A very... peculiar accident brings 003 and 009 closer. Way much closer than they ever wanted to be! Awkward situations ahead. :P

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Don't mind the host.
By M-X

Chapter one: The perfectly normal amber colored sphere.


The heavy door cracked open and a good amount of dust particles filled the air. A thin ray of the afternoon light got inside the place, disturbing the immense darkness. Dr. Gilmore stepped inside, followed by 002, 003, 005 and 009.

"Damn, it is really dark in here, I can't see anything!" complained 002.

"003, could you help us?" Dr. Gilmore asked.

"Sure," she said and started looking in the dark with her increased vision until she spotted what she was looking for, then she requested, "009, if you go right in front of us, about two meters to the right, you will find the power switch in the front wall. There is nothing on your way."

009 nodded and accelerated to the far wall. Seconds latter, the lights were turned on and the team could appreciate the real size of the place. They were standing now in the middle of a warehouse, surrounded by probably thousands of boxes of all sizes.

"Unbelievable! This is huge! And look at all the boxes that are in here, I wonder what sort of things does Black Ghost store in here."

"You are right 005, Who knows what secrets are hidden in here, it was such a luck we found this place before Black Ghost could empty it," said Dr. Gilmore.

They had located a warehouse in a solitary beach in a place called Quintana Roo, a state situated in the coasts of the Mexican caribe. In there Black Ghost kept many of his experiments. Not the ones that involved living creatures of course, but machines and apparatus that were to be perfectioned or destroyed, but mainly, misused against humanity.

The warehouse was immense. It's ceiling as high as a 3 stories building, and so wide that they could not see the lateral walls, concealed behind an interminable number of boxes piled up one on top of the other.

"And what are we going to do with all of this now, Dr. Gilmore?" asked 003, walking absently between the boxes, looking inside one or two that were open.

"Destroy it all of course."

"But Dr. Gilmore, don't you think we could use some of these things for our own benefit and attack Black Ghost with his own weapons?"

"Perhaps 002, but it would not be wise. It'd be dangerous, we don't know what kind of things are in here, and frankly, we do not have the time to analyze each one of them, it will be better if we destroy it all."

002 frowned, he really thought they were losing a great opportunity to get some kind of advantage over their enemy, but said nothing. He started to wander around the boxes too. 005 was curious as well and he got lost from sight behind a huge wooded box.

Dr. Gilmore gave a sigh and said: "Ok ok, look around, I suppose a quick look will not do any damage, BUT DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING! I warn you, we don't know what kind of dangers are in here."

But his words were thrown at empty space, as all the cyborgs were already satisfying their curiosity.

003 walked absently by the box-made corridors, when suddenly 009 jumped in front of her from behind a pile.



003 gave a little scream and fell backwards, landing on top of a box, which content rolled out at 003's feet.

"Silly! You scared me!"

"Hah! I got you! What happened 003. Couldn't you sense me?

"Of course I sensed you, but I wasn't expecting you to jump out like that!"

009 gave her a playful smile and she couldn't pretend to be mad at him, not when he gave her that smile. 009 pointed at 003's feet.

"Hey what is that?"

She looked down, it was a little amber colored sphere, the size of a fist. It looked as a perfectly normal amber colored sphere to her, nothing strange on it's smooth surface.

"I don't know. It came out from that box you made me land on. Dr. Gilmore told us not to touch anything 009, well done."

"Aw, come on 003, it is just a ball, and nothing happened when it fell, if it had been more dangerous it would have surely exploited with the impact."

"We don't know that, it will be better if I return it back to its box." And with those words she bent down to pick the sphere up and held it in her hand.

009 waited for her to put it back in the box so she could keep on telling him off, but it didn't happen. 003 just stood there, holding the sphere in her hand, her head lowered.

"003?, what's wrong?. Come on, this isn't funny."

There was not answer at all. 009 got closer to her and looked into her eyes, they were blank, as if she were hypnotized.

"003. Can you hear me? Talk to me!"

In that moment 009 did something he should never have done; he touched her shoulder.

In that moment he felt as if a huge electric shock ran through his body, sending him waves of pain. He could hear himself screaming, he could hear 003's screams as well. Suddenly, images began to swirl in his mind, images he did not recognize, and then, it was over, he knew nothing more.

002, 005 and Dr. Gilmore ran immediately to the source of the screams, and when they reached the place, they found 009 collapsed on top of 003. Smoke coming out of their bodies. Dr. Gilmore ran to them, checked on their vital signs and gave a relieved sigh.

"What happened!? Who attacked them!" asked 002 frantically and started to look around, his gun out. 005 also went for his gun, but Dr. Gilmore stopped his hand.

"No one attacked them, look."

Dr. Gilmore pointed at the sphere next to the bodies, it was glowing, but the brightness was fading away. 002 took a step closer and bent down to pick it, but Dr. Gilmore stopped him.

"Don't do that, we don't know what happened, but I bet that sphere had something to do with it, now pick it up with that empty box and bring it with you, but don't touch it for anything in the world. Now we have to get back to the Dolphin and take medical care of 003 and 009."

With those words they left the warehouse, for the moment. 005 was carrying 003 and 009 while 002 carried the box with the mysterious sphere.

To be continued...

What will happen?
What did that sphere do to our favorite couple and how will they react when they find out?
How do cyborgs travel by plane? I mean. Don't their cyborg parts activate the metal detectors on the airports?
Does Joe has problems while he eats with his back tooth? Is it like: bite -accelerate- bite -normal- bite -accelerate again- ?

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