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"Wench" a voice said as a limp body was thrown onto the bed. " I'm going to teach you a lesson that you will never forget!"

With that a hand came full force down onto her face. She stared at him with emotinless eyes. She had stopped crying a long time ago. She knew the crying wouldn't bring her mother back. as she thought of that she felt a hand go up her skirt. She was all of a sudden scared. Her father might beat her, but he had never touched her sexually. She kneed him in the groin and ran. Ran out the door as if something was chasing her, but he wasn't. She ran out on him just like her mother had done a couple of months before. He knew what he would have to do to save his own life and reputation. He would have to kill his own daughter...

The girl ran as fast as she could.She had no idea where she was going, had no destination, but she kept running... for her life. she found herself at a big mansion. She pushed through the iron gate and ran up the stairs to the huge door. She started to bang loudly on the door and screamed "Help, help me please!"

The girl heard the creak of the big door opening and looked up to see a face so familiar to her.

"Satsuka, what are you doing here" hiei's voice rang out.

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