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Extra scene: Teasing aftermath.

G.B. opened the front door in a hurry, almost tripping on the last stair as he finally managed to get his left arm into his jacket. He had been helping Chang at his restaurant these past weeks for some extra money, but today, he wouldn't be on time.

Damned Hamlet on Hallmark channel.

The first thing he saw after closing the door was 003, standing in front of a rather large puddle of mud. Her back was to him; her head was lowered and she appeared to be worried. 007 approached her.

"Hey 003 what's wrong?"

She didn't answer. He took a better look at her; she had her fingernail into her mouth, her face reflected a frown, her other hand was clutching her neck.


She turned to him, her eyes appeared to be watering slowly. "I lost it."

"Lost what?"

She rubbed her neck in a longing way and spoke with a saddened voice, "My golden chain, it fell in there. I was dancing around and suddenly it somehow slid out of my neck."

007 looked at the offending spot of mud and raised his eyebrows. "And why don't you get it?"

"Oh... --she moved her head, having a sigh come out of her mouth-- it's really deep. I can see my chain, but I don't think I'll reach it."

007 looked at the poodle and scratched his head. He certainly couldn't see the chain, but he guessed 003 was using her vision.

Any way, come on. How deep could it possibly be?

"Get a new one then and leave that one there. The water will eventually dry up any way."

She bit her lip at those words, her anguish renewed. Her hand fisted on her chest as if to grip the missing chain.

"No! I can't do that!"

"And why not?"

"It... it was my mother's."


007 crossed his arms. "Uhm… and where is that fiancée of yours? He should bring his arse over here and help you out."

003 moved her head negatively. "Joe went downtown and I don't know at what time he'll come back."

"Uhm... I see. --007 shifted his weight uncomfortably-- What is a puddle doing in the middle of the front yard by the way?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know, it's been raining quite a lot." She then held her bright, pleading aqua eyes to him.

007 looked at his watch. He'd be late and Chang would kill him! But then he saw again the distressed face of his team-mate and gave a resigned sigh.

"Alright... I'll get it for you."

"Really? Oh 007 thanks!" 003's face lit up, her smile bigger than ever.

"Thou shall not fear my damsel for this knight shall save you from thee disgrace." 007 swelled his chest and straightened his back. A proud, sort of heroic, gesture formed upon his features.

003 clapped her hands together. She was happy. Very happy.

007 removed his jacket and handed it to her, then he took off his shoes and socks and rolled up his sleeves and pants, and so he got into the puddle.

003 wasn't kidding. The damn thing was deep enough; the mud reached up his ankles! He suppressed a grim at the unpleasant sensation of cold sticky ground getting between his toes. If he had known, he would have transformed himself into something... Anything that could prevent him from getting in there and still be able to get that blasted chain. But he was already in, so what was the point now?

"Where is it?" He called, looking around, but all he could see was mud and several weird little shadows that he didn't pay attention to.

"A little to the right."


"Just a little bit further."


"No, just give two more steps to the front."


007 did as told and then the ground vanished from beneath him. All the sudden he found himself sitting in the puddle. His lower body buried under the stinky matter.

"Oh! 007, I am so sorry! Are you alright?" 003 took her hands to her face.

007 looked at his mud-stained hands and his now ruined clothes. He grimaced. "Yeah. I always wanted to go to a spa and get a mud bath."

003 giggled, placing a delicate hand over her mouth, but the gesture was replaced by her widened eyes and her pointing hand.

"007! Look out! Leeches!"

"Ah?" 007 looked at his shoulder; a little, nasty, black leech rested there. Another one did the same over his arm. He took his hand to his head but he retired it quickly as he felt another of those horrendous animals! He couldn't suppress a yelp.

"Ah! Help me! Do something!" He stood up and tried to walk to the edge, but the slippery ground made him fall again. He spotted more leeches.

003 shouted her instructions, "quickly! Remove your t-shirt! Do it now!"

007 unbuttoned frantically his now full-leech t-shirt, tossing it away.

"The pants too! Hurry! Or else they'll bite you!"

The leeches were everywhere! He stood up again, and again he fell. He felt little sticky things inside his remaining clothes and that finally made him follow 003's advice, removing his pants as well, shouting all the way of course.

"What the-- Shit! Ah you bloody damned things! Go away! Bugger!"

003 kept shouting at him. "007! You have to spread mud all over you! It is the only way to prevent the leeches from sticking to your skin!"

Wha--? The mud! Yes! He had to do that! The leeches wouldn't get to his skin! They wouldn't stick if he had mud on him! They were gonna bite him! He had to do what 003 was saying! He'd be alright! He'd be… They were... He had to--"

He... he…

Now wait a minute.


To prevent what?

007 stopped his frenetic actions and looked at himself; he was sitting in the middle of a filthy poodle, wearing nothing but his trousers. Mud dropped from his head, his chest and his arms, and the leeches were all around him. Immovable. Not a single twitch came from any of them, they were just there, floating serenely over the murky surface. He took one of them between his fingers.

It was rubber made. Fake. He looked carefully around; they all were fake.

"Did master thespian enjoy my performance?"

A click sounded behind him, accompanied by a flash and a giggle. 007 turned his face and another flash blinded his eyes for a second.

003 was standing there with his jacket neatly folded on the grass next to her. Her head was tilted to the side, her right hand holding a camera, her left one went to her chest and removed the supposedly lost golden chain from under her blouse. She then gave him a sweet, kind smile which soon transformed into a smug grin.

He observed then a shovel resting on the front wall of the house, lying next to it, a hose still dripped water over the grass. 003 placed her hands behind her like the good girl she was not being.


"I told you I'd make you pay, some how, someday." She interrupted him, raising a fine golden eyebrow.

007 clutched his fist, clenching his jaw. "How dare you! You... you little--"

"Uhm... --she placed a finger on her cheek, looking up, her smile never leaving her lips-- I think these pictures will go just fine on the fridge. Don't you agree? And don't worry, you can take them if you like them so much. I will have enough copies to replace the ones you remove. And don't you dare make Joe wash those clothes, understood?"

With those words 003 turned around. She could hear the cyborg splashing in the mud again as he tried to get up unsuccessfully. 007 called after her.

"You're wicked 003! Wicked I said! What did 009 do to you? You're going down missy! You'll see!"

003 laughed. Oh the satisfaction! She then headed quickly to the garage and climbed gracefully on the convertible, which engine already had some time waiting for her to start the ride.

007's screams were still perfectly audible.

Yeah, she'd reveal the film that very same afternoon. That --so eerie in her-- smug smile returned to her face as she lowered her sun glasses over her eyes. And so she hit the pedal.

Once and for all everyone would learn not to mess up with Francoise Arnoul.

There WAS supposed to be a wedding scene after this chapter but... my own, tragil romantic life and the cancellation of my own wedding has rotten every possibility of my muse being able to help me out with this... sorry guys, maybe, one day, when my heart heals (am I being dramatic or what?) I'll maage to write said scene.

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