Author: Pumpkin Belly

Summary: Nothing but death was certain in her life. 

"Death is certain, just as life is.  They cannot exist without the other.   No one can live forever as much as they try.  The only thing you can do is live your life to the fullest.  Get as much out of it as you can. 

She had lived a long, full life.  Loving only 2 people, fully, with everything she had.  She had a group of small friends that stayed with her for the majority of her life.

People die because their bodies just give out.  They can no longer be contained within so the ascend.   She knew this.  Having died twice already. 

She came back each time though.  Not ready to give up yet.  Her body still full of youth. 

Nothing but death was certain in her life.  Having descended from a long line of people who didn't live past 21, it always lingered in the back of her mind.  She was the longest living person of her line. 

She nearly died a 3rd time when her love died.  It took a lot to pull her out of her depression.  Eventually she moved on, only to find out that he was alive again. 

Upon hearing this she went to find him.  They both finally found happiness.  They always did say opposites attract. 

Their wedding was beautiful, held at night in a cemetery.  Even her day of new beginnings had death lingering behind it. 

They were happy, though and that was all that mattered.  Against all odds they had a baby girl.  You'd never seen any 2 people so happy."

The man paused his tale.  A little light twinkled in his blue eyes. 

"Sir, are you going to finish your tale?" The young boy that had been listening asked cautiously. 

"No," The man said simply, "not today, don't want to finish it just yet. Don't think your ready for the ending."

Spike placed a few dollars on the table, paying for the drink he had, turned and left the bar.  He would be back and the boy would be waiting to hear his tale. 

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