Opposites Attract

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"Listen Mr.Kaiba! This could greatly help the sales of your company!"

said a woman with light blue curly hair. "My company is one of the

richest companies in the world , so we don't need any more sales and

besides all I'm interested in is to beat Yugi Moto. Good-bye." Kaiba

said as he got up and opened the door. "WAIT!!" the woman yelled.

"She's also good with kids! She can also tutor Mokuba! She graduated

as one of her school's most valued students. What do you say?" she

added. Kaiba was about to call security when he remembered a

conversation he had with Mokuba a while ago.


"Seto I'm lonely. None of the kids talk to me because they're afraid of

you." Mokuba said. " I don't see why you're lonely. We have everything

we could ever want or need. Besides you're always helping me with the

new technology."Kaiba replied monotonously. "Seto! I want a real

friend! Someone to talk to and play with! I can't just spend my life

working on your little gadgets!" Moku yelled and ran out of the room."

End Flashback

"So.... she can tutor him?" Kaiba asked. He was hoping since the woman

said she was good with kids Mokuba might feel better and talk to him.

It's been a month since their argument and he was starting to miss his

little brother. "Yes! So you'll accept? She'll only be here for a

month. She can even stay at a hotel if you want!" the woman replied.

"She can stay here. I've got too many rooms anyways" he mumbled.

"Then she'll be here at 6pm. Pleasure doing business with you

Mr.Kaiba." she said and practically skipped to the door.

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