Title: A Pact with Death

Author's Note: Oooh the EPILOGUE, finally!! Aren't you excited!!?? Well other than my late updates, I hope that most of you enjoyed my story. I surely enjoyed writing it and I hope to write more, maybe during Christmas Vacation (a full month!!!). Anyway, wish me luck in my first semester of college and read any of my other stories if you're ever bored!

Also, in this last installment, I decided to change Achilles' child's name so, just a minor alteration.


"Androcles, it is time for bed, gather your toys and put them away," cried out Briseis from the garden. Seven years have passed since she encountered the tasks. She was older now, but her body still held the voluptuous curves and the silk touch that Achilles loved about her.

"Coming mother," called out Androcles from inside the house. The body resembled his father in many ways: his hair, his eyes, and his stubbornness. But he had his mother's sense of reasoning and that "golden" heart. He stomped outside and picked up the toys he left stranded on the garden floors.

"Do not have an attitude with me or you will have to deal with your father," she said and saw the change of his face. He continued on, but more quietly and with less attitude.

He went inside and put his toys away. A few moments later, he came out and gave Briseis a hug, "Goodnight mother."

"Goodnight son," and she placed a gentle kiss on the top of his head.

"And do I not get a hug?" called out a voice from the doorway leading into the house.

"Father!" yelled out young Androcles and he ran to his father and gave his a hug as well. Achilles bent down and returned the embrace. As always, Achilles ruffled his son's hair and Androcles laughed.

"Go to bed young one, your mother is tiresome and so am I," he said and tickled him. He laughed even more and ran to his room.

Achilles stood up and turned to his wife, "You spoil that so of yours too much," she chuckled and he came closer.

"And what of you giving him dessert before dinner?" he exclaimed and slippled his arms around her waist.

"Do not point the finger to me husband, we are both to blame," and she snaked her arms around his neck.

"I missed you today, my mind was flooded with images of your face and it would not stop haunting me," he said as he came closer and tickled her lips with his breath.

"And your face invaded my mind, we are squared," she smiled and closed the gap between them.

The kiss was passionate, as always, but Briseis pulled away, "What's wrong? Did I hurt you?" asked Achilles confused.

"No you did not," she paused, "Achilles I have something to tell you," she said not knowing how to articulate her thoughts.

"Tell me, what could be bothering you so?" She looked at him and cupped his cheek with her hand.

"Achilles, how do you feel about giving Androcles a small brother or sister?" she asked and he shifted his head to the side picking up what she was saying.

"Briseis, love, are you.......are we......" he couldn't find the words to respond to her. She nodded with a huge smile on her face; he laughed and picked her up twirling her in the air.

"We're going to have another child....." he said in amazement, "The woman I love is going to bear my second child."

"Mother's going to have a baby, can I have a brother?" yelled out Androcles from the doorway.

Achilles and Briseis turned to look at him and at the same time said, "Bed!" They ran towards him, hand in hand, and he laughed as he ran to his room. His parents caught up with him and tickled him on his bed.

After finally putting him to sleep, Achilles and Briseis retreated to their own room. Later that night, Achilles had his arms wrapped around his beautiful wife. He knew she was awake but hesitated in saying anything.

Moments passed and he finally broke the silence, "What troubles you?"

"What do you want it to be?" she asked and his mind traveled back to when she also brought up a similar question in the palace near Troy.

"The gender of the child is of no matter to me, as long as I am with you, my life is complete," he said as he stroked her arm.

She smiled as she also remembered the similar answer he gave her years ago. Achilles moved down the bed and rested his head on her stomach area. They both fell asleep as the gods smiled down upon them wishing them more joy and happiness in the future.


A/N: I thought this epilogue was kind of cute, I hope others will agree. Anyway, I noticed that I didn't touch on what happened to Paris and Andromache. Maybe I'll write a fanfic in which it involves their reaction to when Achilles is back and they want to get married. Ooooh, fun! Let me know what you guys think....