Prologue (Flashback)

"Pegasus, don't go!" cried Rini, as she chased after Pegasus. Even though she knew he had to leave, she still couldn't imagine living life without him anymore.
"My dear Rini..." said Pegasus as he soured higher into the sky, "always believe in your dreams. You'll be in my heart always."

"Oh Pegasus, you can't go yet!" she cried out to him, but she knew no matter how much she pleaded, he had to go back to Elysion. If she truly loved him, she would have to let him go. "But I didn't get a chance to tell you about my dreams," she said as she sadly watched him fly away higher into the sky and disappear, "and I wanted to learn all about yours too."
"Don't worry, Rini," Serena told her softly, gently putting a hand on her shoulder, "you'll see him again."

Rini smiled as she looked up at her future mother, seeing the warmth and love in her eyes. "Yes, I know," Rini replied, looking once more at the sky, thinking about her only love, Helios. "Then we'll share all our dreams, but until then...I think I'll just dream about him."

(Crystal Tokyo in the 30th century)

Rini still remembered that day vividly, even though she was only ten years old at the time. As she strolled thru the palace gardens, she found herself thinking about him. Now eighteen, she never forgot Helios, her one true love. Her mother had said she would see him again, but it had not happened yet. She feared that he might have forgotten all about her, about what they had had together. "Helios..." she asked quietly to herself, "do you still love me?"

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