Summary: Not too long after the fall of Schwarz, the four men of Weiß work to restore things to normal. It isn't long before they're contacted by Birman with the news that new dangers are already resurfacing. Yohji, Aya, Ken and Omi accept the challenge, battling their own demons as well as four they were sure perished with the three elder members of Eszett.

Warnings: This story contains yaoi and mild violence. It is also partly a song fic, I believe. Please use discretion in reading should you choose to continue.

Disclaimer: This story is not meant to be construed as a claim to ownership of the anime Weiss Kreuz in any form. Also, the song Angeleyes was written, produced and sung by the members of ABBA. This story is not meant to be construed as a claim to ownership of said song in any form.

Please enjoy.

As she watched the sun dawn on the waters in front of her, as the cross that marked the water with the fall of her friends dissipated, as Aya stood by her side, newly free of her coma, Sakura knew she would see them again.

M1: Awaken

Someone was typing. It felt oddly familiar. He could feel his hands moving where they lay, as if he were the one pressing the keys. Except the one who was typing was slow. He remembered being fast at it, good at it. Experienced. It made him feel good about himself, knowing that he was good at something. Especially good because he could remember.

He opened his eyes. At first, the only thing he could perceive was bright light. But slowly, he came to see that he was in a small room with white walls. There was someone to the right of him, and they were higher. They were turned the other way. He turned his attention elsewhere. He was warm and realized that someone was behind him. He didn't want to get up; he was comfortable. He snuggled into the bed, noticing that his head was resting on a pillow. He closed his eyes again. It felt nice, wherever he was. He wanted to go to sleep again. The typing ceased.

"Yo, chibi." His eyes popped open. "Nice to see you're finally up." It was the man who was higher than him. He was sitting on a chair, and was facing him now. He wore a silly grin on his face, and his hair was cropped at his shoulders and slightly unkempt. The first thing that came to mind was Yohji, and so that is what he said.

"Yohji-kun…" The man was apparently Yohji, as his grin grew and he turned back to the computer without a complaint. Ah. A computer. Things were slowly coming back to him. "Doko…ore wa…?"

"You're home," Yohji said. He began to type again. Home? He sat up. When he moved his feet over the side of the bed, they hit the floor instantly. The bed was on the floor. So that was why Yohji was so high. He bent his knees in front of him and looked around again.

The room wasn't as small as he originally perceived; it was just that the ceiling slanted with the roof and was low. On the floor in front of the bed was a cup half full of water, several remotes and several pieces of clothing. Stacked at the end of the bed, was a thick hardcover book, a sketch book, and several small, thin boxes. Next to that was a small decorative cup with several different types of pencils, erasers and pens sticking out of it. He looked back over to Yohji. Yohji had nice hair. He remembered there was someone behind him and so he turned slowly to see who it was.

It was another man. He looked different than Yohji. He had dark brown hair, just as nice, and he wasn't as pale. His expression was relaxed, probably because he was asleep. But he looked younger than Yohji in that respect. He reached his hand over to touch the other man.

"Ken-kun…" he said, without much thought. The man stirred.

"Let him sleep," Yohji told him. "He was up all night."


"Waiting for you to come to." The boy nodded, and then looked up at Yohji.



"Who…who am I?" Yohji perked, and the boy was afraidthathe said something he shouldn't have. He pulled his legs closer to himself. Yohji turned to him slowly, rolling the chair towards him slightly. He looked at him with serious eyes as he leaned forward with his elbows on his knees.

"You're Omi," he said. "Tsukiyono Omi."

"Oh," Omi said. He liked that name. Yohji still stared at him.

"You know who am I, but you don't know who you are?" he asked. Omi thought about that, and it didn't take him long to realize it was true.

"Yes…" he said. "Maybe…I just need to see myself," he said. "In…a mirror."

"Hmm…" Yohji said. He stood and walked across the room to a door. He looked at Omi. "Let's go," he said. "And watch your head." Omi stood up and watched his head as he was told. He followed Yohji from the room. Yohji was tall, and Omi was short. Omi didn't have to bend his head at all, whereas Yohji had to walk slightly leaned over. It was a short walk across the room to where the head of the stairs was. There was a partial height wall there as a banister, and they rounded it to go down the stairs.

At the bottom, there was another door. The walls were all white in the room with the stairs, but on the first floor, the walls were beige. The bathroom was a few feet to the right of the door they exited. Yohji opened the door and led Omi inside. Omi went in and looked around. The bathroom was pink. He realized he didn't like the color pink. The floor was cold, and he looked down and saw that he was barefoot. He sighed. He remembered he didn't like having his feet bare that way.

The mirror was to the left of him. It was a large vanity mirror, vertically separated into three sections. Omi saw everything in the mirror before he saw himself. There were two large, shiny, dark blue eyes staring back at him. Long, thick curling eyelashes. Puffy pink cheeks. Thin, straight nose. Slightly thin lips with a curious pout. Shiny tannish-orange hair, puffing out from his scalp in a thick fountain of strands. He reached up and touched his face in various spots. He didn't look familiar to himself, but…

"Hey…" he said. "I'm kinda cute." Yohji shook his head at him. He reached over and closed the door, then pointed at it. There was a long mirror on the door. Omi checked out his body. He was a bit scrawny, not as muscular as Yohji. He raised his white t-shirt and looked at his stomach and chest, then looked at Yohji, who wasn't wearing a shirt, to compare. He nodded to himself and turned around to check out the backside. Hm. Nice calves. He nodded again. "Ok," he said and looked at Yohji.

"Nothing?" Yohji asked.

"Nothing?" Omi asked, confused.

"You…still don't know who you are?"

"Sure I do," Omi said. "I'm Omi. I'm 5'4", about 115 pounds or so…brown hair, blue eyes. Omi." Yohji looked concerned. "I…like to type," Omi said encouragingly.

"We need to have a talk," Yohji said. "All of us."

"All of us?" Omi asked. "Who's…all of us…?"

"You know who I am, don't you?" Images of Yohji next to women appeared in Omi's mind.

"Yeah," Omi said, chuckling a little. "You're Yohji. You think you're hot stuff." Suddenly, Omi felt anxious. He saw a string float by in his mind. He shook his head. Yohji nodded, smiling a little.

"Yeah…that's me," he said. "And…you remember Ken?"

"Ken-kun," Omi said, and immediately, a soccer ball came to mind. "He likes sports. He used to play soccer." Again, the anxious feeling returned, and he saw five shiny claws slash in his mind. He blinked the image away.

"Right, right," Yohji said, patting his shoulder. "That's right. And Aya? Do you remember Aya?" A tall, lean man with brilliant red hair came to mind. He was watering flowers.

"Oh, Aya…" Omi said, nodding rapidly. "Yes. His…sister… I remember he wants his sister." Yohji nodded slowly.

"Perfect," he said. Omi closed his eyes. Suddenly, a long, shiny sword flashed through his mind. He shook his head. Why was he seeing those things, anyway? "And…what do you see…when you think of Omi…?"

"Uh…me?" Omi asked. He was faceless in his mind. It frightened him. "That's weird…" he said. He could see someone moving around several rows of flowers. He perceived it to be himself, but he couldn't see himself. The person there was just a blur. "I don't know. I see flowers…" Darts. His heart began to speed up. There were darts all around him suddenly. Without control, Omi's hand closed with the fingers slightly spread. He moved back and flung his hand out towards the door. Then he stopped and looked at Yohji, pulling his hand to his chest. "Darts…" he said, breathing harder than usual. "Poison…darts…" Yohji nodded slowly again. "Why…do I see darts?"

"Daijōbu, Omi," Yohji said. "It's all right. You don't have to be afraid." Was he afraid? Omi looked down at himself. He was still breathing hard. He was scared, wasn't he? He shook his head and looked at Yohji.

"I wanna talk," he said. "I…wanna see you guys again."

"We will," Yohji said. "As soon as Aya gets back." Omi nodded and looked around again. Seeing the toilet, he realized he needed to use it. And he needed to brush his teeth as well.

"I…I have to pee," he told Yohji. Yohji moved towards the door. Omi stood in front of the toilet and stared at it. He knew how to pee, but something was wrong. Yohji moved over to him and lifted the seat. Ah…now it looked right. "Thanks…" he said with an embarrassed chuckle.

"Good luck." Omi used the bathroom and washed his hands. He went to the mirror again. It felt natural to reach for the mirror, and so he did. He touched the mirror, and forgot what he wanted to do. He left the bathroom in search for Yohji. Yohji was standing outside of it, waiting.

"Minty fresh?" Yohji asked. Omi snapped his finger.

"That's right," he said and went back in the bathroom. He pulled open one of the mirrors and looked inside. Razors, shaving cream, pain medicine, aftershave. He didn't think he needed any of those things.

"The one on the right, Omi," Yohji said. Omi nodded and opened the right one. There were the toothbrushes. "The pink one."

"Why do I have a pink toothbrush?" Omi asked, taking his from the cup.

"Ken thought it would be best if he bought them all in a pack. They're all the same, just different colors." Omi smirked at him.

"If that's the case, why didn't you take the pink one?"

"Some of us have reputations to uphold." Omi picked up the tube of toothpaste and unscrewed the cap. He squirted some on his toothbrush and began to brush his teeth. "Don't swallow," Yohji said.

"I know," Omi said. He spat in the sink and brushed again. It felt familiar. More importantly, his teeth were beginning to feel clean. He had no idea why he was comforted by that. When he finished and put his toothbrush away, he turned to Yohji and looked at him expectantly. "What now?" he asked.

"It's up to you, Omi. What do you want to do?"

"Eat, I think."

"We can do that. We should wait for Aya, though."

"Where is he?"

"Checking in on his sister." Omi nodded and looked down.

"I see. She's still in the hospital, then?"

"No," Yohji said. "She's up now, alive and well. She works with Momoe-san now." Omi recognized that name. He smiled, remembering her.

"How are they?" he asked.

"I don't know. I haven't been back myself."

"Well…how come?" Yohji shook his head and looked away. "I'd like to go back."

"None of us have really returned there."


"He watches her from a distance…" Yohji said. "She doesn't know he's there." Omi nodded slowly. That saddened him.

"How can he…stay away? If she were my sister, I'd…" Omi felt extremely sad suddenly. "Ouka…" he said. "Ouka…" Yohji patted his shoulder.

"It's okay, Omi. Here, why don't you have a seat?" Omi shook his head.

"I'm ok," he said. But he had the image of Ouka in his mind. He felt terrible.

"You want to go upstairs?"

"Ken's sleeping, I don't want to bother him."

"It's your room, you know?"

"Oh. Why's it so big? I don't need a room that big. I don't own anything."

"You own plenty," Yohji said. "You just need to get reacquainted, that's all." Omi nodded.

"Let's go upstairs, then." Omi followed Yohji back up the stairs to his bedroom. The room looked larger from the door. There were two windows on the facing wall. The computer desk was in front of one and the television stand was in front of the other. The box spring of the bed was in the left corner of the room and there was a dresser against the wall to the right of Omi. The mattress was on the floor in front of the television. Ken was still asleep there. "Why's the bed on the floor?" Omi asked.

"I have no idea," Yohji said. "It was like that when I came in here." Omi went over to the bed and sat down. Ken stirred. Omi looked at the pile of books by the bed.

"What's all this stuff?" he asked. He slid the sketchbook from the pile and flipped through it.

"That's Ken's," Yohji said. "He's quite the artist. You think you know someone, you know?" Omi looked at Yohji and shook his head. Yohji shook his head, too. "Never mind." Omi stopped on one page, seeing a large cross with sharp ends. Inside were the letters w e i s s. Weiss? Omi felt like it was familiar.



"What's Weiß?" Yohji stared at Omi for a long time. Omi continued to look through the book. "Look, here it is again." Omi showed him the page. "Weiß," hesaid again.

"It's "vice"," Ken said. Omi turned to look at him.

"Hey," he said. Ken breathed in deep and sat up.

"What are you doing with that?" he asked.

"Nothing," Omi said, and he closed the book quickly. He sat it down on the floor and bent his knees up to his chin.

"It's okay if you want to look at it, Omi," Ken said. "I don't mind." Ken looked over to Yohji. "So…what's going on? Why…?"

"Omi just needs a little push in the right direction, that's all," Yohji said. "It'll all come back to him."

"Oh…" Omi picked the book up again and looked through it. Ken scooted over and sat next to him. "How are you feeling?" he asked.

"I'm okay. I'm a little hungry, though."

"Is Aya back?" Ken asked Yohji. Yohji shook his head.

"Not yet. He shouldn't be too much longer." Ken stood up and stretched.

"I'm gonna go shower, then," he said.

"Right," Yohji said. Omi came across the word again as Ken left.

"Why won't you tell me what it means?" he asked.

"I want you to remember on your own."

"But…" Yohji looked at him.


"I…I'm concerned."

"About what?"

"About…" Omi looked around. "All of this. Why…? How come I can't remember some things, while other things are really clear?"

"You just need exposure, Omi, that's all. Give it time; it'll all come back to you." Omi nodded. He had the feeling it would. When the pages became blank, Omi sat the book down again. He looked at the television stand. There was a VCR, a DVD player and a cable box. Yohji was on the computer again. Omi scooted over on the bed to see what he was doing. He was online.

"You don't have a computer?" Omi asked.

"I didn't know you'd mind."

"I'd mind?" Omi asked. "Oh…no, I don't. You can play my computer all you want. I was just wondering."

"I don't have one," Yohji said. "Only you and Ken."

"I see." Omi rested his chin on his knees. "So, Yohji-kun?"


"This…isn't where I used to live, is it?"

"No. This place is brand new."

"Why'd we move?"

"We used to live at the flower shop, remember? We thought it'd be best to stay away from there for the time."

"I see." Omi stood up and went over to his dresser. He opened the first drawer and looked inside. The clothes looked familiar, but he wasn't too fond of them.

"Who…picked these out?" Omi asked. Yohji chuckled.

"You," he said. "Those are all yours."

"Oh." Omi chuckled a little and closed the drawer. He went through each drawer, stopping when he got to the bottom one. Yohji turned to him. Omi reached inside. There was a large bow and tens of boxes all closed up. There were also clothes, neatly folded. Omi picked up the bow and looked it over. It felt right to hold it, but there was some odd feeling there as well. He shrugged and put it back.

He picked up one of the smaller boxes and flipped it open. Darts. Omi had a sudden flash in his mind, but he couldn't make out what he saw. It was dark, and there were people around. The moon was bright. That was all he could remember. He set the box back in the drawer then moved over to the clothes. Now these were much better than the others. Dark blue was a color he liked. But something about the clothes made him want to put them away. He turned to Yohji. Yohji looked as if he was deep in thought.

"What is all this stuff?" Omi asked.

"You remember, Omi," Yohji said. "I know you do." Omi turned back to the drawer and felt along the clothes and the boxes. The flash occurred in his mind again, and it lasted a little longer this time. He could make out that there were exactly three people standing near him, all men. One of them was Yohji. Omi turned back to Yohji and stood up.

"Why won't you just tell me?" he asked.

"I want you to try and remember on your own," Yohji said. "I don't want to give you all the answers." Omi folded his arms.

"Maybe Ken will tell me," he said.

"Sure he will, but I'll tell you this. It's not like you to take the easy way out." Omi thought about that and unfolded his arms. Something told him that Yohji was right. "I'll guide you, but I'm not going to tell you everything," Yohji said. "You're a bright guy, Omi. You're going to get through this in no time." Omi nodded. Yohji's words made him feel empowered. Sure, he could do it on his own. Omi closed the drawer and left the room quickly. "Oi…Omi!" Yohji called after him.

"I'll be right back!" Omi exclaimed as he shot down the stairs. He reached the bottom and tried to turn the door. It didn't open and he hit the door before he could stop himself. He stood there for a moment and rubbed his head where he'd bumped it, then opened the door and stepped out. Ken had just opened the bathroom door fresh out of his shower. He was wearing a robe and a towel was wrapped around his head.

"Hey," he said, opening the door between the stair door and the bathroom door. "Where are you off to?"

"Oh, I don't know," Omi said. "I just want to look around."

"Oh, ok."

"This is your room?" Omi asked.

"Yeah," Ken said. "Wanna take a look?"

"Sure." Omi followed Ken into his room. He looked around. Ken's room was simple and small. There was a bed in one corner, a TV stand in another and a dresser across from the bed. Ken had posters of pictures he'd drawn on his walls. Omi gaped at them for a while. "You're really good," he said.

"Thanks," Ken said. Omi looked at Ken and grinned.

"Thanks," he said and walked out of the room. There was a door directly across from Ken's room. Omi walked over and put his hand on the knob.

"You shouldn't go in there," Ken said. "That's Aya's room."

"What's wrong with it?" Omi asked.

"Aya…likes his privacy."

"Oh…I see." Omi shrugged. "Ok." Ken closed his door. Omi walked across the short hall into the living room. There was a simple arrangement of furniture: a couch, an armchair, an entertainment system, and a few bookcases. There was a large window with the shades drawn. Through it, Omi could see the front lawn.

There was a welcome mat in the tiny foyer, and a small closet. Omi walked around the living room. There was also a coffee table, and on the table were bite sized chocolate candies. Omi grabbed a handful and went from the living room into the kitchen.

The kitchen was pink and green. Omi craved the chocolate while he stood in there. He walked over to the sink and looked inside. The dishes were all done. He peeled the wrapper from one of the pieces of chocolate and popped it in his mouth. He crossed the room and looked through the cabinets. They were fully stocked. Omi felt like he was starving.

He reached into the cabinets above the stove. He selected a box of cereal, took it out and opened it. Then he went to the refrigerator. There were two bottles of milk, one gallon of whole milk and a half gallon of skim milk. Omi made a face and went for the whole milk. He took a bowl and spoon from the dish drain at the sink and made himself a bowl of cereal. He put everything away and looked out the large bay window on the other side of the room where a table and four chairs sat. He could see out into the street through the shades, and all the houses beyond it. The neighborhood looked pretty nice from what he could see.

He turned and walked through the kitchen to the back stairs. There, there was a door leading out into the driveway, which stretched across the length of that side of the house. Continuing down the stairs, Omi reached the basement. He pushed back a closed curtain and looked around. There was a room there, and it was nicely set up. He figured it to be Yohji's room, and he could see why Yohji chose it. There was a fireplace at the back of the room and abar on the other side of the room. There was a large circular bed straight ahead of Omi. Near the fireplace was a TV, and near the TV was a stereo system. Yohji owned many CDs and tapes and books. The tapes and books were among the type Omi remembered he wasn't supposed to look at, but hey. Why not?

By the time Omi heard Aya coming in through the side door, he'd finished his cereal and had come to the conclusion that sex was way too complicated for him. He put everything away and jogged up the stairs. Aya was carrying several bags with containers inside. He sat them on the table and looked out the window. Omi sat his bowl in the sink.

"Rinse that out," Aya scolded.

"Ok," Omi said. Aya turned to him quickly.

"Oh, Omi…" he said. "I didn't know it was you." Aya rushed over. Omi turned on the faucet.

"Hi, Aya," he said. Aya took the bowl from him.

"Don't worry about this," he said. "There's breakfast on the table, if you're still hungry."

"Thanks." Omi went over to the bags and looked at them. They smelled sweet. Omi's mouth began to water. He looked at Aya, who was looking at him.

"I can have anything?" he asked.

"Whatever you want," Aya said. He smiled. Omi noticed that the smile wasn't a familiar one. He smiled back despite it and turned back to the bags. Ken came into the kitchen.

"Hey, guys," he said. He opened the refrigerator door and pulled out a carton of orange juice.

"Where's Yohji? Downstairs?" Aya asked.

"No, he's in my room," Omi said. "I'll go get him."

"No, don't," Aya said. "I'll do it. You just relax yourself and…eat something." Omi nodded.

"Okay," he said. Aya left the kitchen. Omi looked at Ken.

"Why…do I have the biggest room?" Omi asked. Ken was already going through the containers.

"Well…" he said. "You've got the most floor space, but when it comes to head space…"

"Oh, I see. Because I'm the shortest?"

"Yep." Omi chuckled.

"Oh," he said. There were pancakes, toast, bacon, eggs, sausage links, and packets of jelly, butter and syrup. Omi began to drool. Ken laughed at him.

"Hungry, are we?" he asked. Omi nodded, staring at the food with enthusiasm. Ken took a sausage and chewed on it while he went towards the dish drain. He took two plates and handed one to Omi.

"Can I eat?" Omi asked.

"You can eat whatever you want."

"I know, Aya said so. But…should I?"

"Why wouldn't you?"

"I don't know. I just had some cereal."

"You haven't eaten a decent meal in a while, Omi, so go ahead." Omi nodded and waited for Ken to get his food. Ken looked at him, apparently waiting for Omi to go first. "Go ahead," Ken said again. Omi took one of everything, and a little bit of eggs. He sat down at the table and went to eat. There was something he needed first. What was it? He looked over at the dish drain, then stood and walked over to it. He looked it over.

"Hmm…" Omi pondered. He reached down and picked up a fork. No. That wasn't it, was it? Yeah. It was. He brought it with him over to the table and sat down. Ken plopped a container of syrup and one of butter in front of Omi's plate, then sat down at the table in the chair to the right of Omi's.

"For your pancakes," he said. Aya and Yohji came into the room. Yohji went past them and down the stairs. When he came back up, he was wearing a t-shirt. Aya had gotten his food and sat down across from Ken. Yohji didn't bother with a plate. He ate what was left straight from the containers. They ate in silence for the most part. Omi realized he didn't like silence. He wanted to talk, but he wasn't sure what to talk about. He decided since he hadn't seen Aya all day, he'd be the best one to talk to.


"What?" Aya asked.

"How's…Aya-chan, is it?"

"Aya…" Aya said. He looked down and picked through his eggs with his fork. "She's just fine."

"That's great," Omi said, smiling at him. "That's fantastic." Omi looked around the table. Yohji was struggling to open another packet of syrup and Ken was rolling a sausage in one of his pieces of toast. Omi ate a little more. He thought about Aya-chan and the flower shop. He remembered what it looked like, the corner it stood on. He remembered Momoe as well. And, there was someone else. A woman. "Who do I know…" Omi began. "…whose hair is all red…and she wears socks with high heels…?" Yohji chuckled.

"Socks with heels," he said. "It's gotta be Manx."

"Manx!" Omi said, snapping his finger. "I knew it!" Ken laughed at him.

"What do you remember about her?" he asked.

"She…she's nice," Omi said. "Real nice. I talk with her a lot. She's really pretty, too. Big blue eyes." Aya looked at Omi.

"You don't remember her?" he asked.

"Sure I do," Omi said. "Am…am I wrong about her?" Aya went to speak, but Yohji stopped him.

"Aya," he said. "Omi's still having a little trouble remembering everything. He's doing pretty good so far, though. Right?" Aya looked at Omi.

"Do you know who we are?" he asked.

"Yes," Omi said. "You're my friends. You're Aya, Ken, and Yohji. My friends…" Aya didn't look happy with his answer. Omi looked at Ken and Yohji. Yohji was looking at Aya and Ken was distractedly picking at his food.

"Who are we?" Aya asked again. "You know the answer I'm looking for." Omi shook his head.

"If we're not friends, then…"

"Aya…" Yohji said. He shook his head at him, as if signaling him to stop. Aya looked angry suddenly. He sat down his fork loudly, scooted his chair back, and left the kitchen quickly. Omi watched him, confused.

"What…did I do wrong?" he asked. Yohji shook his head. He didn't look worried.

"Aya's just like that sometimes," Ken explained. "He wants you to just know everything, and that's not happening."

"But it's no big deal," Yohji said. "He'll get over it, and then we'll be one big happy family again."

"But, I thought we were going to talk," Omi said. "We…we are friends, right?"

"Of course," Ken said, reaching over and shaking Omi's shoulder. "But we're also something else."

"What?" Omi asked.

"Remember what I told you earlier, about figuring it out on your own?" Yohji asked.

"Weiß?" Omi asked. "Is this about those drawings in your book?" Ken nodded. "And…I'm supposed to figure out what Weiß is, then? And then Aya-kun won't be mad at me?"

"Aya's not mad at you," Yohji said. "He's mad that you can't remember."

"He was afraid it would be that way," Ken said. "But you're doing great, I say." Omi smiled.

"Yeah," Yohji said. "You're doing just fine." Omi felt better. "Just let Aya steam off for a little while."

"Then I can talk to him?"

"Uh…well," Ken said. "Aya's a private person, even more so now than he used to be. You should just wait until he comes to you."

"Ok," Omi said. He sighed. "I just wish he had've stayed and finished eating. I'd hate to see his breakfast go cold." Ken smiled at him, then over to Yohji.

"Good ol' Omi," he said. Later, after breakfast, Omi went upstairs to his room. After glancing around a few times, he decided to get on his computer. Sitting in the chair, holding on to the mouse and looking at the screen was perhaps the most familiar set of actions he'd done all day. He liked it, he felt thrilled almost. He clicked open a game and played it, then played a different game. Then he went online. He was surprised that he remembered his password: b0mbae3. It didn't seem like the one he used to use. He found out the date and time and where in the world he was located very quickly. Then he checked out the word Weiß in a search.

He got a lot of sites dealing with German and translation, and other sites that just had Weiß somewhere in the title or on the site itself. Later in the search, he came across a website that dealt with old newspaper articles. What he saw had him occupied for hours. When he resurfaced around eight o'clock, he rushed down the stairs to Aya's room.

He knocked on the door, but didn't get an answer. He pressed his ear up to the door and didn't hear any sounds. He put his hand to the knob and looked around. There wasn't anyone there. He opened the door and looked inside.

"Aya-kun?" he asked. There was no answer. Omi felt along the wall for something and when he hit the switch and the light came on, he knew what that something was. Aya's room wasn't as plain as Ken's. He had some type of character in his room. His furniture all matched, and his bed linens were colorful. He had curtains over his windows, unlike the plain white blinds in all the other rooms. He had flowers all around, and there were pictures and other little bits of personality around on his dresser and nightstands. Omi smiled and stepped into the room, startled when he felt someone grab his arm. He turned quickly.

"What do you think you're doing?" Aya asked coldly. Omi looked at him seriously.

"I know who we are now…" he said. Aya loosened up.

"Omi…" he said.

"We're Weiß," Omi said. He looked down. "We're…assassins…" Aya nodded to him.

"That's right," he said. Omi looked down. Somehow, the entire time he researched online and had memories of what he used to do, it all seemed far away. But right at that moment, when Aya verified all that he'd researched, Omi felt an internal hopelessness. All the fighting, all the weaponry, all the missions. It became his reality.

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