct she knows. The gentle breeze lifts her long , raven colored locks, blowing them gently behind her as she strides purposefully to her destination. Her time is limited; these days she seems to have so many things to do, and so little time to get them done. But these moments are precious to her; more, they are necessary.

Faith spots her destination , and turns towards the site. Her pace slows; it's as if she wants to stretch out this time as much as she can. Every little bit calls out to her to be noticed, to be recorded in her memories. Her eyes drink in the scene, as if carry it with her when she's away. Her face softens, and a small, wistful smile plays across her lips. She comes to the maker, and kneels beside it, touching it lightly with her fingers, as if giving it a loving caress. She feels the rough-hewn stone beneath her fingertips, cold and unyielding. So different from the one she wishes she could touch. She gently leans in towards the stone, and lightly kisses it. Straightening up, she begins to tend to the plot around the stone, pulling weeds, and removing the old dead flowers from the vase embedded in the stone. She places the rose she brought with her. Digging through her pockets, she finds the little memento she brought with her. Today it's a brightly colored stone, that shimmers in the late afternoon light. It might be anything : a stone, a colored piece of glass, a small coin ; anything she's seen that's caught her eye and that she wants to share with her love. Smiling, task completed, she sits back on her legs, smiling. She reaches out and traces her fingers over the marker, as if to let Buffy know she's here.

" Hi, baby" Faith murmurs, almost to herself," Missed ya, B. " Faith smiles ruefully," Kinda silly, saying that, huh? I'm like always missing you, baby. You know that. Kinda stupid, huh?" Faith says," I'm sorry I'm kinda late today. Tried to get away sooner, but I just couldn't. Ya know how life can be, just when things are going ok, something comes along to mess things up" Faith shrugs a little, and continues," I knew you'd understand. I'm here now, though, baby. So we can hang out for a little while. That'll be good, huh?" Faith's voice falters a little, but she catches herself. She promised Buffy she wouldn't, and she won't. She continues, softly, " Yeah, that'll be real good".

" Hi, from Dawnie by the way. She'd asked me to tell you that. She'd come herself, baby, but… well, it's really hard for her, ya know? Don't be too disappointed with her not coming more often. She's just a kid, honey. She doesn't understand. It really tears her up , after. She misses you so much. She doesn't realize you're in a better place, a happy place. You're in a better place, right? Dumb me, I know you can't answer that. I just gotta believe you are" Faith stops, taking a breath, trying to calm her heart." You'd be so proud of her, B. She's doing so much better now than at first. She's a strong one, B. I wish sometimes I were as strong as she is" Faith pauses, getting a grip on herself. " Funny how they surprise you, aint it? I mean, I expected her to go all to pieces, honey. To get really crazy, ya know? But she's … she's taking it all so well. I'm so proud of her. The P-nut is something else, ya know?" Faith smiles," don't get me wrong. She misses you something fierce. I can tell it. Sometimes she forgets, and calls out for you. Sometimes at night, she has really bad dreams. Poor kid, she's trying to be so brave, but her dreams give her grief. Me or Red stay with her until she falls back to sleep. That seems to help some. Sometimes when she thinks everybody's asleep, I'll hear her crying. God, I want to rush to her, and hold her and comfort her. But I don't. I know it'll just embarrass her, and you know how girls are at that age. But I gotta admit, it breaks my heart to hear her."

" I see Red's been here again" Faith says, smiling at the new stone on the tombstone." I worry about her sometimes, honey. She's really taking this hard. Much harder than I expected, ya know? Tara sees it too. It's not just me" Faith says, quietly," I'm kinda fearing she might do something stupid. I'm glad Tara's there for her. She's trying to hold up, but a lotta times some little thing will remind her, and she kinda loses it. Sometimes it's almost like she lost Tara." Faith pauses, repentant," sorry, that was uncalled for, I guess. She was you're best friend , after all. It's natural she's gonna miss you big time. Don't I know that one!" Faith pauses again, to get a grip on her own feelings." Ok, busted. I guess I'm kinda jealous cuz I think I should be allowed to break down more. Ya know? I mean…damn, that isn't what I meant. I just … I just wish she'd realize what she's got. Damn" Faith stops again, wiping away a tear hastily," sorry, babe, I didn't mean to do that! I know I promised to be strong, and I'm really trying, ok? Just kinda hard, sometimes."

"Hey, I'm workin' again. With Xan-man. Yeah, believe it or not. Back to pounding nails and fitting wallboard. But hey, it pays good, and we can use the money. It was kinda awkward when I went into ask. Ya know, Xan-mans cool and all, but he's still got a thing about female construction workers. Heh. He kinda got all weirded out and such, but when he saw how I handled a nail gun and saw, he sure changed his tune fast. I'll tell ya, it's pretty cool. Xan-mans a pretty mellow boss, and hey, I even got promoted. Yeah, that's right. I'm supervising my own crew now, I'll have you know, Ms. Smarty pants B. Aint ya proud of me?" Faith asks, for a brief second forgetting B isn't really there. She almost loses it, but regains her composure," of course you're proud of me. You always were, I know. Well… mostly. But I'm doin ok, ya know? And I'm getting the bills paid on time now. Me and dawn even went shopping last week, get her some school clothes. Hey, she's gonna be in High school this year. Cool, huh? Too bad they don't have Sunnydale high built yet. I'll have to take her across town to go to Western. Oh well, no big. And hey, I'm working on the rebuilding…at least, if Xan-man gets the contract, like he's supposed to. And guess what. Yeah, the idiots at the City Council are putting it on the same site… right back on top of the hellmouth. God, they're dorks, huh? Anyway, lil sis is growin' up. It'll be good for her to get back to school, too. Keep her busy, her mind occupied. Yeah…good" Faith despite herself, feels the tears starting to sting at her eyes. She promised, she promised, and now she might break that promise. God, she had to get outta here before she got all blubbery and started crying.

" Hey, baby, I gotta go. Ya know how it is . Busy , busy, I'm always busy!" Faith says brightly, trying to cover her emotions, "Gonna miss me, babe?" She picked the wrong thing to say; it hits too close to home, to her heart. The tears start to roll, and she furiously starts to wipe them away. That only gets her more upset, and she loses control. " Damn, Damn! I promised, and I'm screwin up again" Faith chokes, her voice thick with emotion," I know it upsets you when I cry. I'm really sorry, honey. I'm really trying to be stronger. I really am!" Faith says. Her knees betray her when she tries to stand, and she falls over, leaning against the gravestone. She starts to shake, her body unleashing her pain. Little sobs and whimpers come out, and her face is covered in tears. She just leans against the stone, not caring.

"Dammit B, why'd ya have to go and leave me? Why? WHY?" Faith cries out, her heart breaking all over again. " I know, I know , my head knows the reason" Faith says, trying to calm down… but it's not going so well." You had to do it, save the world, again. Right? It's your job, you're destiny. Goddamnit, WHY????" Faith wails, not caring who hears her," I know, you were protecting the P-nut. I know that. I know Dawn has a right to live, to grow up. I know, I know. I want her to live, to grow up, to be happy, find someone to love. But that doesn't make it better, B" Faith says, growling," that so doesn't make it hurt one tiny bit less. I hate this, B. I hate it so much. Every day something reminds me of you, every fucking hour, every fucking minute I see you somewhere, in something. It's like a knife in my heart, baby. It hurts, it hurts so bad" Faith keens," I'm trying, I'm really trying to move on, get on with my life. But I can't do it, B. It just hurts too much." Faith stops, breathing, trying to push back the tears." When you died, I washed the sheets 10 times, trying to get your scent out of them. Didn't work, I can still smell you in our bed. I gave Mr. Gordo to Dawnie, cause I couldn't look at him every morning. I tried to give away your clothes, but I can't do it. I take them out, and try to separate them, and I smell you again, and I break down. I'm so weak, I hate being so weak, baby. Forgive me for being so damned weak. I need you, I need you" Faith cries. " Why couldn't someone else save the world for once? Why couldn't it have been me? I don't want to live anymore, B, not without you. Don't you see that? It hurts too much to live without you. B" Faith gasps, trying to get air in her lungs," God, I'm sorry I don't mean it." If she didn't have Dawn, She would've meant it." I'll go on, I'll keep Dawnie safe. I Promise." Faith stands up, brushing herself off. "Dammit, I didn't mean to get all fucking weepy. Shit, shit, shit. I gotta get cleaned up, so Dawnie doesn't know I've been crying again. She hates that." Faith turns to the stone, and addresses her comments to it." I gotta go now, honey. I'm sorry, but I gotta make sure P-nut's ok. I love you" Faith starts to walk away, then turns back. Her face is sad, and she says quietly, " What am I gonna do? How do I make it, honey?". Her voice is small and defeated. She turns away again, and walks away.

Faith, turned away towards the path, doesn't see or hear the red headed woman approaching from behind her. The woman's face, kind in aspect, is particularly sad at the moment. She'd heard Faith approaching, and had wanted to give her some privacy. She had faded back, away from Buffy's grave, hoping the raven haired slayer hadn't noticed.

Willow hadn't meant to listen, but she couldn't help overhearing when Faith lost control. She felt bad for Faith; despite their differences, they had one thing in common: They both loved Buffy. She'd been doubtful of Faith's devotion, but the evidence of her eyes didn't lie. She knew Faith was having a rough time of it. She could tell by the dark circles under Faith's eyes that she wasn't sleeping well. While Faith heard Dawn's crying in the night, Willow was aware of Faith's own tears in the late hours. She felt an empathy for Faith; when Buffy died part of Willow's heart had shut down, too. But Willow was lucky, she had Tara to hold her, comfort her through this. Faith had to tough it out alone. She felt she had to be strong for Dawn, show her by example that things would be alright.

Willow walked to Buffy's headstone, and looked down at it. She lightly ran her fingers along its edge, as if letting Buffy know she was there. She kneeled by the stone, and placed her palm on its face.

" I swear, Buffy. I'm gonna fix this. I'm gonna make it alright. I'm gonna get you out of that hell dimension, and bring you back to Faith." Willow touched the tips of her fingers to her lips, and touched them to the stone. She stood, her resolve face set as hard as the marble of Buffy's headstone.

She walked down the path leading away from the gravesite.

Dawn locked the door to her bedroom, and crossed over to her dresser.

Kneeling down, she opened the bottom drawer. Moving aside some old clothes she never wore anymore, she lifted out a small wooden box. Closing the drawer, she headed for her bed, box in hand.

Opening the box, she lifted out the contents. There were various necklaces and bracelets, and a ring or two. All stuff she'd … borrowed… from others. Here was the necklace she'd taken from Willow's and Tara's room the day her mom had died. She liked this one, it was pretty. Here was Buffy's necklace, the one with two hearts entwined with Faith's inscription… the one she'd given Buffy on her 18th birthday. Faith had been frantic looking for this necklace: she'd wanted Buffy to be buried in it. Lotta good it'd do there, Dawn thought to herself. She had other things, precious things in her 'treasure' box. Some things she'd taken from stores, some she'd found, and some she's borrowed from friends or family.

Dawn had a little problem.

She liked to touch the things she took. Somehow, it made her feel more connected here, more real. She needed these things, they made her feel better. She only took them because she needed to take them. She'd see them, lying around, and had to have them. Not even wanted them; she had to have them. The first time she took something, she'd been so scared she'd be caught. Her hearted pounded crazily in her chest. But she couldn't stop herself, she needed it. So, she watched to be sure she wasn't being watched, and slipped it quietly into her pocket. Nobody even saw her, it was so cool. Later, when the owner reported it 'missing' , she just acted innocent, and no one questioned her about it. It gave her a rush to get away with it. She'd been doing it ever since.

The first time she took something from a shop, it was a whole new level of thrill. She started with the Magic Box, stealing small trinkets and finally a talisman. It was too easy. She next tried a small boutique shop down the street. That was tougher; they had security cameras and all that kinda junk. But she waited till it was pretty busy, and the clerks were distracted. She positioned herself so another customer was between her and the camera. She put her hand over what she wanted, and let it slide up her sleeve. She casually looked around some more, and then left. Man, her heart was nearly beating out of her chest, but she did it. She got away with it.

Thing was, once she had the item, she didn't really want it anymore. At least, with the stuff she got from shops. Mostly, she'd just give it away, or let it drop so someone else could find it. It was weird. Once she had it, it just didn't seem all that important anymore. It didn't mean anything to her. So, she got rid of it. She kept the stuff she got from like Willow, or Buffy, or Faith…but the rest? She shrugs. Oh well.

She knew why she got away with it. She wasn't real. No one could really see her, not the real her. She was just some kind of mystic energy or something. So of course, when she took stuff, no one could see her do It. She wasn't really there, right? That's what those crazy people said. She wasn't real. So, her taking that stuff didn't matter. If she wasn't real, it couldn't be real, either. Could it?

If she was real, why did all her 'family' keep leaving her then? Her father, Hank Summers, didn't even try to find out if she was alright. He was off somewhere in Europe with his secretary. He never even bothered to contact Dawn. OF course , that was true about Buffy, too. But still, even when Buffy died, did he come? No! And mom knew she wasn't real. Dawn had overheard her talking to Buffy, the night she found out what she was. Buffy said she wasn't real, and mom hadn't argued. Then she died, and did she leave any kind of message that she loved Dawn, that Dawn was her daughter, her 'punkin belly ' ? No, not a thing. Buffy… Buffy was different. Buffy had a choice. She chose to die. That night, on the tower, she should've let me jump into the rift. I was supposed to jump into it, that was my purpose. My meaning. But she didn't… she took that away from me. She jumped, leaving me, leaving Faith, leaving all of us behind! How could she do that? How could she take the one thing that had meaning for me, that made me real, and take it? And leave me? Leave me without any family, without a real home. Nothing. She left me, she chose to leave me.

I hate her. I hate she left me! I hate them all. They'd all leave me, I know they would. Buffy made them promise to look after me. If not for that, they'd be so gone so fast, my head would spin around on my neck trying to watch them. They don't care about me, they don't love me. I'm not real. How could they love me? They hate me because Buffy died instead of me. I know it. I know they'd rather I was dead. They loved her. They want her back, they want me gone. Not like I matter. Why should I? I'm some blob of energy. Not a person. Not Dawn. Not anything!

They pretend they care about me, for her sake. They say they love me, but it's a lie. Like I'm a lie. My existence is a lie. It's all a big fat lie. None of that's real. This is real, she thinks, looking at her 'treasure. The rest? All lies.

Lies! Lies! LIES!!!

"I have to do this, Tara!" Willow said, firmly.

Tara and Willow are in their room at Buffy's house. Their bed is covered by magical texts, some for research, others texts of magical spells and incantations. Willow is lying on the bed, her nose stuck in a spell book. Tara is beside the bed, watching her. Tara's expression reflects her worry.

"W-Willow, you know I don't like this. It's dangerous" Tara said, looking at the book Willow was reading. The Lexicon of the Dark Arts . Even the name gave her the wiggins. " I think you're dabbling in risky magic, Willow".

"Tara, we talked about this. There's no telling where Buffy went when she dived into the portal. She might be in some hell dimension, suffering unspeakable torture." Willow shivers," I can't live with myself if I leave her in that kind of pain".

" I know t-that, Willow," Tara says," but your talking about a resurrection spell. Those spells can go very wrong!"

Willow gets up, and comes over to Tara. She puts her arm around Tara's shoulders.

" Honey, this isn't like when Dawn wanted to resurrect Mrs. Summers. Buffy didn't die a natural death" Willow says, soothingly, " Her death was a result of mystic energy. We aren't going against the natural order in performing this ritual".

"I—I know that, Willow" Tara replies. She moves a little away from Willow. Willow gets a slightly hurt look on her face. Tara turns back to her." Willow" She continues, softly," the kinds of magic you're tapping aren't from Gaia, the earth. They're based on emotion and conflict. They're … hard to control, and can easily turn on you". She walks back to Willow, and takes her hand. " I know Buffy's death has been hard on you, Willow. I know how much she meant to you, Willow" Tara says, gently. Willow looks away, somewhat embarrassed. " It's ok, honey, I know how you felt about her".

"Tara, baby, I love you!" Willow insists, " You know I do!"

" Yes, honey, I know" Tara says, smiling." That doesn't mean you didn't love Buffy, too".

" Of course I loved Buffy" Willow says, denying the implication, " She was my best friend. Almost like a sister!".

" W-Willow, please, honey, don't do that" Tara says.

"Do what, Tara?" Willow says, innocently." I don't understand what you mean!"

" Willow? Honey, I can see what's right in front of me, baby" Tara says, firmly." You loved Buffy, but more than as a friend".

" Tara, No!" Willow says," That's just not… " But Tara puts a finger to Willow's lips, to silence her.

" You … trying to spare my feelings by lying hurts more than the truth" Tara says, gently. Willow looks down at her feet, ashamed. Tara lifts her chin, smiling at Willow, " Honey, it's ok. I know you'd never do anything to hurt me" Tara smiles, "but you have to face the truth of why you're doing this. I know you love me, I've no doubts about that." Tara pauses. This next part is hard for her," but you loved Buffy, too. I could see it when she came in the room. You're face would get this special light reserved for her" She stops. It's harder than she thought," I admit, at times, I was jealous. But I realize you were more in love with me. So, I accepted what couldn't be changed." She reaches out, and strokes Willow's face. " Look me in the eyes and tell me I'm wrong, honey"

Willow can't. Tara almost wishes she could.

" It's not just for me, Tara" Willow says, " I admit … I… have some selfish motives. I miss her, I can't deny that. Though, I think you're wrong about the other" Tara just looks at will patiently, " Ok, maybe not entirely wrong" Willow admits, " But this is hurting Dawnie, too. She's acting strong, but I can see how Buffy's death is hurting her badly" Tara nods. She has to agree. Dawn is troubled, though she tries to hide it." And there's Faith", Willow continues, " she's suffering badly. I accidentally walked up on her at Buffy's grave the other day," Tara gives Willow a look, " Ok, I moved away, because I saw her there. But she was really in bad shape, Tara. That's the truth!" Willow insists, " you can see how hard it's been for her. She doesn't sleep, she doesn't eat hardly. She's working on nerve and bone."

" I'm not saying you're being selfish, honey" Tara says," But you have to admit to yourself it's not just for them. You're thinking of using very powerful and dark magicks, Willow" Tara asserts," You motives have to be truthful. Lying, even to yourself, about why you're doing this can lead to real darkness. It can cause some really bad consequences. So, whatever you do, be honest in your heart about this. Use caution, don't rush into it! ".

" I'm going to be careful, Tara" Willow protests, " I'm not going to be willy-nilly about it. It's not going to be easy, but I know we can do this. We'll need some help though."

" Help?" Tara asks, " What kind of help?"

" We'll need at least two more people to complete the spell" Willow says, " reading it over, it requires one person to represent each of the four primary elements." Tara nods. That makes sense.

" Also, we'll need an urn of Osiris" Willow says, " that's critical for the spell to work".

Tara's brow furls. She's not familiar with this spell, but Dawn didn't require that for her spell. That she does know.

" Can I see the spell you're researching, Willow?" Tara asks. Willow points at the open page in the book. Spell of Restoration . Tara looks questioningly at Willow.

" I know it's not a standard resurrection spell, Tara. But I researched it. It restores what has been lost through magical means. It seems less dangerous, more likely to succeed," Willow explains, " It hopefully won't have the possibilities of side effects that a resurrection spell would."

" It's safer?" Tara asks, not convinced.

" Than a resurrection spell? Yes. But it won't work except for something like Buffy's case," Willow says," and there is still possible consequences".

" Ok" Tara finally decides. " I still don't like it, Willow, but …ok".

" We're still going to need two more people" Willow says, quietly.

" So, that would be Dawn and Faith?" Tara asks.

" Ummm… no. I don't think so" Willow says, " they … I'd hate to get their hopes raised, and then it not work. They've been through enough, I think. Don't you?"

Tara nods her agreement. She wasn't too happy about bringing in Faith and Dawn. Someone else would be better.

" Giles, maybe?" She says hopefully. She knows that Giles could put a lid on this, in case it was needed.

" No, definitely not Giles" Willow rejects that idea, " He definitely wouldn't understand. I was thinking… Xander and Anya, actually".

" Do you think they'll go along with it?" Tara asks, dubiously. " They might not understand, either".

" They will, once I explain it to them" Willow says, confidently." I know Xander misses Buffy almost as much…" She stops, not wanting to hurt Tara.

" As you do" Tara says quietly. Willow nods reluctantly.

" Anya will go along if Xander asks her to " Willow finishes. " Plus, Anya might be able to find the urn of Osiris. It's very rare. That's going to be a bit of a problem, too."

" You're really going to do this?" Tara asks." There's no way to change your mind?"

" Yes," Willow replies, simply.

" Alright, I'll help you then", Tara says, quietly. " I still think it's wrong. But I'll help you".

" Thank you, Tara" Willow says, coming to her and taking Tara into her arms. She hugs her tightly.

Tara still doesn't like this. She's afraid they're going to do something that'll have tragic consequences. But she can't let Willow do this alone. It's too risky. And she knows Willow will do it, despite her reservations.

Tara is becoming more and more concerned over Willow's use of magic. It used to be simple spells, or only in cases of extreme emergencies. But now she's beginning to use magic more. It's making Tara rather uncomfortable. Willow is smart, and very powerful. But … even the smartest, most careful witch can have a spell backfire.

She just hopes this isn't the time. It could bring back Buffy … wrong. Very wrong. For a moment, Tara is tempted to tell Faith. She knows Faith doesn't trust magic. She knows Faith would most likely be opposed. Yet… this is Buffy we're talking about bringing back. Faith might not be objective. She might even side with Willow on this. Tara sighs. No, telling Faith isn't such a good idea. It might be best to be silent about this.

For now.

To be continued.