Author: Andréa

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Summary: A new student comes to NOU and find himself attracted to Miranda but soon this admiration becomes more than just a crush and he starts stalking her, causing them to believe he has some kind of dangerous obsession for her.

Rating: PG-13 for language and situation.

Category: D/M romance, UST, Angst, drama.

Spoilers: Probably none.

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Author's note: The line 'she's beautiful' came to my mind when I was home totally bored trying to work on my other fanfic. Weirdly enough I wanted this line to be the first of a fanfic of mine, so this plot came to my mind. I thought it'd be interesting to see Miranda being stalked and since I wanted to write something with a stalker for a long time now I decided on doing it with a MW fanfic.

This is the first time I ever wrote something on present tense, that's just to agree with the first sentence :op forgive me if somewhere along the way I change that. But I'll try to keep it at the same.

Also English isn't my native language so there'll be grammar mistakes and I'm really sorry for that. Feel free to give me a heads up on what's wrong and if anything in here is kinda odd, feel free to let me know.


Obsession Part 1 - The eye of the beholder.

She's beautiful.

He can't stop thinking that as he stares at her, as he watches her work so gracefully in the lab, as her slim feminine fingers touches here and there so delicately afraid she might break something. He wishes it was his body she was touching; it was his face, his lips, his form she was touching with such care, with such devotion.


Devotion is what she has with him. Is how their relationship works, that's what shines in her eyes every time she sees him. He hates that, hates the fact that she looks at him like that, that she fills all her free time and her not so free time to do things for him. She is always doing things for him just to please him; he knows that, he's sure of that.

He knows she only does what she does to make him satisfied.

But he's never satisfied...

He's always asking for more, always wanting more from her, always going after her to ask for something. He never goes to her only to know how she's feeling or to ask how is her day. He hates how he uses her as if she was his particular little maid, how he pushes her to do what he asks when she says she's busy, when she has more important things to do. But what he hates the most is how she lets him do all of that; how she doesn't seem to care he is using her...

That really makes him mad.

He smiles as she notices how her black velvet hair glows under the soft sunlight coming from the window next to her, how much she looks like an angel. The way her face hardens, how her eyes narrow as she studies closely the vial on the table in front of her only makes him smile even more.

He wants to get in there and greet her, to touch her soft pale skin and feel the silkiness of it under his flesh. He wants to go in there and say something funny to her just to make her laugh, to make her do what no one can't -except for the professor, he's the only one that makes her smile now and then; at least he has only saw the professor making her smile.

He has been watching her for quite a while now and it seems that the only person Miranda hangs out with is the anthropologist professor -and that psychiatrist, Peggy is her name he believes. He doesn't understand why such a beautiful woman doesn't have many friends of her own age, he doesn't understand how someone so smart and beautiful isn't popular the way she should be.

He hates the fact she's so alone, but then he's more of a lonely himself and that only makes one more reason for them to be together, why they are so perfect for each other. He's glad that in the few months he's been in the university she hasn't dated anyone; that she doesn't seem to be even interested in anyone. He wonders why she hasn't... there are so many handsome boys in the university and her being as beautiful as she is she must attract a lot of them, he can't understand why either.

It's better this way anyway, because then he doesn't have to hurt anyone to be with her, he doesn't have to work too hard to be with her. He knows he'll be with her, he has only to make her see how good he is, how happy he can make her. He promises himself he will make her see what a wonderful person he can be to her.

He's just so scared that she may reject him; that she may say she is not interested or that she is seeing someone else if he just comes up to her and says his feelings. He's very afraid that she may laugh at him and at how pathetic he is; that she may say he's not good enough, he's a geek; that she can find someone better than him. So he just wants to do small favors for her, to talk and laugh and hang out with her. He's sure that if he spends time with her she'll see how good he is. That she'll not think he's pathetic.

If he only told her how beautiful she is, how her eyes shine like the ocean that glows when the sun is over it, he wants to say she has the most amazing eyes he has ever seen, that her eyes looks like the Caribbean sea in summer, he saw how it glows when he had gone there with his family. He wants to tell her every single detail of his life, to let her know everything about him, because that way she will not be able to say she does not know him well enough to go out with him.

Maybe he could ask her to have a drink with him or to go grab a coffee after last period just to hang out. He wants to do that so badly but he knows she is with him after classes, that she has a responsibility towards the professor and she can't let him down. Even if he hates how the professor uses her too much he knows how painful is to be let down and he doesn't want to be the one to blame if he makes her let the professor down, he doesn't want to her to be disappointed on him.

No... he wants to make her very proud of him.

He decides to go inside the lab and talk to her before she finishes whatever she's doing and has to go to the professor's office, because there is where she always goes when she finishes her school works or when the tests she has to run for him are done. With the professor is where she is most of the time and he feels very jealous for that.

Sometimes he just wants to be the professor so he can be with her almost all day, so he can find excuses to go talk to her, to be near her. To touch her the way the professor does... he can't deny the fact that he too hates how he touches her, how he's always making physical contact with her. When he sees that he wants so much to punch the professor right on the face...

She shouldn't be touched by anyone but him.

He's glad the lab door is open so he can surprises her for she won't hear when he enters. He's still afraid she'll hear his footsteps because the lab is very quiet and she has a good ear, she can hear a small sound when she's attent. He hopes she's not attent. He doesn't want his surprise messed up.

He walks behind her quietly, glad she hasn't notice him approaching yet and while he takes step by step to her, he can admire her back, he can stare at her hair and admire how much beautiful it glows. He almost can smell her faint green apple perfume.

She's so beautiful...

He stops behind her for a second to feel her warmth and her smell before he decides to announce himself but before he can get close enough she feels someone's presence and turns suddenly around on her stool, facing him. The look in her eyes let him know he startled her and that moment he hates himself for making her scared.

She brings a hand to her heart but quickly puts it down again. "Trevon... you scared me."

He smiles faintly at her. "It wasn't my intention."

"I'm sure it wasn't." She says honestly to him and gets up from her stool. "What are you doing here?" She asks suspiciously at him. He gets nervous because he doesn't want her to be suspicious of him.

"I was just passing by and since the door is open I saw you here and just wanted to say hi."

"Well, that was very nice of you." She says.

"Yeah..." He smiles brightly but she doesn't smile back. "Are you busy?" He asks peeking over her shoulder at the vial behind her.

"Not really, I was just finishing to run this test professor Dunn asked me."

"Oh," He lets out a little disappointed. He wants her to be free... but she said she is not really busy so that means he still can ask her to get a drink or something, but before he can get any word out she says what makes him sad.

"Now I just have to take the results to him. He's been bugging me for it all day." She says and a small smile comes to her lips. He feels nauseated, he wants really bad to break something as that feeling of anger runs up his body and ends up in his hands. For a second his gets afraid that he may hurt her.

He's not mad at her, he has to remind himself, he's mad at the professor, at how he makes her work, how hard she works just for him and how a smile formed over her lips when she mentioned him. He doesn't want to break anything anymore; he wants to hurt the professor. "Why don't you tell him to give you a break?" He suggests with a slight hint of anger in his voice, which she doesn't notice.

"Oh, that's ok." She smiles again. "He may be pushy and annoying sometimes, but I like to do this for him. He's very nice."

He hates him even more. And her... she just lets him use her, she just. Lets. Him. He clenches his teeth and fists trying to make his anger go away and changes the issue. "You know, maybe we could hang out sometime, just have a drink or something. Just a friends thing." He says with a smile, hoping she'll say yes and smiles back at him.

"Maybe." She says without a hint of a smile and in spite of her being polite he's angry. He wants her to smile, but not any smile, he wants her to smile because of him. He wants to make her smile!

Suddenly a cloud of bad mood comes over him and he's not feeling so happy anymore. She made him unhappy in spite of his attempts to make her happy. He hates she doesn't see how much he's trying to be good to her. Again he's mad at her and he wonders if she's doing all this on purpose.

"I really need to go now." She says, stopping his thoughts. "I have to take the results to Declan, he's probably waiting me." And she smiles again as she grabs some papers from the desk and passes by him. "Bye." She says from the door just before getting out.

He watches her go and he's half glad she is not there anymore because he is so angry he's afraid he would end up hurting her. He doesn't want to hurt her, he cares a lot about her, he doesn't want to see her unhappy.

But she's the one making him mad. He'd have to let her know she shouldn't make him mad when all he was trying to do was to make her happy. When all he can think of is how wonderful she is, how beautiful and worthy she is. She has to realize he's good enough to her; she has to open her eyes and really see him.

He will make her see him, whatever it takes,

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