The Fate of the World: Forever or Not

by Creedogmon

edited by Godeerc VanDrey

Category: Digimon

Genre: Fantasy, Action/Adventure

Rating: PG

Language: English

Summery: The Power DigiDestined have a meeting to discuss the future.

A/N: Whoo-hoo! This is the third part. I think this is going to the best one. I have no idea how long this one is going to be, but I'll do my best to make good literary decisions when writing this one. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1: Forever or Not

The day after the mirage from Gennai, I meet with the other DigiDestined, minus Katmondu and Virginia of course, in front of the school. Anna has yet to arrive. Jessica and I tell them we have big news. Unfortunately, our watches tell us we don't have enough time. We figure we'll tell them later.

Anna walks up, smiling, "Hey, you havin' a down-low meeting without me?"

"Sorry," Jessica tells her, "big stuff's happening."

Justine catches Anna's eyes, "Uh, actually, Anna, can I talk to you for a second?"

They leave the group and go to a secluded corner and talk. I glance back and see a look of utmost shock on Anna's face from whatever Justine's telling her. I guess I'm not the only one with big news. I try to think of what it is, but neither Mr. Reyes nor Justine has mentioned anything of importance this week in the carpool. Regardless, the principal is shooing us in. I'll have to figure it out later.

The two begin to walk in. Justine looks terrible about herself. Anna can barely look at Justine, not because of anger, but of grief. Something's up.

"Christopher!" my mom calls when I get home today. "Mrs. Frend called. I think she wants you to baby-sit."

Of course she does. She tells me over the phone that she wants me at her house this Friday at seven to baby-sit Virginia. Today's Thursday. I tell her that'd be fine. I wish I could get a chance to meet with the rest of the team soon. Then, an idea.

"Oh, wait. I forgot I may have a study group."

"Oh, really…" she says sadly. She really wants a night out on the town. It's been almost a whole week since her last one.

"Um, I hate to ask this. But, could I, for like ten or fifteen minutes meet with some friends. At anytime. Virginia would be asleep. It'd be a quick review. They could just come in. I promise I won't feed them or anything."

She inhales. "How many?"

"Two or three." Or seven…

"I guess, but keep an eye on Virginia."

"Of course."

Spicer, whose weekend bedtime is eight-thirty, is snoozing by then. In years past, she'd keep me up as long as possible. Now, we watch the sunset and I have to carry her in. It's hard to see her halo, but I can just barely make it out, with the reflection of the sun.

My "two or three" friends arrive at eight forty-five. We don't invite Eric. Jessica and I go into great detail about the visions both of us have been having. Matt and James show bemused concern. Matt finally replies, "I don't know what that means. The group is of twelve, which includes a couple of us in Powered-Up form. There are only eleven of us, though, and most of us don't turn into any of the animals described. And Jim Bob and Eric don't have powers, but digimon." James opens his mouth to say something, but doesn't. I almost call him about it, but Justine breathes in heavily, looking sad, and Anna suddenly expression becomes furious. The conversation quickly changes.

"My mom was transferred…" Oh no, I think. "…to Cincinnati."

"Effective when?" I ask, flatly. My father works at the company her mom does, a huge multinational sales and distribution company. We moved four times before my dad reached a managerial position, and we got to stay in Raytonville.

"Effective July 1," she says as if she'd memorized the memo.

Jessica asks, "How long?"

I answer, somewhat caustically, "Until her mom reaches Level III: Manager of Sales Reps or something like that."

"A couple years, probably. Either we'll stay there, or I'll move somewhere else. Japan, Germany, Argentina… who knows?"

Anna gets up and goes to the restroom. I think she's crying.

Daniel looks up, "Meaning, if we're going to be part of some Destiny save-the-world kind of thing, it's going to be in the next two months."

"He's right. We don't have DigiPorts. If we're split up, we can't go save the world. We'll have to wait until it gets us, assuming it can." I mutter.

Silence enters, but is quickly filled with other stories and reviewed details of our adventures. It's time-filler. We're lost without a map and trying to make one without landmarks.

They were there for almost an hour and a half.

James answers the phone. "Hello?"

"Well," the familiar voice says.

"Diana, you got to talk to Chris or something. I'm not going to be your middleman."

"How do I even know if I'm part of this group?"

"Because we're one short."



A telephone slams in an awkwardly lighted room.

"They got away!" the middle-aged man curses, the stars on his collar gleaming from the lamp in the far corner. He rubs his rough chin and moves his fingers across a world map on the wall.

A man walks in and salutes. "Sir?"

"We got ourselves some loose chickens. Probably flying due east right now. They'll get to Angela, then Dale, then Atlas." They could already be there. The officer doesn't seem fazed by the codenames.

"Report, sir. Intended Destination is the home of a large chemical plant. We don't know if they have the supplies necessary. However, a plant of that magnitude will have pretty much whatever they need."

"Plasma samples broke down everything?"

"We got what we could. No completes though. They're too unstable."

"You know. It's not enough for some people to make bombs in their backyards or hijack ammunition trucks anymore. They gotta do something memorable, brand-spankin' new."

The digital clock on the nightstand reads 12:03 in bright red digits. The lamp is on and the girl with long, blond hair draws on a large sheet of paper with a red marker. She's already drawn a large triangle with a small triangle in the middle of it. She connects the two with a line at the bases, and then draws a non-connecting line above the point of the smaller one. Finally, she draws a small cross above the line. She counts the points, not happy with the result.

Suddenly she hears something. She quickly turns off the lamp and jumps in bed quietly. A few seconds later, the line of light appears on her wall as the door opens. Whispering can be heard.

"See, Dear, she's asleep." a man's voice comes.

"I saw the light on." a woman's answers.

"Probably a car or something."

"I'm little worried. She's gotten a little reclusive."

"She's never been that sociable. She's has plenty of friends. From church and the boy she writes letters to."

The woman sighs, "What's with that picture on the wall? You don't thinks she's gotten into…"

"Honey, don't overreact. It's probably homework or something. You know how into her literature projects she gets. She's fifteen."

"I guess. And the doll?"

"Being a teenager is hard. Maybe it's for school. Maybe she just needs something for comfort."

The door closes and Diana's eyes open. She'd always been so close to her family. But now there was this tension. There was this barrier. She thinks, and there's a barrier in between me and what's creating the first barrier.

Reluctantly, she closes her eyes, but watches the wall as a car light from outside creates refractions from her crystal globe. They dance over the picture, sometimes aligning briefly with the lines on the poster. At one point, a point appears in the middle, but then spreads in two directions. Diana jumps out of bed, grabs a marker off her desk and starts to draw circles on her poster.

A/N: I'm trying to create intrigue, but I'm not sure how well it's working. Anyway, I hope this is working fairly well. I'm sorry if it seems slow now. It's about to catch up really fast really soon.

- Just a second, why wasn't the Herald of Sarcasm invited to this little meeting? And would someone please tell me what's going on with the military passages?

A/N: No.

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