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Summary-When a mysterious stranger arrives at Port Royal, Will and Elizabeth find out that she might have a connection to their old friend Captain Jack Sparrow.


Birds of a Feather

Captain Jack Sparrow walked off of his ship, the Black Pearl, and onto the docks. He and his crew made their way to an island to get some supplies. He looked from side to side at the people and buildings.

"This place looks familiar. Have I been here before?" he muttered to himself as he began to walk towards a nearby building.

Anamaria walked up behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder. He almost appeared to be a bit startled by her sudden appearance.

"What's wrong Captain?" she asked him, sounding a bit worried.

"No, nothing's wrong. Let's get what we came for and get out of here," he replied before turning around.

She watched him head back to the ship. She also saw him hesitate for a moment before he went on. Anamaria wondered what was the cause of this sudden change as Gibbs walked up behind her.

"Anamaria, what's wrong?" he asked her.

"It's Captain Sparrow. I saw him down here by this building just now. He seemed...distant for a moment. I'm now beginning to believe that he's been here before and it was a bad experience for him. I don't know. I don't think he'll talk about it either unless he's confronted with it," she explained to him as she looked at him.

"Like I've said before to a certain Will Turner, there's not much known about Jack Sparrow," Gibbs sighed as he watched Jack head back towards the 'Black Pearl'. "Come on. Let's finish with our business here and leave."

The two of them went back into the city, Anamaria glancing back at the captain before she did so. "So much unknown about him. What are you thinking?" she asked herself quietly.


The crew began to pile back onto the ship. Jack watched them come aboard, eyeing each and every one of them as they did so. Before all of them were on, he hurried off the ship, onto dry land. He knew he had some time before all were back on the ship. He had to find something out before he left. Something that was bothering ever since they landed at that town.

"Where are you going?" wondered Gibbs.

"I have to go check something before we leave," he replied, not even turning around.

"Is it that important?" Gibbs asked. "Besides, you all this time to check it out before now."

Jack turned around and stared at him for a moment.

"This is something that you might not understand mate. I have to see something before we leave. Something very important to me," came the reply.

Gibbs watched him leave and sighed.

"This isn't like Jack at all. What does go through that mind of his? I have to wonder," he muttered to himself. "But who knows anything about Captain Jack Sparrow? Maybe Anamaria was right. Maybe he has been here before."


Jack hurried back to a building within the city, near the docks. He walked up to a window and looked inside. He saw that it was empty and gave a sigh as he backed away from the building in order to look at it.

"I knew it was too good to be true. I knew they couldn't have possibly been here this time," he told himself before heading back to the ship.

He passed an older man, who carefully watched him as he sat upon a box that was situated close to a nearby building.

"Looking at the old Raven home, are you?" the man asked him.

Jack looked at the man. He almost didn't want to talk to the man but he figured he had to since the older man appeared to know something he might want to know.

"And what of it?" wondered Jack.

"Hasn't been anyone in there for several years now. The woman who lived there died a number of years ago and no one knows what happened to the young girl anymore. She simply disappeared into the waves, as it were. Poor girl. She was naught but a child when her mother died. I never knew who her father was nor did anyone else here. Everything surrounding that family is a mystery," the man replied. "He was never around but I believe that he was a man of the sea."

Jack gave a sigh at that statement. He turned away and headed back into the direction of the ship.

"What is your business with the Raven family? Did you know them?" the man called after him.

Jack turned to face the man before shaking his head.

"You wouldn't understand mate. It's something I'd like to deal with myself, savvy?" replied Jack.

The man simply shrugged his shoulders as Jack walked back to the ship. He walked aboard and up to the wheel, grasping it with one hand, the others carefully watching him. They were all wondering if anything was wrong.

"Maybe she's still alive. If she is, I will find her," Jack told himself, as he held her image in his mind.